10 Common Things Dirtier Than Your Toilet

Common Things Dirtier Than Your Toilet

Would you eat your dinner off your toilet seat? Well, considering how dirty some of these everyday items are, it turns out you might as well be. You see, numerous studies have found that a variety of items we come in contact with every day are actually multiple times dirtier than where we do our business. Yup, from the gym to the restaurant to our own homes, it’s a dirty, dirty world we live in, so wash your hands and prepare to be kinda grossed out… Blech! Without further ado, let’s dig into 10 Common Things Dirtier Than Your Toilet

10: Water Bottles

Common Things Dirtier Than Your Toilet

Twist top, slide top and squeezable. Water bottles can get so dirty you might as well be drinking straight from the toilet. Don’t panic too much. You see, they don’t start out filthy. However, if you’re the type of person who uses a water bottle and then puts it away for a bit before using it again – Well you’ve created a germ factory. For the most part, it’s just your bacteria, that given enough time and that bottle will to smell and taste a little off.

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9: Gym Equipment

Common Things Dirtier Than Your Toilet

Number 9 in the list of common things are gym equipments. You wipe down the gym equipment, so it’s clean, right? Wrong. A study of a bunch of gyms found that equipment like exercise bikes and free weights have hundreds of times more bacteria than your toilet. Wiping it down does nothing – you have to use an anti-bacterial spray or wipe to kill those disgusting germs. It’s as good a reason as any to stay at home on the couch. But even if you do go, go prepared, researchers warned to never walk around the gym in bare feet because that floor is also a serious problem.

Written by Zeeshan Haider


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