10 Most Expensive Supreme Products

10 Most Expensive Supreme Products


Today we are talking about the most expensive Supreme products. Supreme is a relatively new fashion giant. It opened its first store on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan in April of 1994. Supreme was founded by James Jebbia. Who wanted to create a new and exciting brand for skaters as well as the hip-hop and rock scenes. The original layout had all items around the edge of the store. So, skaters could roll right on in. Supreme now has 11 stores around the world including cities like London, Tokyo, Paris and LA. In October 2017. Supreme plans on opening its 12th store, on Market Street in San Francisco, in early 2019. Supreme announced it had sold a 50% stake in its company to private equity firm The Carlyle Group; the deal was worth upwards of $500 Million.

However, today the fashion brand is estimated to be worth well over a billion big ones. Supreme success has largely been attributed to the fact that each product is made in very short runs. However, James Jebbia says that no expensive Supreme products will ever be called limited. The only reason the products are made in small batches is that the fashion market is fickle and changes so fast the brand doesn’t want to be left with a whole load of items that nobody wants. Regardless of how cynical you wish to be about Supreme success. And whether the scarcity of products was an intentional marketing strategy or not. There’s no denying that it has made one of the coolest and most sought-after brands for fans all across the globe. Here is the list of 10 most expensive Supreme products

10: Supreme Mo-Wax Box Logo T-Shirt – Sold for $3600

Supreme Mo-Wax Box Logo T-Shirt - 10 Most Expensive Supreme Products

Released in 2014, 50 of these special t-shirts were exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery to commemorate 21 years of Mo-Wax records. Mo-Wax is renowned for their compilations and collaborative albums that push trip-hop, turntablism and alternative hip-hop on to the scene in the mid-1990s. Their album designs, as well as their music, have become renowned as modern works of art. Having commissioned top graffiti artists like Footura and Robert Del Naja? It seems like a match made in heaven for a Mo-Wax to collaborate on the Supreme box logo design. The result was a simple yet classy design that is almost impossible to find up for resale on today’s market.

9: Supreme North Face Leopard Nuptse – Sold for $3650

Supreme North Face Leopard Nuptse - 10 Most Expensive Supreme Products

North Face Jackets are adored for the sheer quality of their design. For those unfortunate enough to live in areas of the world that utterly freeze over in the winter? North Face Jacket can be a lifesaver while still allowing one to look effortlessly cool at the same time. Now add Supreme to the equation with this jacket from 2011’s collection. You’ve instantly got an item of next level value. All of the North Face of Supreme collaborations are expensive products, but the Leopard Nuptse easily takes the title. The design is extraordinary which certainly helps. Perhaps what makes it worth more than any of the other collaborative pieces is the fact that Drake wore one during a concert in Vancouver. North Face “Do you Love Me” are you riding sale Make it worth Supreme.

8: Supreme Nate Lowman Skate Decks – Sold for $3700

Supreme Nate Lowman Skate Decks - 10 Most Expensive Supreme Products

Number 6 on our list of 10 most expensive Supreme products is Supreme Nate Lowman Skate Decks. Nate Lowman is regarded as one of the coolest modern artists in New York. Ever since Supreme opened its doors to the first store back in 1994, his artwork has been hung on the walls with pride. In such a way, a collaboration seemed almost obvious but just because it was obvious doesn’t mean the item was going to be outrageously expensive.

The Skate Decks feature a typical Nate Lowman minimalist yet colorful style with bullet holes splattered randomly. Although many of the Skate Decks are now considered valuable works of art rather than pieces of sports equipment, it would fit the skater mentality perfectly to recklessly grind down a rusty stair rail in the back streets of New York. Recklessly being the operative word because in mint condition these decks are worth upwards of 3500.

7: Supreme Everlast Punch Bag – Sold for $4000

Supreme Everlast Punch Bag - 10 Most Expensive Supreme Products

Everlast is renowned as one of the largest brands when it comes to boxing equipment and gym wear. The Everlast logo is almost as iconic but certainly not as lucrative as the Supreme logo. However, when you take an Everlast punching bag and brand it with the Supreme logo, it apparently increases the value by over 1000%. The two brands have collaborated on other items including gloves and ropes, but the punching bag is easily the most valuable. What will be interesting to see is the first time a complete set of collaborative pieces are put up for auction together, the sale price would be astronomical. In any case, the bag alone is worth more than the prize money involved in most fights.

6: Supreme Coleman Mini Bike – Sold for $4300

Supreme Coleman Mini Bike - 10 Most Expensive Supreme Products

Number 6 on our list of 10 most expensive Supreme products is Supreme Coleman Mini Bike. In the spring summer collection of 2017, Supreme dropped a bomb so big its blast radius is continuing to quake out across the internet. This ridiculously cool mini bike has a 196cc 1-cylinder engine with a top speed of 24 miles per hour and a wheel rim of 42 inches. The bike frame is almost completely red in design, and the Supreme logo only appears on the leather seat. On the rear of the bike, there’s another small white design saying, “ride or die”.

This coupled with the fact that Supreme also released a collaborative helmet in the same collection suggested it was meant to be ridden. However, collectors whom some might call boring rejected the nihilistic exhortation and now had pristine many bikes worth staggering sums. Still, just like the skate decks, it’s far cooler to crank it to the Max on a dirt track, then covered it in a dark garage somewhere.

5: Sopranos Box Logo T-Shirt – Sold for $4500

Sopranos Box Logo T-Shirt - 10 Most Expensive Supreme Products

Whoever came up with this idea is perhaps the simplest genius of the modern fashion era. When a brand becomes so iconic and recognizable that all you have to do is change the letter R into the shape of a pistol? Then you know that your international image has become a phenomenal juggernaut of success. The Sopranos starring the late James Gandolfini was perhaps the most critically acclaimed series of the 1990s. Breaking Bad, The Wire and any other series drama that followed or will follow has to be so incredibly enthralling just to live up to its giant of a predecessor. However, today it’s a lot easier to get your hands on a box set of the show than this the Box Logo design. Just that one simple change makes this t-shirt sell for upwards of $4500.

4: Supreme Damien Hirst Skate Decks – Sold for $8500

Supreme Damien Hirst Skate Decks - 10 Most Expensive Supreme Products

Number 4 on our list of 10 most expensive Supreme products is Supreme Damien Hirst Skate Decks. Damien Hirst is one of today’s best known modern British artists. The Tate Modern in London has displayed many of his pieces for as long as Supreme has been pumping out quality merchandise. In 2009, Supreme asked him to make 5 different designs for skate decks much like the Nate Lowman Decks. These have become astonishing works of art that have been coveted by collectors rather than actually used and skated on by urban punks. Recently, one of Banksy’s art pieces managed to self-destruct itself while it was resold for $1.2 Million. We wonder if Damien Hirst and James Jebbia liked this stunt or not.

3: Supreme Fender Stratocaster – Sold for $9500

Supreme Fender Stratocaster - 10 Most Expensive Supreme Products

If there is any such thing as a collaborative no-brainer, then it would have to be combining the amazing popularity of the Fender Guitar with the effortlessly cool design of Supreme. In 2017, the collaboration happened, and the all-white Stratocaster with the red supreme label was an instant hit. Famous rock bands have been renowned for smashing up their priced guitars on stage whilst adoring fans cheer and whoop. In today’s culture, there are possibly more fans of this guitar then of most rock bands. As a result, many members of the crowd might wince rather than cheer as they watch this work of art get frivolously smashed to pieces.

2: Supreme Andrei Molodkin “Donald Trump” T-Shirt – Sold for $30,000

Supreme Andrei Molodkin “Donald Trump” T-Shirt - 10 Most Expensive Supreme Products

Number 2 on our list of 10 most expensive Supreme products is Supreme Andrei Molodkin “Donald Trump” T-Shirt. Either Andrei Molodkin is a clairvoyant from another universe, or this is one of the most lucrative coincidences of the 21st century. In 2003, Molodkin collaborated with Supreme on some one-off box logo designs. One was a red T with a supreme logo on the front and a negative portrait on the current and probably most infamous president of the United States.

Before the election when everyone believed that Trump’s campaign for the presidency was all a big hilarious joke. This t-shirt was estimated to be worth around $2000. Now that he really is president and the big hilarious joke has become a reality? The value of this t-shirt has reached an almost priceless level. As president Donald himself would surely agree, everyone and everything has its price. This one’s price tag just happens to make it the second most expensive Supreme products of all time.

1: Supreme Louis Vuitton Trunk – Most Expensive Supreme Products – Sold for $130,000

Supreme Louis Vuitton Trunk - 10 Most Expensive Supreme Products

Louis Vuitton one of the oldest and most recognizable fashion brands on the planet. Surely, it wouldn’t work blending the two together, right! Wrong, Louis Vuitton was established in 1896 when it released its first leather trunk. Just over 120 years later it collaborated with Supreme to produce an item with almost exactly the same shape as the original. The big change, however, is the ostentatious print.

The iconic design of Louis Vuitton with the unmistakable LV symbol covers the entire trunk. However, Louis Vuitton adopts the red, white colors of supreme and the logo is printed front and center. Maybe it’s the influence of the 50% stake bought out by The Carlyle Group. Or maybe it’s just the fact they’re continuing to grow in popularity. It looks like supreme is trying to take their brand to the next level with astronomical prices and collaborations that would have seemed ridiculous when they opened back in 1994.

Bonus Fact:

James Jebbia, the founder of Supreme, moved to New York back in 1983. He spent almost all he had on a $500 Staten Island department.

Well, that’s a wrap on the top 10 most expensive Supreme products. Now we’re curious to know. Since the Carlyle Group bought a 50% stake in the company back in 2017. The collaboration seems to have taken a turn. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments down below and thank you for spending some time with us.

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