5 of The Most Comfortable Thongs

5 of The Most Comfortable Thongs


Hanky Panky


Hanky Panky is known for their comfortable and stylish lace thongs. Their “Signature” collection offers low rise, original rise, plus size, and more. The soft, wide, lace band will lay flat on your hips or torso and not dig in. In addition, the back of the thong is wider than most. This allows the thong back to go up and in between the your cheeks without going too far. Add in the fact that Hanky Panky makes this thong in many vibrant colors, and it’s an easy choice for this list.

Hanky Panky also makes a Retro Thong that has the same wider thong back, but with a much higher waistband. This fuller coverage helps the thong to stay in place and cover up some of the tummy area. Plus, it’s cute!

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It’s hard to believe, but these thongs are available in one-size-fits most… and they really do. With lots of stretch built in, the thongs it a wide range of styles – depending on the cut. I’ve seen women of all different sizes, body shapes, and ages enjoy various styles of the Hanky Panky thongs. There’s truly something for everyone!

Tip: Like most underwear, the lace of this thong is made of elastic, which can get brittle and damaged in high heat. Instead, soak and hand wash with gentle soap like you would your bras, and give them a little extra scrub in the soiled area while rinsing. This will help your underwear last longer and feel softer.



The Miel Mid-rise Luna Thong is made of soft lightweight microfiber and spandex which is woven into a breathable fabric. This scientific material wicks away moisture and dries faster than other materials. Plus, a combination of seamless and flat-seam construction prevents digging and bunching. Great for working out, there’s a built-in anti-microbial protection against stains & odors which keep the fabric fresh!

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Tip: If you’re finding it difficult to pick the right underwear to wear during exercise, I’ve got several solutions. From anti-ride up to no camel toe!

On Gossamer


The On Gossamer Mesh Hip-G Thong is a breath of fresh air. This popular style is made of superfine mesh with a delicate edge. The back is technically a g-string style, but the super soft material feels better than similar styles. In fact, it’s so lightweight, it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing it! Plus, each season brings fun colors in addition to the basic neutrals. There’s also a cotton version of this thong, which is also very comfortable.

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Tip: these are so lightweight and dry so fast, they’re great for traveling. Wash them in your hotel sink and hang dry for a little bit, and you’ll have fresh undies wherever you go.



Available in over 60 colors, the Cosabella Never Say Never Cutie Lowrider lace thong is another staple in lingerie fans’ drawers. The soft wide lace band is made in Italy, and lays flat under most clothing. The stretch allows the one size to fit most. Plus, the scalloped lace edge is flattering and comfortable. This is a great option for women who don’t want their lace sticking out of their low-rise jeans.

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And, if it does, what a beautiful little peek at what’s underneath!

Tip: Buy a colorful tong or two that matches your favorite bras. Since underwear needs to be washed after every wear, and bras can be washed every 4-5 wears, you’ll always have a fresh pair of coordinating underwear to pair with your favorite bras.



Created with a seamless look, the Commando range of thongs are meant to feel and look like you’re wearing nothing. Or, “going commando”, as the name suggests. Exploring their classic and fashion styles is like swimming through a beautiful sea of comfortable thong options. There are so many to choose from! Personally, I enjoy the classic thong for it’s smooth, seamless look and easy to wear with anything feel.

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Tip: Though thongs offer an easy solution to problematic panty lines, they can still dig in and create unsightly lines. Choosing a seamless style with a wide band or higher rise will help the thong to lay flat on your skin, creating a super smooth look.

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