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10 Things Girls Want Guys To Do More

Girls Want Guys

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, or that’s how the saying goes. Dating and relationships can be tough while figuring out what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. We’re going to help you out with 10 things girls want guys to do more.

10: Girls Want Guys to Do More Sꬴx

Women enjoy sx. Men enjoy sx. It’s the perfect combination. But women want more than a “Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am!” Men, take some time and cover all the bases from first base to home plate! Rushing it isn’t very romantic, but sometimes there is a moment for that. But as you’re Wooing and romancing your lady, take your time to really sweep her off her feet in the realms of bedroom activities!

9: Independence

Guys, if you can take care of yourself and be independent, but that is an amazingly sexy trait! Women want guys who can cook for themselves, pay their rent and bills, dress themselves, and pretty much be able to take care of themselves. Most women aren’t in a relationship to be their boyfriend’s mother and they want an equal partnership! If you must sign up for a cooking class to get more independent, do it!

8: Girls Want Guys to Motivate and Encourage

If a woman is about to embark on a project or has a goal that she wants to meet, having as much support as possible is key to success. Knowing the desires of your lady’s heart and motivating her will let her know that she is not alone in her endeavors. This means not encouraging or enabling bad habits and lazy traits. Having that extra bit of encouragement will make the difference between failure and success.

7: Girls Want Guys to Be Positive

To piggy back off the last entry, being positive goes a long way. Yes, there’s a time to be cynical and negative, but don’t let it be a permanent part of your life. Being optimistic and having a positive outlook on life is contagious, along with being negative. Eventually, being with someone who is negative and cynical gets exhausting, and a woman doesn’t want to be around that on a permanent basis.

6: Girls Want Guys to Respect

This is a touchy one, but respect is so important in any relationship! You don’t have to agree on everything under the sun, guys. But letting your lady know that you still respect her views, career, friends, her parents etc. will make a world of difference in your relationship. In most cases, she will reciprocate that respect and that will make things much easier in your relationship!

5: Girls Want Guys to Communicate

Stop laughing! we know this one isn’t a huge shocker, but it is still important to emphasize! Guys, to do your best in preventing arguments, keep an open line of communication. If something is bugging you, and you’re taking it out on your girl, she’s going to want to know why. If you’re mad about your coffeehouse running out of your favorite bagel, just tell her! That way she won’t be so worried and freak out as much. Instead, you’ll probably get some extra support!

4: Girls Want Guys to Empathy

Being able to understand your lady, and empathize with her will go a long way. Also, being able to have empathy for the world around you will also score some points. The point we’re trying to get at is, caring about something other than yourself is key to being a better human being, and your lady will love that. A woman who feels understood won’t spend as much energy on trying to explain herself, and she will spend more energy on making things better between the 2 of you. Compassion will take you a long way.

3: Girls Want Guys to Engage

Before you head for the hills, we don’t mean a sparkly ring! We mean that women want you to engage their minds more. Engage in their interests, their passions and their hobbies! Pay attention when they’re talking to you and show an interest in what they love to do. It will go a long way in the path of a steady relationship, and it will make you fall in love with your lady even more, and she will fall for you even more in return!

2: Laugh at Yourself

Women will agree that men who take themselves too seriously are usually a bit of a Downer. If you’re able to laugh at yourself, that will ease a lot of the tension in a relationship, especially in its beginning stages. Also, being able to laugh at yourself shows that you have a sense of humor, and that is always an attractive trait in men. In return, your lady will also laugh at herself and feel much more comfortable around you.

1: Chores

This doesn’t mean that your lady wants you to take on all the household chores. But if you’re looking at your relationship like a partnership, then an equal distribution of chores is important and will help avoid the “I do everything” argument. In fact, if you get home before your lady, why not take care of the dishes, or run the vacuum cleaner in the living room? She will appreciate it, and will likely reward you for the good deed.

So, these were the 10 things girls want guys to do more. We hope this helps you out on your dating benchers. Tell us what you thought of this list in the comments.

Written by Patricia Lillian


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