10 Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With

From athletes to models and singers Kim Kardashian has dated and married more than a handful of men. At one point, seemed like the reality TV stars dating life was a revolving door of some of the hottest men in Hollywood. Let’s take a look back at 10 men Kim Kardashian has slept with.

10: Gabriel Aubry

Gabriel Aubry - 10 Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With

If you blinked, you may have missed Kim’s brief relationship with model Gabriel Aubry. The two were snapped watching the Lakers game on Thanksgiving back in 2010. But before Kim could even ask him what his favorite color was, this romance was over. Gabriel’s Ex and the mother of his daughter, actress Halle Berry, was allegedly the reason behind the break-up. Apparently, Halle wasn’t too pleased that Gabrielle was hooking up with the reality TV star, and she raised hell.

9: Shengo Deane

Shengo Deane - 10 Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With

Kim decided to turn business into pleasure when she began dating her former bodyguard Shengo Deane. During their brief courtship in 2011, Shengo appeared as Kim’s love interest on her reality TV show. and the two even filmed the steamy scene while lying in bed together on one episode of “Kourtney and. Kim takes New York”. But the romance came to a screeching halt after Shengo’s wife put him on blast! Zuzana Deane was legally married to Shengo when he was hired in 2010 to protect him during her visit to Australia. Two weeks after meeting the reality star, Shengo phoned his wife and told her he didn’t want to be married anymore.

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8: Miles Austin

Miles Austin - 10 Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With

Number 8 on our list of 10 Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With is Miles Austin. Kim has no shame when it comes to adding athletes to her roster. So, we weren’t surprised when she began dating former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver. Miles Austin. This relationship lasted enough for Miles to make an appearance on “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. But just a couple weeks after confirming the relationship to the public, the two called it quits. Miles’ football career and Kim’s commitments to filming her reality show forced the couple into a long-distance relationship that just couldn’t stand the test of time.

7: Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey - 10 Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With

Back in 2006, and before her popularity really soared, Kim began a relationship with 98 degrees’ Nick Lachey. The relationship was short-lived, just like many of Kim’s other romances. And after the breakup, Nick accused Kim of using him for publicity. He said that during an outing to go catch a movie, no one followed them to the movie theater. But by the time they left, there were 30 photographers waiting for them outside. Nick assumed Kim had called the Paparazzi to catch them out on a date. What a turn off.

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6: Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo - 10 Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With

Whether they were dating, or if it was just a brief hookup, we are insanely jealous that Kim had a piece of hunky Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. In 2010, the two were photographed having an intimate lunch at a restaurant in Madrid, where an onlooker spotted them getting cozy. Kissing and being very affectionate. They left the restaurant separately, headed back to Cristiano’s mansion, and we’re pretty sure that’s where the magic really happened. Kim claims she was just “Having Fun”, but this relationship sizzled out before it could even take off.

5: Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon - 10 Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With

Number 5 on our list of 10 Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With is  Nick Cannon. Kim and Nick Cannon’s relationship lasted for a few months, and if it wasn’t for that pesky sex tape, the two of them may have still been together today. According to Nick, he broke up with Kim in 2007 after she lied to him about the naughty video she filmed with her ex-boyfriend, Ray J. According to Nick, he confronted Kim about the rumors of the sex tape existing. Kim denied she ever filmed herself having sex with Ray J at all. When the tape was released, he cut ties with her immediately. But till this day, he considers her to be “one of the nicest people” he has ever met.

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4: Ray J

Ray J - 10 Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With

Speaking of Kim’s sex tape co-star, she and Ray J will infamously be linked together forever. The couple met when Kim was working as a stylist for Ray’s sister, singer Brandy. After their breakup, the tape was leaked, but it was later suggested the footage was deliberately released to further Kim’s career. Till this day, the former couple is still making big Bucks off their top grossing night between the sheets. It’s a pretty embarrassing way to launch a career, but we doubt Kim even cares at this point.

3: Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush - 10 Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With

Number 3 on our list of 10 Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With is Reggie Bush. We still believe Reggie Bush is Kim’s one true love, it’s just too bad their relationship had to crash and burn right before our eyes. These two began dating in 2007, and the romance was anything but blissful. They frequently broke up and got back together throughout the years. And their conflicting schedules, as well as rumors of infidelity, added even more pressure to the young couple’s romance. They eventually went their separate ways, and surprisingly enough, Reggie later tied the knot to a woman who looks eerily similar to Kim.

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2: Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries - 10 Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With

It seemed like Kris Humphries just popped out of nowhere. He wasn’t necessarily a star on the basketball court, but the NBA player became the topic of tabloid fodder when he began dating Kim. Just Five months after being together, Kris proposed to Kim, and the two became husband and wife in a fairytale wedding that was documented on television. Sadly, just. 72 days after saying “I Do,” Kim threw in the towel and filed for divorce.

1: Damon Thomas – Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With

Damon Thomas - 10 Men Kim Kardashian Has Slept With

Prior to gaining reality TV fame, Kim was married to music producer Damon Thomas. The couple tied the knot in 2000 when Kim was just 19 years old, and Damon was 30 at the time. Damon later called Kim Fame Hungry and accused her of using him on her quest to become a celebrity. During a brief reconciliation, Kim convinced Damon to fund her extravagant shopping sprees, and pay for her lipo. Damon agreed, but when he later saw paparazzi photos of his then-wife out on a date with Jennifer Lopez’ ex-husband, Cris Judd, all hell broke loose. The two later divorced, and Kim has since accused Damon of physical abuse.

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So, that’s it for the 10 men Kim Kardashian has slept with. Do you know any other men Kim has dated who weren’t on the list? Let us know below?

Written by Patricia Lillian


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