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10 Lies You Still Believe About Contraception

There were rumors and myths have spread all over the internet about contraception and the techniques to prevent prꬴgnancy. Which of these methods are true and which ones are flat out lies? Today we’re discussing 10 lies you still believe about contraception.

10: Birth Control Pills Affect Fertility Over Time

A lot of women are led to believe that if they use birth control pills for an extended period of time, it will affect their fertility. There’s actually no scientific evidence that extended birth control use causes women to be less fertile once they stop. There are other things that could be contributing to the lack of fertility, such as age. Many women start birth control in their twenties. Then, if they stop 20 years later when they’re 40, they are less likely to be fertile because of age complications, not birth control.

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9: Cɵndom Sizes Don’t Matter

Shopping for cɵndoms can be a tricky matter, considering all the different sizes and enhancements, it can get overwhelming. Many men think the size of the cɵndom doesn’t matter, which leads to them purchasing a size too big. In fact, it is very important that cɵndom fits correctly. If it’s too large, it could fall off and if it’s too small it could break. Both scenarios can end in an unwanted prꬴgnancy, which totally defeats the purpose of wearing a cɵndom.

8: Standing Up Prevents Prꬴgnancy

There’s a popular contraception myth that has been spread for years. This myth claims that if you do the deed while standing up, it helps prevent prꬴgnancy. While it may be fun to experiment with, there isn’t any real evidence to support this claim. If you’re looking for ways to prevent prꬴgnancy that doesn’t involve birth control methods or cɵndom use, then there’s a good chance you’re taking the wrong advice. These aren’t proven methods of preventing prꬴgnancies and will most likely result in failure.

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7: Birth Control Causes Abortions

The claim that birth control abuse can cause an abortion is a tricky claim. One way that birth control pills help prevent prꬴgnancy is by not allowing the growth of uterine tissue. Thus, people claim that taking birth control pills as a form of abortion will cause the fertilized egg to not attach to the uterine wall for implantation. Though this may be correct, this would not be considered an abortion because according to medical authorities, prꬴgnancy is defined as a fertilized egg that has already been implanted to the uterus.

6: Cɵndoms Are Uncomfortable

If a guy claims that he doesn’t wear cɵndoms because they’re uncomfortable then something is not right. Cɵndoms have extra features to make sure they’re pleasurable for both men and women. So, if the cɵndom is uncomfortable it could be because it is the wrong size. When a cɵndom is too small, it could cause discomfort. Tell your guy to look into buying the right size and shape for his body.

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5: The Pill Causes Birth Defects

Considering it is one of the most researched and prescribed medications on the planet, there’s actually a very low risk of taking birth control pills. It helps women control the symptoms of PMS and is actually safer to take them getting prꬴgnant. There over 100 million women worldwide that use oral contraceptives. So, if the pill caused birth defects, everyone would know about it. Truth is the pill hasn’t been linked to any form of birth defects, even if taken during the early stages of prꬴgnancy.

4: You Can’t Get Prꬴgnant During Your Period

Many men and women like to ditch their birth control methods while the woman is on her period. They believe that because she is on her period, she must not be ovulating but bad news, this isn’t always true. Women who have shorter periods are likely to ovulate during their period. Also, if a woman is ovulating during her period, that doesn’t mean she won’t be in a couple of days. Considering sperm can live in a woman’s body up to 5 days, doing the deed while on your period with no protection could still be risky.

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3: Showering or Bathing Can Prevent Prꬴgnancy

There have been many contraception myths surrounding cleaning yourself after doing the deed and how it can prevent unwanted prꬴgnancy. From douching with Coca Cola to peeing right after, there are many methods people claim actually work. Honestly, these methods just don’t do the trick. There is no way to wash the sperm away quick enough to prevent prꬴgnancy. You should also stay away from vaginal suppositories or sprays as a form of contraception as they don’t work and could cause harm to the reproductive tract.

2: The Pill Causes Cancer

There’s one contraception myth that has been around for a while and it’s the notion that birth control pills can cause cancer. There’s actually been extensive research on this claim and researchers have found that it just isn’t true. In many cases taking the pill can help prevent certain types of cancer. Research has shown that women who are on the pill have lower risks of developing uterine, ovarian and endometrial cancers.

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1: Saran Wrap Is A Substitute for Cɵndoms – Contraception

Many people believe that if they don’t have a cɵndom handy, they can use saran wrap and it will have the same benefits. There is no evidence that wrapping your nether regions in saran wrap is going to prevent prꬴgnancy. If you don’t have cɵndoms or you aren’t on birth control, then sorry, you should abstain. Also, don’t try a balloon, though it seems like a reasonable alternative, it doesn’t work either, sorry guys!

So, this was the list of 10 lies you still believe about contraception. Are you surprised that you believed some of these lies about contraception? React in the comment section below.

Written by Patricia Lillian


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