10 Female Wrestlers Who Are Sadly Butterfaces

Bayley - 10 Female Wrestlers Who Are Sadly Butterfaces

Today we are talking about some butterfaces in female wrestlers. So, here we go, top 10 female wrestlers, who are sadly butterfaces.

10: Ivelisse Vélez

Ivelisse Vélez - 10 Female Wrestlers Who Are Sadly Butterfaces

This Puerto Rican wrestler began her training at the age of 14 and soon debuted in World Wrestling Council. In 2011 due to a leg injury, she was eliminated from the fifth season of WWE. Tough Enough but soon after in November she was signed to a developmental contract with the company. She certainly was a good performer in the ring but was released from her WWE contract in 2012. For which she holds Bill DeMott responsible for who she had reported for mistreatment! She might not feature on WWE, but her physique can never be forgotten. Uhm wish we could say the same about her face!

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9: Taeler Hendrix

Taeler Hendrix - 10 Female Wrestlers Who Are Sadly Butterfaces

Number 9 on the list of female wrestlers is Taeler Hendrix. This American professional wrestler and valet started her career back in 2008. She got limelight only after winning the OVW Women’s Championship in 2011! She won it again the next year which definitely is commendable! But we can’t attach much to her credit after this, which still can’t put us off her. You guessed it right, the reason definitely lies somewhere in her curves. Man, what a body she has got, truly amazing! It pains us to say that there is no way our eyes are losing their track and wandering to her face. Which is obviously not her strong point!

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