10 Banned Superbowl Commercials You’re Not Allowed To Watch

10 Banned Superbowl Commercials You’re Not Allowed To Watch


Every winter sports fans get pretty pumped to watch the final NFL game of the season. Yes, we’re talking about the Super bowl actual gameplay aside one of the biggest features of this experience is the commercials, companies spend millions to attract potential customers so they do their best to make their ads really stand out but sometimes a little too much.

Ashley Madison

Let’s face it, Ashley Madison is a controversial company to begin with, because it promotes having an affair so when the company’s 2011 Super bowl ad was pulled, only the Ashley Madison execs seem surprised. After all it only had porn star Savannah Sampson making out with men and women while a guy dressed up as a rabbit was doing something to another guy under the desk. Yes, we have no clue why it was pulled either guys.

Veggie Love

Animal rights group peta is outspoken about its beliefs and isn’t afraid to make their message loud and clear. So, when their 2009 ad was pulled, no one was really shocked, then we saw the commercial promoting a non-meat diet, this banned bit featured women in lingerie and underwear getting rather intimate with various types of vegetables. we’re not sure if it was the grinding with the asparagus or the licking of the pumpkin, but it all proved too much for censors.

Rolling Rock

Banned beer ads are nothing new. In 2007 rolling rock brewery had their first commercial pulled. Why was it yanked? After all, was it a just slapstick filled 30 seconds for everyone in the stadium it’s hit the privates with a ball. Well yes, yes it was. However, that’s not what upset the censors. The very final shot is what did it. Apparently placing a foaming bottle of beer between two baseball’s is sexually suggestive.

No Daddy

Domain registrar and web-hosting site GoDaddy is known for often inserting a little sex into their ads. But not this time. This GoDaddy ad got banned and it had no sexual innuendo in it at all. What it did have was puppies. To be more precise, this 2015 ad was about a puppy, who has to find his way home only to find out his owners had sold him with the help from GoDaddy. it was cute and a bit funny – as long as you weren’t an animal rights person. faster than you can say ‘puppy mill’ the ad was pulled and ensured GoDaddy will stick with selling sex.

Man Crunch

In 2010, CBS banned the dating website commercial from airing during the Super bowl. the move actually sparked a bit of a controversy. The commercial in question was from dating company ‘man crunch’ gay dating site. The ad saw two football fans of rival teams accidentally touch hands before proceeding to kiss. the back of the ad was for men’s dating service had some calling foul over discrimination. However, maybe CBS was in the right here. After all, having Minnesota and Green Bay fans get along so well together, that’s just totally unrealistic.

The Clothing Drive

In comparison to the other ads mentioned here, this 2010 Super Bowl ad is actually pretty tame. The premise of this commercial is that for every article of clothing an employee donates, they get one free bud light. Unsurprisingly, by the end of the commercial most of the staff have been involved in awkward situations thanks to the lack of clothing. Given giant black bars censor anything risqué, it’s easy be left wondering why this ad was banned at all.

Scarlett’s soda

If you land an a-list star like Scarlett Johannson in your commercial, you know you’re going places. In the case of this soda stream ad from 2014, that place was in the ban bin. but after watching the commercial a few times, viewers might be left wondering why. After all, Johannson is fully dressed and keeps things at a relatively rated-G level. The key here is the final line. By mentioning coke and pepsi by name, soda stream crossed the line where broadcasters were not willing to anger the traditional beverage giant’s.

Daniel Defense

Dark, ominous music? check. The general tone of doom and impending threat, check. a proposed solution in the form of gun, check. In 2014, fire arms company Daniel defense had its commercial for the Super bowl pulled. The ad actually featured no firearms but ended with a logo of the company in question. Broadcasters refuse to show it because it violated the NFL’s policy on advertising gun, ammunition or other weapons companies. And let’s face it, no broadcaster wants to lose the money involved in the NFL over one commercial.

Bad Taste Banned

Sometimes being labeled as ‘banned’, especially during the Super bowl, can generate you more publicity than if the ad was actually shown. This has led some companies to allegedly make commercials which they know won’t make it to air. In 2010, trivia-answering company KGB had their ad promoting their service banned because it featured two men with their heads up their own butts. The whole point of the ad was to warn people to check their facts before doing something that would make them look stupid. broadcasters later accused the company of deliberately getting banned to stir up fake controversy and free publicity.

Controversial Condoms

A banned condom ad? you probably think it had something to do with sex, right? In 2012 durex took the scare-tactic approach to its commercial. Viewers watch as a blood covered bank robber emerged from a heist. What follows next is a mini-montage of the man’s past and all the vile acts he had ever committed. It ends with a flashback to the criminal’s parents who opt not to use a condom with the line “what’s the worst that could happen?” Filled the dark humor, critics and censors slammed the commercial.

Well that’s it for the banned Super bowl ads. what do you think, leave a comment, telling us if you think these bans were appropriate? Bye for now.