10 Bad Doctors Who Ruined Their Patients

10 Bad Doctors Who Ruined Their Patients

Going to a dentist and having them try and fix your teeth with a crowbar and hammer. Yeah, you’d probably find another dentist pretty quick. Really bad doctors are rare, but they do exist and provide us with a list of horror stories. They’ll make you question the next time you go in for a check-up or some minor surgery. From the forgetful and inappropriate to the just plain incompetent and evil, here are 10 bad doctors who ruined their patients.

10: Doctor Timothy Sweo

Doctor Timothy Sweo - 10 Bad Doctors Who Ruined Their Patients

When Terry Ragland went to the doctor hoping to learn more about her lower back pain. The doctor gave her a diagnosis that was shocking and pretty unprofessional. Having done his assessment, Ragland’s physician told her she was suffering from a case of a “ghetto booty”. Oh, we’re not joking. The shocked patient asked Doctor Timothy Sweo for clarification, so he said it once again – ghetto booty. Sweo later admitted his advice probably wasn’t appropriate. We think he should stick to the technical terms from now on.

9: Doctor Wlodzimierz Szepielow

Doctor Wlodzimierz Szepielow - 10 Bad Doctors Who Ruined Their Patients

When one of Doctor Wlodzimierz Szepielow’s patients died, he was suspended from his practice at Dundee Ninewells Hospital in Scotland. In order to get his position back, he had to undergo testing which examined his knowledge and Skills. The results weren’t good. Szepielow scored an astoundingly bad 17.5% on his test. Then, while demonstrating his resuscitation skills on a dummy, he ended up blocking the airway which would have killed someone in real life. Shockingly, when the good doctor was refused his license, he threatened to sue and even demanded a high-paying job with the National Health Service – ya, right!

8: Doctor Peter Zegarra

Doctor Peter Zegarra - 10 Bad Doctors Who Ruined Their Patients

How can I lower my cholesterol, regulate my blood pressure or lose a little weight? These are typical questions patients ask when seeking advice from their doctor. When an unnamed patient went to Doctor Peter Zegarra and complained she couldn’t undergo a procedure because she had a strong gag reflex. The doctor gave her some rather shocking advice. Doctor Zegarra allegedly informed the woman that in order to improve her gag-reflex she should be performing oral s*x on her husband twice a week. We bet the patient’s husband was thrilled with the advice but the woman and the medical board were less than thrilled with the unprofessional and inappropriate guidance.

7: Doctor Jayant Patel

Doctor Jayant Patel - 10 Bad Doctors Who Ruined Their Patients

Well, when you’ve got a nickname like that you know you’re in a list of bad doctors. Everywhere Dr. Jayant Patel went patients started dropping dead. In fact, dozens of deaths were alleged to be linked to the doctor with one report even saying that of the 110 patients he looked after in one hospital, 67 ended up dying. He ended up serving a few years in jail. Today he is officially banned from ever practicing medicine in Australia. You know when a country bans you, you must be pretty bad at your job.

6: Doctor Josef Mengele

Doctor Josef Mengele - 10 Bad Doctors Who Ruined Their Patients

No discussion of bad doctors would be complete without one of the most evil physicians of all time. Josef Mengele was an SS Doctor, serving the Nazis. He was performing a horrible range of experiments at the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. During his time there, Mengele performed painful and often lethal experiments on inmates. Such as attempting to artificially change eye color or infecting the inmates with diseases. Needless to say, this doctor was so bad that the world hunted him even after he was dead, digging up his body for DNA testing in Brazil in 1992.

5: Doctor Cecil Jacobson

Doctor Cecil Jacobson - 10 Bad Doctors Who Ruined Their Patients

If you’re having trouble getting pregnant then it’s natural, you head to a fertility expert. In the United States, Doctor Cecil Jacobson was the doctor to head to because he always seemed to get results. However, the investigation showed he had been lying to his patients. After telling hopeful parents that they were pregnant, he would later inform them the fetus had died when there had never been a fetus, to begin with. Worse yet, further investigation found that dozens of women who did get pregnant and have kids with help were impregnated with semen not from screened and anonymous donors but from Jacobson himself, yikes.

4: Bad Doctors Gerianne Geszler and Dorrette Grant

Doctor Gerianne Geszler and Doctor Dorrette Grant - 10 Bad Doctors Who Ruined Their Patients

Sticking with the topic of pregnancy, we come to Doctor Gerianne Geszler and Doctor Dorrette Grant. When a pregnant woman came into their North Carolina Medical Center these two bad doctors teamed up to earn a bad doctor award. You see, for 2 days’ doctors have been trying to induce labor in the woman with no results. Alarmingly, a quick check with the stethoscope revealed no heartbeat. The woman was rushed to surgery where an emergency c-section was done. Amazingly, the doctors found nothing inside – no baby at all. It turns out the woman was experiencing a false pregnancy. No one had decided to be more thorough in checking things out before opting to slice open her belly.

3: Doctor James Johnson

Doctor James Johnson - 10 Bad Doctors Who Ruined Their Patients

Dr James Johnson was one of Britain’s best surgeons and a good all-around doctor. Well, until recently. You see, it turns out Johnson could be quite hard-headed in the operating room. During one operation, he got so flustered that he accidentally stabbed another doctor in the head with a syringe. Another time he left a surgical instrument inside a patient. However, those are child’s play when you learn that Johnson allegedly amputated patient’s limbs despite other options being available. Not the kind of guy you want working on you.

2: Doctor Christopher Driskill

Doctor Christopher Driskill - 10 Bad Doctors Who Ruined Their Patients

Christopher Driskill is a New Mexico OB-GYN you’d best stay clear of. There isn’t just one thing that makes Driskill in a list of bad doctors, it’s kind of a bunch of things. First, he reportedly drank on the job which is not something patients need to hear. Then there were the allegations that he handed out drugs like they were candy. Not done there, Driskill had a tendency to just leave the room while his patients were in late stages of labor. What was he doing? Well, in one instance it was because he was having s*x with another one of his patients. In fact, rumors around the office are that he was involved with quite a few patients and staff.

1: Doctor Naum Ciomu

Doctor Naum Ciomu - 10 Bad Doctors Who Ruined Their Patients

Every guy out there can attest to the fact that when a doctor is near your business you want them to be as careful and considerate as possible. The patient of Doctor Naum Ciomu wanted this, but it didn’t happen. You see, Nelu Radonescu was getting the Romanian Surgeon to correct a testicular deformation. Unfortunately, Doctor Ciomu got frustrated during the procedure, lost his cool and cut off Radonescu’s p*nis. Not done there, the raging doctor proceeded to chop it into 3 pieces. Needless to say, the victim received damages and intended to use the money to surgically rebuild his manhood.

So, these were the 10 bad doctors who ruined their patients. This gave doctors everywhere pretty bad name. Well, our prescription is to take your mind off and is to read another list here at the abouticles, Thanks for standing by.

Written by Patricia Lillian

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