10 Biggest Game Show Scandals

10 Biggest Game Show Scandals


Game shows are some of the most entertaining programming we have today. Regardless of whether the contestants were trying to win money or a spouse, game shows aren’t without their drama. Here are ten of the biggest game show scandals!

Cheaters Never Win

While on the Spanish game show, “Pasapalabra”, model Adriana Abenia had to correctly guess the song title and the artist singing in order to progress through the show. However, it was then discovered that the model had her phone between her legs with the Shazam app on, which tell the user what song and artist is playing as it hears the music. Abenia confessed that she cheated because she was embarrassed over her lack of musical knowledge.

Free Car

Manuela Arbelaez had been a model for the game show, “The Price is Right” for several years. But in 2015, she made a big mistake when she accidentally revealed the value of a car before the contestant made their guess. The contestant had made an incorrect guess previously, which Manuela revealed the incorrect answer. Then on natural instinct, which usually happen when the game was done, she removed the card that revealed that waning value. Manuela was embarrassed, but host Drew Carey and the producers were understanding, thinking the mistakes was hilarious.

Who Wants To Marry a Millionaire

One of the original “marriage” reality shows, “Who Wants To Marry a Millionaire” was a reality show on fox where 50 women competed in a beauty pageant like contest to win a chance to marry a millionaire. Darva Conger won the show, and the multi-millionaire was revealed to be Rick Rockwell. They married in a civil ceremony on the spot. However, it was soon revealed that Rockwell wasn’t as rich as he led on, with a 1200 square foot home with the discarded toilet in the yard, and Conger had the marriage annulled quickly and then pose for playboy.

The Maternity Leave is Wrong

Again, we have “The Price is Right”, but this time, it wasn’t all smiles. In 2010, Model Brandi Cochran sued the show after she was let go during her maternity leave. When she told the producers, she was ready to return to work, she was told her services were no longer needed. Cochran sued and won over $770000 in court, but the judgement was overturned in 2013. Also in 2010, model Shane Stirling experienced the same situation when she was fired from the show after becoming pregnant.


When Renee Durette was on “Wheel of Fortune”, she was doing great at guessing her letters, and felt confident enough to guess the phrase. However, her southern dialect worked against her. The answer was “Seven Swans-a-Swimming”, which Renee said, but she didn’t emphasize the “G” according to producers. She technically lost, and the other contestant “Guessed” the answer, pronouncing all the letters accordingly. Twitter blew up attacking “Wheel of Fortune” and accusing them of hating southerners. But Renee stayed positive and enjoyed the experience nonetheless.

D Not T

In a similar event, as “wheel of fortune”, Reid Rodgers was a contestant on the show, “Jeopardy” when he answered the question about a British tennis venue with, “what is Wimbledon?” However, his pronunciation sounded more like “Wimble-ton” instead of a “Wimble-don”, and later Alex Trebek had to stop the show and say that Rodgers would be docked $800 for the mispronounced word.

Almost Too Perfect

For our last visit to “The Price is Right”, we meet Terry Kniess, who was an advent watcher of the show with his wife. When Terry was finally a contestant on the show, He shocked Drew Carey, as well as the show’s producers, when he made the perfect bid of $23,743 during the showcase segment. In fact, Terry had a history of perfect bids during his short stint on the show to the point that it was believed that somehow Terry rigged the show or he had a mole in the audience helping him out. Terry insisted that his perfect bid was from studying the show’s patterns and pricing, but others believe there was something suspicious afoot.

Coughing for Answers

Charles Ingram was the former British Army major who was a contestant on the UK version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and ended up winning the game. However, his method wasn’t honest, and he cheated his way to the top with the help of his wife and another contest. Whenever the correct answer was read, his wife would cough. The show’s producers caught on to the ruse and they pulled his check before he could cash it and Ingrams were charged with deception.

Money for Marriage

While on the show, “Moment of Truth”, contestant Lauren had to answer the $100,000 question from her ex-boyfriend, Frank, on whether or not she would get back with him… While her husband, also named Frank, was there. “Husband Frank” had the option to stop the game as well as Lauren, but they didn’t stop. “Ex Frank” was then told to ask a different question which was whether Lauren should be married to her Ex or not. She said yes, and the lie detector revealed she was telling the truth. But the questions kept going for more money, revealing that Lauren cheated on husband Frank. Then she lost it all when asked whether or not she thought she was a good person, which was revealed to be false, causing her to lose all her money.

Sore Losers

Andre and Patricia Murray were contestants on the show, “Million Dollar Money Drop” when they were asked what the most common password is. They answered with “Password”, but show host Kevin Pollack corrected them and said the answer was, “123456”. Instead of accepting their loss, the couple did some research and saw that the “123456” answer came from an obscure website, and that their original answer was correct. So, the couple sued Fox for $580,000, the amount they lost from their dismissal from the game.

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