10 Hot Celebs That You Forgot Are Moms

Gal Gadot - 10 Hot Celebs That You Forgot Are Moms

More and more women, not just celebrities, are choosing to become mothers later in life. Today we have made a list of those celebs that you forgot are moms.

10: Blake Lively

Blake Lively - 10 Hot Celebs That You Forgot Are Moms

The Gossip Girl star was named as the most desirable woman of 2011 by and one of 2012’s Most Beautiful at Every Age by People magazine. That kind of proves her eternal beauty, right? But after Gossip girl ended and she got married to Ryan Reynolds in 2012, Lively began to take more mature roles, not that we are complaining, she looked just as hot as ever! Now after having two daughters, she looks smoking hot. Did you also notice that she has been glowing since giving birth to her second one!

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9: Megan Fox

Megan Fox - 10 Hot Celebs That You Forgot Are Moms

In the news or hidden from the spying eyes of cameras, Megan Fox is one woman you can’t forget! Back in the day when she starred in Transformers, she was immediately titled a sex symbol, man, she was smoking hot! Uhm then she had 3 kids with her husband, Brian Austin Green. But that shouldn’t lessen your interest in her because hello, she still has got a body to die for! Her movie, Zeroville is set to release next year and her hot looks that she has managed to maintain with her 4-year-old is definitely a driving force for us!

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