How To Dress Like a French Girl at Every Wedding Event

How To Dress Like a French Girl at Every Wedding Event


It’s no secret French women have the most enviable natural style! Everything is done with sheer grace and finesse, and the Parisian’s take on fashion is no different.

Paris Eiffel Tower

Why not channel that certain je ne sais quoi for your wedding events? We’ve gathered inspo from The City of Light’s chicest mademoiselles to give brides-to-be a lesson on how to dress like a French girl, from the engagement party to the honeymoon.

french girl engagement party outfit
Photo: Courtesy | Dress: For Love & Lemons, $260, available at Zappos, Shoes: Halogen, $89.95, available at Nordstrom, Bag: Asos $34, Asos

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Engagement Party

If there’s one thing we should take away from French girl style it’s the way they carry their confidence! Nothing is over the top, they don’t need to wear the highest heel, or a risqué dress to be sexy. They know a little skin and sheer here or there is sometimes all that’s needed to do the trick. Definitely follow their lead and go for a dress with a feminine shape, like a bodice, but full skirt, or a slinky dress with a sheer, lace overlay.

french girl wedding shower outfit
Photo: Courtesy | Dress: Topshop Unique, $420, available at Nordstrom, Jacket: Sopi, $208, Yoox, Shoes: H&M $34.99, H&M, Bag: Skinny Dip, &38.50, Selfridges&Co

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Wedding Shower

What’s chicer than a shrugged jacket? Perhaps one that’s slung in a feminine print or shape with an effortless dress to boot. It’s your wedding shower, so you can be a bit more girly and garden inspired. The look is as easy as it is charming!

french girl bachelorette party outfit
Photo: Courtesy | Jumpsuit: Asos $46, Asos, Jacket: n:Philanthropy, $178, available at Nordstrom, Shoes: Shutz, $180, Zappos, Bag: Tevolio, $34.99, available at Target

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Bachelorette Party

Just because French women are known for their effortless chic aesthetic, it doesn’t mean they don’t slay evening glam like the best of them. Mimic their night-out-on-the-town ensembles by sticking with the French girl uniform of choise, a sleek LBD — little black dress — or jumpsuit, and pair it with a fun jacket to keep things bachelorette-y.

french girl rehearsal dinner outfit
Photo: Courtesy | Top: Genuine People, $39, Genuine People, Pants: 3.1 Phillip Lim, $409.18, available at Far Fetch, Asos, $94, Asos, Bag: Asos, $65, Asos

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Rehearsal Dinner

After all the hair-pulling planning, you’ve made it to the rehearsal dinner — the night before the wedding! Take advantage of there being no guests to over impress, just your closest friends and family, and go with the most infamous French woman outfit — a blouse and pants. The blouse is always slightly oversized and for this occasion go with a silk top and embellished accessories to elevate the look!

french girl honeymoon outfit
Photo: Courtesy | Black Bra: L’Agent, $110, available at Avenue32, Black Bottoms: L’Agent, $50, available at Avenue32, White Bra: For Love & Lemons, $115, available at Shopbop, Black bottoms: For Love & Lemons, $102, available at Shopbop

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We don’t know where you plan on heading for your honeymoon, but we do know once you arrive, there’s a category of garments that every bride will need no matter the location — lingerie. While American women tend to think the more elaborate the sexier, our Parisian counterparts think its less about straps and strings and more about showing your gorgeous shape. Curvier woman look stunning in higher waisted, lace-detailed sets, while slimmer straight hips look more alluring in low bikini/string bottoms and low-cut demi bras. Either way forget the fuss and complicated pieces, a simple sultry black lace set will not disappoint.

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