10 of The Biggest Architecture Fails Ever

Lotus Riverside - 10 of The Biggest Architecture Fails Ever

Man has created some of the most incredible structures in the world. But these remarkable feats haven’t come without errors, Here is the list of 10 of The Biggest Architecture Fails Ever.

10: The Savar Building

The Savar Building - 10 of The Biggest Architecture Fails Ever

Considered to be the deadliest garment factory disaster in history. The Savar Building in Rana Plaza in Bangladesh collapsed on April 24th 2013 from structural failure and killed over 1100 people. When cracks had emerged on the walls the day before on the eight-story commercial building, businesses and a bank on the lower floors evacuated. But the garment workers were ordered to return to work the next day. Because of the building collapse include illegal construction on a pond adding three additional stories without modifying the permit and the building went from being used for commercial to industrial thus putting more stress on the building.

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9: Citigroup Center

Citigroup Center - 10 of The Biggest Architecture Fails Ever

This is a skyscraper that looks like it was built on stilts. The structure was built in 1977 by William Lemessurier, who ran into a problem when the land was shared by Saint Peter’s Lutheran church who were unwilling to move. So, Lemessurier designed a skinny base of the skyscraper with the winds in mind. However, he forgot to take into consideration that there were quarter winds too and the base was bolted down instead of welded. So, Citigroup arranged to have a secret emergency plan the Red Cross in the quiet of the night workers fix problems with the building in secret but should there ever be a strong storm with powerful winds. The Skyscrapers has a high chance of going down.

8: Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall - 10 of The Biggest Architecture Fails Ever

Number 8 on our list of Biggest Architecture Fails is Walt Disney Concert Hall. The Walt Disney concert hall in Los Angeles California is declared a masterpiece by many artists and designers. However, once noon rolls around the neighboring condominiums disagree. Because a concert hall has stainless steel on the outside it reflects sunlight directly into buildings around the area. This has caused residents to go inside close their curtains and amp up the air conditioning for a few hours. Residents have claimed the building causes their homes to overheat and make living very uncomfortable for those several hours.

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7: Katowice Trade Hall

Katowice Trade Hall - 10 of The Biggest Architecture Fails Ever

Number 7 on our list of Biggest Architecture Fails is Katowice Trade Hall. On January 28th 2006, the roof of the Katowice Trade Hall collapsed with 700 people inside. The cause of the collapse was due to the weight of the snow that had fallen on the structure. Considering the hall is located in Poland, you would think a building built there will be prepared for heavy snowfall since the snow was a regular occurrence. In total 65 people died and 170 were injured.

6: Lotus Riverside

Lotus Riverside - 10 of The Biggest Architecture Fails Ever

Number 6 on our list of Biggest Architecture Fails is lotus riverside. On June 29th 2009, one of the buildings in the lotus riverside apartment complex in Shanghai China collapsed. The 13-story building collapsed in one piece due to the rain and ended up killing one worker. The building was built with a garage on the bottom and the heavy rains caused the ground to become unstable.

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5: Kemper Arena

Kemper Arena - 10 of The Biggest Architecture Fails Ever

Number 5 on our list of Biggest Architecture Fails is Kemper Arena. On June 4th 1979, the roof of the Kemper arena collapsed after a major storm hit Kansas City winds up to 70 miles per hour. The cause of the collapse was from the result of rainwater gathering in the middle of the roof as well as a miscalculation how much the bolts in the hangers could actually hold. Luckily the arena wasn’t in use at the time and so no one was injured.

4: The John Hancock Tower

The John Hancock Tower - 10 of The Biggest Architecture Fails Ever

The John Hancock tower is a 60-story skyscraper located in Boston. The building has been met with numerous problems including windows falling out and crashing onto the pavement below not too long after its completion in 1976. It was determined that the window panes couldn’t adjust to the thermal changes. Also, movement from the wind wasn’t stabilized. So people on the higher floors were subjected to motion sickness in the intense swaying. Luckily these problems have since been fixed.

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3: Vdara Hotel and Spa

Vdara Hotel and Spa - 10 of The Biggest Architecture Fails Ever

The Vdara hotel and spa located on the strip in Las Vegas is both stylish and beautiful with one major fail. The building is pretty much its own Ray gun. Because the building is so reflective, the sun rays bounce off the building into the pool area of the resort hotel, making it very uncomfortable to sit by the pool. The phenomenon has become so popular that it is nicknamed “the Vdara death ray.

2: Hotel New World

Hotel New World - 10 of The Biggest Architecture Fails Ever

In 1986, the Lian Yak building in Singapore crumbles to the ground in less than 60 seconds. The 6-story building was home to a hotel, a bank and a nightclub. Where did everything go wrong? While the architects and engineers behind construction took into consideration the live load of the building, meaning everything the building would hold, they did not take into consideration whether the building could support itself. This made the collapse a guarantee.

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1: The Silver Bridge – Biggest Architecture Fails

The Silver Bridge - 10 of The Biggest Architecture Fails Ever

On December 15th 1967, the silver bridge, which was located in Point Pleasant, West Virginia and spanned over the Ohio River, collapsed in the middle of rush hour traffic. The bridge collapse killed 46 people, which was devastating to the surrounding small towns. The collapse was caused by the failure of a single eye bar suspension bridge proving that the smallest defect can have the deadliest of the consequence.

So, these were the 10 biggest architecture fails. Do you know any other architecture fails? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

Written by Zeeshan Haider


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