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10 Gods Of Money And Fortune You Should Know About

Goddesses and Gods of money and fortune having worshipped on earth for centuries. They have attained to different backgrounds and cultures. In many cultures across the world one from five pictures of these deities so they may offer protection from poverty. Take for example the Indian culture, Lakshmi is the name of the Hindu Goddess of money and fortune. Her picture praises many households in India and is supposed to bring wealth and prosperity. She’s also supposed to bring good luck.

Besides one can find Buddhist Monks and Hindu Priests chanting ancient Mantras to connect with their Gods. They believe that the words produced during the recitation of the Mantras allow them to focus while the vibration produced through them create waves of energy. Through powerful Mantras, these are supposedly repeated 108 times to bring wealth and prosperity into your lives. Here are 10 Gods Of Money And Fortune You Should Know About.

10: Pluto – Roman God of Wealth

Pluto - Roman God of Wealth - 10 Gods Of Money And Fortune You Should Know About

In ancient Rome, Pluto was associated with the rich harvest and the bounties command had to offer. Pluto ruled the underworld according to classical mythology. His previous name was Hades in Greek mythology but with a twist. He presided over the afterlife, he was associated with money and wealth because of minerals are found underground and Pluto ruled the deep earth that had all the seats obtaining rich harvest. Pluto was known as a very strict ruler and a caring husband of Persephone. He has a very robust presence in classical western literature.

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9: Abundantia – Roman Goddess of Abundance, Luck and Prosperity

Abundantia - Roman Goddess of Abundance, Luck and Prosperity - 10 Gods Of Money And Fortune You Should Know About

Abundantia was regarded as the personification of money, prosperity and wealth in the ancient Roman religion. As part of the propaganda that supported the Roman Emperor Reign, Abundantia was depicted as the embodiment of Roman virtues. Abundantia has a cold status in literature and art despite having rather less mythology associated with her. It is believed this Roman goddess did survive in a modified form in ancient France.

Written by Patricia Lillian

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