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10 Most Expensive Firework Shows In The World

Let’s talk about one of the things that really makes that new year kick off with a bang, expensive firework shows. Fireworks originated in China and were first used around 2000 years ago. Legend says that they were discovered or invented when a Chinese cook happened to mix charcoal, sulfur and saltpeter when working in a field kitchen. The mixture burned and exploded when compressed in a bamboo tube. Other sources say that fireworks originated in India but back in 2003, the national Indian newspaper called The Hindu, in fact, credited the Chinese with the discovery.

One reason fireworks gain so much popularity is that they are thought to fend off evil spirits and ghosts that are frightened by loud bangs. In China and eastern parts of the world, firecrackers are used at most events such as births, death and birthdays. Chinese New Year is a particularly popular event that is celebrated with firecrackers to usher in the new year free of evil spirits. Overtime expensive firework shows gained popularity all over the globe and people are always amazed by them. Let’s just get the show on the road shall we. Here are the 10 most expensive firework shows in the world.

10: Addison, Texas, USA $220,000

Addison, Texas, USA - 10 Most Expensive Firework Shows In The World

The cheapest of the most expensive firework shows on our list is Kaboom Town. This happens every year. It’s nationally recognized as being one of the most spectacular and expensive firework shows in Addison, Texas. On the 4th of July, in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex in Addison Circle Park, 400,000 visitors gathered to celebrate the independence of the United States. The spectacle includes an aerial show with historic warplanes. It is so spectacular that the American pyrotechnics association acknowledges it as one of the top 10 must see 4th of July events in the nation.

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9: Seattle, USA $300,000

Seattle, USA - 10 Most Expensive Firework Shows In The World

Just a little bit over the Kaboom Town Show, the 4th of July show in Seattle is one you most probably won’t forget. With more than 10,000 individuals, the show happens every year and lasts for 21 minutes. It takes place over Lake Union and is choreographed to the Seafarer summer fourth musical choir. Western display fireworks, the pyrotechnic company has an experience of over 60 years being the oldest and largest aerial display company in the northwest. Yet, utilizing cutting-edge technology and meeting the audience’s expectations, embracing in crowd favorites like the weeping willow fireworks.

8: Nashville, USA $500,000

Nashville, USA - 10 Most Expensive Firework Shows In The World

With an estimated value of half a million dollars, the nationals Independence Day celebration in 2015, happening on the 4th of July under the name of “let freedom sing,” included a rather impressive amount of fireworks, 7 tons. The show lasted for 23 minutes. It had over 280,000 watchers being a record-setting show in the southeast side of the USA. It beat records for the size and number of fireworks. Not only could the audience enjoy the visual show, but they can also listen to the pop singer Mikky Ekko and 4-time CMA female vocalist of the year Martina McBride. Not bad Nashville, not bad.

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7: Beijing, China $1.3 Million

Beijing, China - 10 Most Expensive Firework Shows In The World

The Olympics are known for having spectacular openings. But did you see the one in 2008, it definitely wowed the world. With a cost of around $1.3 Million in a country that is the spiritual home of the firework. The opening ceremony of these Olympic Games was one of the best in the history of the games. However, there is a little secret to it, what was seen on TV were actually computer graphics. Since the entire 29-foot print extravaganza would have been impossible to capture on air. The fireworks were there for real outside the stadium. Due to the difficulty of placing a television helicopter at the right angle, the visual effects team worked an entire year on the 55-second sequence that matched the real deal.

6:  Philadelphia, USA $2.1 Million

Philadelphia, USA - 10 Most Expensive Firework Shows In The World

What could have been a $3 Million firework show became a $2.1 Million one? But that didn’t hold its greatness back. The second from the trilogy organized to celebrate Independence Day in 2013. The show took place over the Philadelphia Museum of art on the 4th of July. At the concert celebration artists, Demi Lovato and more performed. There were some great places where you could see the show too. Such as Panes Park, Lemon Helen Fairmont Park, Bistro San Tropez and the Loews Hotel.

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5: Boston, USA $2.5 Million

Boston, USA - 10 Most Expensive Firework Shows In The World

The Boston fireworks display known for being one of the most expensive in the USA. The 4th of July extravaganza in 2013, cost the whopping USA $2.5 Million to produce. Can you imagine $2.5 Million for 20 minutes, that’s quite something but totally worth it. The show was televised and accompanied by the music of the famed Boston Pops. The single downside, for the first time in more than 20 years, the show wasn’t televised nationally after CBS television network declined to renew a contract with the show’s producers. Instead, unfortunately, the performance only appeared locally on WBZ-TV, such a bummer.

4: Dubai, UAE $6 Million

Dubai, UAE - 10 Most Expensive Firework Shows In The World

Number 4 on the list of most expensive firework shows is Dubai. In 2014, a new Guinness Book World Record for the world’s biggest pyrotechnics display was set. The holder of the title? Dubai, spending the mere price of $6 Million on a single firework show. The New Year’s Eve show broke 2012 record by 400,000 fireworks, I mean these guys are pretty serious, the 6-minute show included 500,000 fireworks and broke the record after the first 60 seconds. The fireworks were launched from over 400 locations around Dubai and the show ended with an artificial sunrise along the seafront, symbolizing new dawn for the city.

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3: Sydney, Australia $6.3 Million

Sydney, Australia - 10 Most Expensive Firework Shows In The World

Only a bit over Dubai, Sydney spends around $6.3 Million every year to put an amazing firework show on New Year’s Eve. Australians are some of the first to celebrate the new year because of their proximity to the international date line. The Sydney celebration happens over the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. The main attractions of the show are two pyrotechnic displays, from 9 PM family fireworks and the midnight fireworks, both of which are televised nationally. The latter is further televised around the world. The show entirely synchronized to a different soundtrack each year ends in the all-white finale.

2: Kuwait City, Kuwait $15 Million

Kuwait City Kuwait - 10 Most Expensive Firework Shows In The World

Dubai may have stolen Kuwait’s light in terms of size, but the priciest second expensive firework shows on our list are the one and only Kuwait. The city celebration of the golden jubilee anniversary of it’s country’s constitution in 2012, makes number 2 on our list. Its massive show included 77282 fireworks, took place on November 10th along the shoreline of Kuwait City and was watched by tens of thousands of people. The visual presentation marked 50 years to the day since the late Emir Sheikh Abdullah Al Salaam Al Sabah announced that Kuwait had become the first Arab State in the Gulf to issue a constitution and have a parliament.

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1: Abu Dhabi, UAE $20 Million

Abu Dhabi UAE - 10 Most Expensive Firework Shows In The World

The top of our list is Abu Dhabi, with an impressive $20 Million fireworks show. The one who once held the world record for size is clearly the first in terms of price. The Dec 2nd, 2009 show was held with the occasion of the 37th National Day of UAE and it lasted for 55 minutes. It was also a part of a 12-day celebration with a total of 46 events. The 17000 shots were meant to be shown by authorities as a New World Record, setting the most expensive fireworks in the world. These guys really know how to party, we must say.

Bonus Fact: Expensive Firework Shows

San Diego USA Firework Fail - 10 Most Expensive Firework Shows In The World

In the city of San Diego, the shortest fireworks show in the world took place in 2012. It lasted for only 15 seconds, yes you read that right, 15 seconds. The Garden State Fireworks team that was in charge of the big bay boom fireworks show, said that due to a mis handling of the pyro, it’s offered pre-mature ignition and all the fireworks exploded at once. I bet that was one hell of a surprise.

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With that, we’ve reached the end of our list of the 10 most expensive firework shows in the world. Thanks for sticking with us, now tell us. What’s the most expensive festive celebration in your country, be it a concert firework show or sports event? We’ll be right there in the comments section with you. Thank you for spending some time with us.

Written by Zeeshan Haider


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