How to Buy a Bra That Will Actually Fit

How to Buy a Bra That Will Actually Fit


There’s nothing more time consuming and slightly annoying than bra shopping.


You walk in thinking you know your size, only to scoop up a couple brassiers, pay, leave, go to try them on the next day and realize, um, you definitely don’t know your size. Luckily Rigby & Peller Madison Avenue store manager Heather Barton is here to answer all of your questions about fit, care, and trends so you never have to return again!

What should you look for (flaw wise) when deciding which bras to keep and which to toss? 

Does it fit? Do you like wearing it? I see so many women hold on to bras that are in okay condition but they don’t wear them. The rule I have is: if you haven’t put it on in a season, get rid of it, If it’s in good condition, donate it, and if it has holes/tears/broken hardware, throw it away.

What’s the best way to measure yourself for a new bra? 

TRY BRAS ON! So many women won’t try on a bra because they’ve always been one size and now that size doesn’t work.

Go to the store and start with the size you have been wearing. Identify where it isn’t working and correct it. If the C cup is too small put the D cup on.

What are the different options when it comes to padding? 

Rigby & Peller has several different options to pick from. We have sheer lace to about a 1/2 cup of extra volume for when you need it. Padding can be great for adding shape and coverage.

What are the best bras for a: small bust, large bust, uneven bust? 

  • Small bust: something with a little padding (maybe a push-up) to give a nice shape under tops.
  • Large bust: Go with lace! They have the most support and will give the most lift and shape.
  • Uneven bust: All girls are a little asymmetrical, but usually the proper fitting bra will hide the difference. You can wear anything as long as it’s the right style for your bust.

What’s the biggest mistake girls make when bra shopping? 

Not trying on enough styles and being open to new things every time you go shopping for bras. Bras are always evolving and our bodies change so its important to keep up with these changes and make sure we have the best styles for our shape.

What are some of the trends in the lingerie world right now? 

Lace is definitely trendy right now. We are seeing so many new colors and a real reflection for what’s happening in the fashion world. Also prints — floral prints are big this spring season.

Innerwear as outerwear has been big for a while now… What are your tips for rocking exposed bralets, bustiers, and bandeaus? 

Do what makes you feel sexy. It’s a trend that not every woman feels comfortable with,  I think just showing a pretty strap or wearing a sheer top with the lace showing through can be a nice way of showing off your beautiful lingerie.

What’s the best way to store your bras? 

Flat in the drawer, don’t fold or smash, treat them nice and they will last a lot longer.

What about care tips? 

Lingerie soap and a gentle cycle in the machine with cold water. No dryers and no hot water. Let your bras air dry over night and you’ll be good to go. Also wash every other wear, it’ll keep the bras looking better for longer.

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