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10 Most Expensive Female Escorts In The World

High-class female escorts don’t come cheap. Whether men want to spend an hour, a night or a weekend with them. It’s amazing what they’re willing to pay for the company and services of these women. From Miss Maya Blue who charges $650 for an hour alone with her to Lauren charges $24,000 per night. These are the most expensive female escorts in the world.

10: Ashley Dupre

Ashley Dupre - 10 Most Expensive Female Escorts In The World

Ashley Dupre may be more familiar to you by the name of Kristen. Yes, the Kristen that former governor of New York Eliot Spitzer cheated on his wife with, among other escorts. He apparently paid her $4300 to sleep with him at a luxury hotel in Washington. He allegedly spent over $80,000 on escorts before he was caught. The scandal pushed Dupre into the limelight and she went on to be featured in Playboy and other men’s magazines.

9: Natalie Mclennan

Natalie Mclennan - 10 Most Expensive Female Escorts In The World

Once known as Natalie, New York City’s number one escort. Natalie Mclennan released a tell (almost) all of her days as a notorious high-priced prostitute. She was banking up to $2000 an hour for her escort services. Natalie Mclennan is claimed to have slept with a British lord, an 80s rock star and NFL quarterback, among others. She was later arrested for money laundering for a prostitution ring and battled serious drug abuse, which ultimately drove her out of her escort agency.

Written by Patricia Lillian


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