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10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World

Today is a great day to pump up the volume and listen up. Because we’re talking about expensive headphones. If you’re an audio or music enthusiast, then you know how important headphones are when it comes to sound quality. There’s nothing like walking down the street and listening to your favorite tracks with the best headphones possible. This industry has been around for a little over 100 years now and it’s been growing very fast since then.

Headphones are now little wonders of technological engineering breakthroughs that can offer the clearest sounds and sleek designs you could ever think of. Wireless technology and Bluetooth are now key features that help users experience effortless interactions and constantly by the new models. The best headphones are not always the most expensive ones and vice versa. But it does feel nice to have good quality materials in your headphones.

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Obviously, some of them are a bit extra or limited edition. Since there’s a luxury option for pretty much everything out there, we’re here to uncover them for you. Tech enthusiasts will probably know the brands on this list. Since they’re the best of the best in this industry and of course the most expensive. So, feel free to get inspired by this list of crazy gadgets. But remember sometimes the price is right and its better value for your money to invest. Anyway, without further ado let’s just dive in and take a look at the most expensive headphones in the world.

10: BDSM Headphones – Price $6,450

BDSM Headphones - 10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World

What do BDSM and headphones possibly have in common? After the “50 Shades of Grey” madness, the entire planet decided to embrace the kinky trend. Apparently, these expensive headphones jump on the bandwagon as well. The luxury retailer “Ssense” embrace the BDSM theme. They made some crazy headphones with leather straps that will make you feel submissive and sort of caged but in a good way, I guess. They are called the Arca edition Tormenta Cage Headphone headpiece. Until the final result of an exotic collaboration with DJ Arca.

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So, technically no resemblance to 50 shades design wise. This headpiece has one leather strap that goes around the head from ear to ear and two more over the face leaving no room for your mouth to say the safety word sexy and naughty. The brand is not offering a warranty for the subject. They’re selling it as an art object and they’re also in limited edition. So if you want a pair you better hurry up. Keep in mind they are weird headphones maybe for BDSM reasons.

9: Chanel Headphones – Price $7,200

Final Audio Design Sonorous X - 10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World

On a high-end note here are the Chanel Headphones, yes Chanel and Headphones in the same sentence. These beauties are designed by Karl Lagerfeld the current designer for Chanel. Because his extravagant like that and saw a great opportunity. The collaboration is between Chanel and Monster Audio. Even though they are $7200 they are a blend of the best designer. It’s one of the best companies that also work with Beats by Dre. Just wait until you see the design. Audio files can now be stylish when wearing these expensive headphones.

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They have the famous Chanel black leather pattern on the cuffs and over the head band a tiny Chanel logo. They do look like a fancy accessory when you have them on your neck. It also comes with a beautiful Chanel case that’s also black leather with the logo. Since the headphones are $7200 you might as well wear the case as a clutch bag and nobody would even notice.

8: Final Audio Design Sonorous X – Price $7,970

Final Audio Design Sonorous X - 10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World

One step further and want more luxurious and highly technological brand away and we find the final audio design Sonorous X Headphones. The company says their product reproduces the realism of vocals and instruments reverberating in space. So with that statement in mind, you really need to try them to see the difference. For $7970 these headphones are premium quality and they come in a special package that will make you drool. They come in a beautifully made wooden box with luxurious fur. So that the soft and shiny aluminium stainless steel won’t scratch. With this pair of expensive headphones, you’ll impress everyone. While also enjoying the quality of great sound up to the slightest whisper. Movies, videos and songs should really sound better with them. So if you ever stumble upon them, give them a try because you might just be impressed, your wallet though not so much.

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7: Dolce & Gabbana Headphones – Price $9,000

Dolce & Gabbana Headphones - 10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World

These two stylish and controversial Italian designers sure knew how to draw attention and sparked the sales for their luxury brand. They released in 2015’s fall collection, a pair of headphones bedazzled with Swarovski Crystals and the crown to go with it. A year later when Rihanna was teasing her fans with her new upcoming album Anti. She posted a picture on her Instagram wearing the $9,000 expensive headphones from the famous designer’s and everyone lost their minds. They sold out immediately and raised a lot of attention around the singer as expected. Which proves again that RiRi can pull off any look. We have to admit the headphones look sick. Everyone listening to them would feel slightly royal and empowered. This shows us once again that Italians and celebrities know how to steal the spotlight.

6: Rose Gold Earpods – Price $25,000

Rose Gold Earpods - 10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World

Moving on the stacks raised significantly and the prices too. Here are the Apple Earpods but with a luxurious twist. You won’t get these headphones with your newest iPhone or any Apple product for that matter. Because they’re possibly the most expensive product in their entire company history. These expensive headphones are worth $25,000. These and are made with 18 karats rose gold, giving you not only headphones but your jewelry.

Fortunately, they’re also really good quality headphones. Apple is well known for revolutionizing the music industry with their iPods, iTunes and headphones. We’ve all use a pair of Apple headphones at one point or another. They do fit most ears perfectly but maybe the rose gold ones fit a little bit better. If you like wireless headphones more, the golden Earpods might be more fitted for your lifestyle. They also carry the luxurious design and they’re only $25,000.

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5: Monster Diamond Tears Headphones – Price $30,000

Monster Diamond Tears Headphones - 10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World

Halfway through our list, we stumble upon some really pricey and crazy looking headphones. The Monster Diamond Tears Headphones are for sure eye-catching and some serious bling. For the price of $30,000, you can wear 18 karat plated headphones with black diamond spiders on the cuffs. They are similar to the Beats by Dre headphones design. But with more expensive details designed by the Korean jewelry designer Sally Sohn. The making of these expensive headphones took over 100 hours and a lot of dedication from the team. So you’re paying for that too. If you would think who would wear such extravagant headphones, Well Lady Gaga did, who else would? The quality of these expensive headphones is great. You can buy them for $350, that’s the price if you drop the 18-karat gold and diamonds. It’s your choice.

4: Sennheiser Orpheus HE 1 – Price $80,000

Sennheiser Orpheus HE 1 - 10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World

Taking a big price leap, the next headphones are quite expensive, to say the least. We’re starting with the Sennheiser Orpheus HE 1, which cost $80,000. You can buy a new car or a small apartment for that amount of money, so why spend that much money on a pair of headphones.

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Let’s see what you get for this crazy amount of money. First, the chassis of the headphones are made out of the same marble that Michelangelo used for his famous sculptures. And of that isn’t fancy enough and a real piece of art. Then keep in mind the headphones perform quite well and the amplifier can be used for damping. Nothing is compromised in manufacturing these expensive headphones. Although they cost a small fortune, the investment it might be worth it if you’re the kind of person that wants to mix art with technology and the beautiful decorating peace with multiple uses.

3: Onkyo H900M – Price $100,000

Onkyo H900M - 10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World

Even more expensive than the Sennheiser’s are the Onkyo H900M headphones with 20-carat diamonds, aluminium and stainless steel. They might be a little extra and maybe too precious to wear on a daily basis, but they sure looked beautiful. The ear cuffs are embedded with diamonds on both sides and the right one has an extra ring of red ruby, so you know which one is which, fabulous right. Besides the diamonds and polished look, they offer pure sound quality and amazing listening experience at the staggering price of $100,000. They also come in a special box and packaging made specifically for customers. They are custom made because it takes weeks to hand decorate these ear cuffs. These beauties are the only bejeweled headphones in the world and they’re still not as the most expensive headphones on the list yet, if you can believe that.

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2: Focal Utopia by Tournaire – Price $120,000

Focal Utopia by Tournaire - 10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World

Up with the most expensive and crazy pair of headphones are the Focal Utopia by Tournaire. This pair will cost you $120,000 and they are definitely one of the most expensive headphones in the world. They were launched in 2017 at CES and they’re made by master jewelers featuring 18 karat gold mounted 6-carat diamonds and hand crafted in Tournaire’s workshops. On top of that the percentage of the sales go toward saving 8-year-old Louis Vizzini, who suffers from a degenerative disease, spinal muscular atrophy type 1, so you’re paying for that cause too.

All in all, it’s a lot of money that you could spend on a 6-month vacation or a brand-new car but then again this product is not for everyone. For your information, the $120,000 price tag does not include the head stand which is another $12,000. You have to pay some serious money if you want to have something so rare and eccentric, don’t worry we understand you.

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1: Graff Diamonds X Beats by Dre Expensive Headphones – Price $1 Million

Graff Diamonds X Beats by Dre - 10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World

The finest luxury headphones go to the notorious brand everyone wants to wear, Beats by Dre. They’re the holy grail of headphones the most expensive and most extreme headphones ever made. The Graff Diamonds and Beats by Dre collaboration headphones are worth a $1 Million and so far, they’ve not been topped by any other brand. They call it a destructive collaboration and they couldn’t have said it better.

These expensive headphones have 112 carats of diamonds all over the cuffs and so far, only celebrities like DJ Skyblue or Lil Wayne have worn them and they made headlines all over the media with a statement accessory. They do look neat and have a classic minimalist beats design and quality, but we are not sure how many billionaires would invest in them because headphones usually have a limited lifespan and they get lost or in this case probably stolen. If you like this collaboration so much but don’t want to pay the full price, you can get the 2014 limited edition headphones they made for the Superbowl game, if you can still find them for $25000.

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Bonus Mention: Vintage iPod Nano – Price $20,000

Vintage iPod Nano - 10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World

When Apple released its famous iPod and iTunes, they revolutionized the whole music industry. Music was now faced with a different streaming platform. Artists could make money and not for your copyright and theft. The device was simply beautiful, elegant, sleek, fast and very well integrated with other Apple products as we are used to by now. Nowadays the era of portable music devices is dying slowly. iPods are considered a vintage item from the early 2000s. They don’t make them anymore. So if you want one? Be ready for some steep prices. Some really old first generation still working iPod Nanos are now sold for over $20000 on eBay paired with Million Dollars Beats by Dre Headphones. You’ll have the most expensive and luxurious audio experience ever and that could be considered priceless.

Now we might have rocked some decibels and dollars around here today. But it feels great to listen to your favorite band on really good headphones. If you want to hear it, all the back vocals, the subtle instruments, the whispers and the breaths. When the music is good it shivers down your spine had most of the headphones feature today can really give you that feeling. Well, being beautifully crafted to also please the eye and with the noise cancellation feature you can get lost in the music or meditate anywhere.

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So, that’s a wrap on 10 most expensive headphones in the world. On that same note which one do you guys prefer, headphones or earbuds? Let us know in the comments section below. Thank you for spending some time with us.

Written by Patricia Lillian


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