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10 Most Expensive Dogs In The World

This is a list of the top 10 most expensive dogs ever sold. We’re including auctions, less known transactions and a lot of good stuff, let’s get started.

10: Kylie Jenner’s Rolly – Price $50,000

We know this is a weird way to start a top 10 most expensive dogs in the world, with one of the Kardashians. But she’s in it for a good reason. Her boyfriend and rapper Tyga bought her a $50,000 try English bulldog named Rolly. As it always happens with this family, there was a little controversy involved. It turns out she no longer has the pup. For some reason now, she’s playing it off like it was never hers.

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9: Hulk’s Puppies – Price $60,000 Each

Hulk’s Puppies - 10 Most Expensive Dogs in The World

Number 9 on the list of expensive dogs is Hulk. Meet Hulk, a giant as a pit bull that weighs 12 stone, that’s close to 80 kilograms. He so happens to be one of, if not the biggest pit bull in the world. When he became a father to 8 pups a couple of years ago, money started rolling in. The owner who has an elite dog training academy says you could have sold the pups immediately for $30,000 each. After they go through training and become highly trained protection dogs, the entire litter is worth around half a million dollars.

We were curious to know how much Hulk himself would be worth, but the owner says he is not for sale, so we can’t include him in this ranking. With that said, a dog that can generate that type of revenue for the owner would be worth over the million-dollar mark.

8: Police Dog Ajax – Price $70,000

Police Dog Ajax - 10 Most Expensive Dogs in The World

Number 8 on the list of expensive dogs is this Police Dog Ajax. The dog was auctioned off for $70,000 but with the catch. This is a sad story but with a happy ending. Retired police officer Matt Hickey, very attached to his partner, who had spent most of the time with during his last couple of years and when he retired, he wanted to take the police dog with him. The dog was only 5 years old and it was too early to retire it. Hickey offered to purchase Ajax for $3500, a value set by the city, but Marietta officials said an Ohio state law seems to forbid Hickey from purchasing Ajax. So, they decided to sell him at auction.

This sparked outrage from the public, which raised $70,000 in order to make sure Ajax gets to be with the right owner. Because of the backlash from the public. the city agreed to let Matt purchased the dog for only one dollar.

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7: Blue French Bulldog – Price $100,000

Blue French Bulldog - 10 Most Expensive Dogs in The World

Number 7 on the list of expensive dogs is Blue French Bulldog. A perfect Blue French Bulldog named Little Micro Machine is valued at around $100,000. Since he’s been alive, he’s generated close to half a billion dollars for the owner, which is selling each puppy from $5000 to $15000 and he’s only 3 years old and has really exotic orange eyes.

6: Korean Dosa Mastiff – Sold for $150,000

Korean Dosa Mastiff - 10 Most Expensive Dogs in The World

Number 6 on the list of expensive dogs is Korean Dosa Mastiff. A man from Bengaluru, India bought a Korean Dosa Mastiff dog for the equivalent of $150,000. The Korean breed has heavy wrinkled skin with hanging jowls and a blunt nose. The exotic dog flew in from China as it is the first time this breed has entered the country because it is so rare. The buyer says, he’s been looking and trying to purchase the breed for the last 20 years and he finally managed to find it. He didn’t just buy one, he bought two, a male and a female so he can breed them.

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5: Lancelot Encore – Price $155,000

Lancelot Encore - 10 Most Expensive Dogs in The World

Number 5 on the list of expensive dogs is Lancelot Encore. In early 2009, a Florida couple became the proud owners of Lancelot Encore, the world’s first commercially cloned poppy. The Labrador Retriever was cloned from samples, thoughtfully taken by the couple 5 years ago from their beloved pet Lancelot. The dog looks like their previous dog and the owners hoped that by showing him the same amount of affection he will behave just like version number one. The couple won the chance to have their pet cloned in an auction by Bioart, a California based firm that employed Korea’s Sooam Biotech Research Foundation to recreate their darling dog. The hammer price of the pricey pooch was $155,000.

4: White Rhino Pitbull – Valued at $250,000

White Rhino Pitbull - 10 Most Expensive Dogs in The World

Number 4 on the list of expensive dogs is White Rhino Pitbull. The White Rhino Pitbull is the world’s most expensive American Bully and this particular dog will be covering is as royal as it gets when it comes to rare pit bulls. White Rhino is the product of breeding, Kracker Jack at Mikeland’s Kennels most famous stud and Mikeland’s ghost, a female dog who is a part of the Kennels. Armando Perez was offered a property that is worth $250,000 by David Potter, who used it to buy White Rhino. The stud fee for White Rhino is $65,000, so the new owner might recoup his investment pretty soon.

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3: Greyhound: Milldean Panther – Price $500,000

Greyhound: Milldean Panther - 10 Most Expensive Dogs in The World

Number 3 on the list of expensive dogs is Greyhound: Milldean Panther. When a Greyhound gets compared to the great horse Frankel, it moves beyond the realm of the dog track and into the public consciousness. That’s what’s happened to Ireland’s fastest and most valuable Greyhound Milldean Panther. With a perfect record of wins, this is possibly the most valuable Greyhound in the world right now. It made headlines a while back when the owner refused to sell the dog for half a million dollars. He said he’ll continue training and breeding the Greyhound in order to create even faster new generations of Greyhounds.

2: Black Tibetan Mastiff: Yangtze River – Sold for $582,000

Black Tibetan Mastiff: Yangtze River - 10 Most Expensive Dogs in The World

Yangtze’s new owner, a Chinese millionaire identified only as Miss Wang. She met the pup while visiting Yushu in China’s Qinghai province, with the Tibetan Mastiff, she wished to breed with one of the region’s storied pure blood canines. As soon as she met the dog then known as White Root, she knew she had to have him. Ultimately, she ended up paying $582,000 for one of the most expensive dogs in the world at that time. Upon his arrival at the airport in Xi’an, Yangtze was greeted by a motorcade up 30 luxury cars and a crowd of spectators.

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1: Red Tibetan Mastiff – Sold for $1.9 Million – The Most Expensive Dogs

Red Tibetan Mastiff - 10 Most Expensive Dogs in The World

Another Red Tibetan Mastiff was sold for $1.5 Million in 2011. The Red Tibetan Mastiff is the most expensive dogs in the world right now. It’s probably going to maintain its title for a while. We first reported on a big splash in 2011 when it happened. $1.5 Million were paid for the perfect specimen. Three years later, the record was shattered by another perfect Tibetan Mastiff. A property developer paid 12 Million Yuan, that’s around. $1.9 Million for the one-year golden-haired mastiff. So, why are these dogs so valuable.

They used to be called the dogs of god and only seen deep into the Tibetan mountains. These dogs were even used as war dogs. The legend says that they are reincarnated souls of the monks that used to live back then. They can grow to be huge around the size of a big rugby player and require special attention from the owners. We guess in these cases money is not going to be a problem.

Bonus Fact: Once Most Expensive Dogs

10 Most Expensive Dogs in The World

Because China’s millionaires flock to buy one of these rare mastiffs, there was an influx of dogs into the country. Many breeders wanted to capitalize on this fad and the result is just sad because everybody now had one. The dogs were thrown out and abandoned. The situation got so bad that dogs that were once bought for $50,000 to $100,000 were now roaming the streets with butchers paying $5 for anyone to bring one in. That’s what happens when people start spending crazy amounts of money.

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So, that was the end of the 10 most expensive dogs in the world. What do you think about spending so much money on a pet? If you were to pick one of these 10 dogs, which would you pick to be your own? Let us know in the comments down below. Thank you for spending some time with us.

Written by Patricia Lillian

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