10 Most Amazing Dream Jobs In The World

Netflix Tagger - 10 Most Amazing Dream Jobs In The World

If you could do absolutely anything in the world, what would it be? we all love to think about it. Well, if you want to keep on dreaming, here are 10 amazing dream jobs you probably didn’t know existed.

10: Waterslide Tester

Waterslide Tester - 10 Most Amazing Dream Jobs In The World

Get ready to take out your swimsuit and sunglasses. In 2013, UK resort marketer first choice was on the hunt to find a skilled waterslide tester. This job might not be the highest in demand or even the safest position, but the tester would be sent to different waterparks in Europe. Speeding down slides doesn’t seem like the worst way to start your money.

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9: Lego Professor

Lego Professor - 10 Most Amazing Dream Jobs In The World

The best and amazing dream jobs are when you can be a kid again. The University of Cambridge announced in June 2015 that they were planning on hiring a Lego Professor. The 800-year-old university recently accepted about $2.3 million from the Lego foundation for a new research center. For this lucky professor, it means being the center’s leader and researching Legos and early childhood development.

8: Private Island Caretaker

Private Island Caretaker - 10 Most Amazing Dream Jobs In The World

Cleaning service and care jobs don’t usually sound all that appealing, but what if it was on a private island? According to a private island magazine, private island caretakers do exist. There aren’t many complaints about the job; even it means taking care of a multi-million-dollar hideaway. All you need to do is be readily available whenever needed. While it might sound lonely, at least you will be able to soak up the Caribbean sun.

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7: Hot Date for Hire

Hot Date for Hire - 10 Most Amazing Dream Jobs In The World

Do you want to look nice and enjoy a night out? For rich men who are sick and tired of going solo to big events, they’re hiring an attractive young woman. Websites like “dates4hire” and “rentafriend” look for people who are willing to be someone’s social companion for a few hours. Your date might not be prince charming, but Hey, you’ll still be able to get some extra cash out of it.

6: Chocolate and Beer Taster

Chocolate and Beer Taster - 10 Most Amazing Dream Jobs In The World

Drinking beer and eating chocolate sounds like the ultimate experience, So, it wouldn’t be terrible to do this all day long, right? A chocolate and beer taster, of course, won’t be chowing down on chocolate and chugging a beer every second of the day though. The tasting process is much more complicated than that. It requires a set of skills from feeling how the chocolate melts in your mouth to the distinct scent of a beverage. At least you will still be getting paid to eat and drink, right?

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5: Professional Sleeper

Professional Sleeper - 10 Most Amazing Dream Jobs In The World

It literally sounds like a dream to get paid nearly $1,500 a month… for sleeping! According to the telegraph in 2009, an England based Bed Company hires sleepers to try out their luxury beds. One sleeper tests the showroom’s beds under different conditions such as lighting changes or being under the influence of caffeine or alcohol. But it’s really hard actually to get the job! After posting a sleeper want ad, the company received over 400 applications on the first day alone.

4: Hotel Bed Warmer

Hotel Bed Warmer - 10 Most Amazing Dream Jobs In The World

Hotel staff want their guests to be happy with their stay, and now that includes warm beds. The Telegraph reported that the Holiday Inn has started hiring bed warmers. All they have to do is dress up in all-in-one sleeper suits and lay in a comfy hotel bed for 5 minutes. This new bed warming service should help guests get a good night’s sleep right away, especially during those cold winter months.

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3: Gumologist

Gumologist - 10 Most Amazing Dream Jobs In The World

A Gumologist is actually sweeter than it seems. It’s a gum tester of all things Hubba and Bubba. Gumologists are trained to review new products and developments for chewing gum companies. Developing new flavors costs millions of dollars for these companies, so they want to make sure they get it right. A team of Gumologists examines each tiny size of gum with a lot of research to make sure the gum satisfies the company’s customers.

2: Panda Keeper

Panda Keeper - 10 Most Amazing Dream Jobs In The World

Working with zoo animals might sound like a dangerous job, but what if it meant working with the cute panda? The Guardian spoke with a panda keeper who found this summer gig at his city zoo. His main responsibilities are monitoring the panda such as making sure they are fed and cleaned. While it does sound routine, we wouldn’t mind looking after some adorable animals!

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1: Netflix Tagger – Amazing Dream Jobs

Netflix Tagger - 10 Most Amazing Dream Jobs In The World

You might think Netflix can read your mind when recommending what to watch, but really, it takes engineers, secret algorithms and even Netflix watchers to make it happen. Anyone can sign up to be a Netflix Tagger. All you have to do is watch hours and hours of TV. While watching, you need to write down short descriptions about the content to help Netflix improve their customer’s recommendations. So basically, you get paid to Netflix and chill.

There you have it, 10 amazing dream jobs in the world. Which of these amazing dream jobs would you like to have? Share your answers in the comments down below. Bye for Now!

Written by Zeeshan Haider


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