10 Amazing Illusions To Trick Your Friends

10 Amazing Illusions To Trick Your Friends


Magic and illusions take serious skill and practice to master. but if taking your act on the road isn’t your goal and you’re looking for something simple then today is your lucky day. here are some easy illusions you can do at home.

Coin Through Bottle

With a used plastic water bottle use a razor or a sharp knife to cut a hole just underneath the label of the plastic bottle big enough that a coin can fit through. since the bottle is empty and made of clear plastic the cut won’t be as noticeable if at all. Just move fast and push the coin through the hole under the label you can also do the hole at the bottom in the grooves and push it slightly with your finger to get the coin through.

Shaker Through Table

Can you make a salt shaker go through a table it’s easier than you think all you need is a salt shaker and put it on the table, cover the shaker with a small bag or a napkin and tap the shaker on the table top? While you’re talking slide the shaker off the table and into your lap making the cover maintained its shape. Finally snatched the covers so it flattens and move your hand under the table while picking up the shaker. it will look like you’re grabbing it from below the table instead of your lap.

Levitating Card

All you need for this one is a playing card and your hands, hold the card horizontally with your thumb on the sides and the rest of your fingers in front of the card with your thumbs you can move the card on its own while keeping the rest of your hands still.

Fake Cellphone

This illusion you can do anywhere you just need a small black piece of paper and fold it in the way where it looks like a cellphone while you’re talking on your phone create some drama so people are looking at you, at the climax of the fight you can crumble up the phone set it on fire or rip it up and people will be shocked at how easily you destroyed your phone.

Floating Off the Ground

You made a card look like it’s levitating now to make it look like to you are levitating you’ll need to be wearing long jeans for this one. Standing sideways from your audience you’re going to lift your heel of the foot that is furthest from the audience. Then you’re going to lift the foot that’s closest to the audience all the way up, make sure the toe of the outside foot is concealed be sure to practice in front of a mirror so you can tell whether or not you’re creating the illusion effectively.

Spoon Bending

If you want to make it look like you’re ruining someone’s fine China, this easy illusion is for you all you need to do is hold a spoon in one hand put your hand on top of your hand and transfer the spoon handle so it behind both this and one pinky is holding the spoon. Hold a spoon so the bull is on the bottom and push down, the handle of the spoon will move while hidden behind your fist guided by your pinky, then lift the spoon from the table and flipped it up showing that it’s just fine.

Defying Gravity

For this trick, you’ll need a bread clip and inelastic, break the elastic, thread the bread clip through, and hold most of the resistance on the bottom end. Start releasing some of the resistance through your fingers at the bottom, what will happen is the bread clip will look like it’s moving up by itself. Very easy with some practice and people will think you possessed mind powers.

Two Toothpicks

This trick is cool because it looks like you’re defying the laws of physics, what you’re going to do is break off the ends of 2 toothpicks and hold each one between your index fingers and thumbs. Push the 2 toothpicks together to show their solid, what you’ll do then is to lift your index finger on one of your hands making a tiny gap. You’ll pass the other toothpicks through that small gap and making it look like you’re passing one tooth pick through the other.

Dancing Spoon

If you’d rather not spoon bend and then you can make your spoon dance instead, you’ll need a spoon, a napkin and a fork. Hook the fork into the handle of the spoon and cover it with your napkin, you will use your fingers to make the spoon dance behind the napkin and your friends will wonder who was holding the spoon up when both of your hands are holding the napkin.

Make Money Up Here

We all joke about having that one magic trick that can make us rich, this trick will require some prep time; you’ll need to take a picture of a black surface on your phone and then take a picture of a folded-up dollar bill on the black surface. Keep the folded-up bill under your phone when you do the trick and ask you swipe the photo of the bill over to the photo of the black surface, you’ll move the folded bill under your phone so it comes out as you swipe.

Easier than you thought right, let us know if you give these tricks to try, thanks for reading.