10 of Hollywood’s Most Annoying Attention Seekers

How much attention is too much attention? Celebrities and politicians are known for being scrutinized for every move they make. But there are some famous folks who crave even more attention and feel as though they can never get enough. Here are some celebrities whose actions have given them the reputation of Hollywood annoying attention seekers. Here are 10 of Hollywood annoying attention seekers.

10: Kanye West

Kanye West - 10 of Hollywood annoying attention seekers

Kanye West might be seen as a talented artist to some, but to others, he’s overrated. The 38-year-old rapper known for his rants has now found a way to annoy people on Twitter too. His never-ending online complaints have ranged from declaring his $53 Million debt to saying that Bill Cosby is innocent. It seems like Kanye might be causing trouble in the Kardashian paradise through these rants. He even had the guts to ask Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 Billion in “Kanye West ideas” on Twitter. But Hey, if you’re asking an internet mogul for that astronomic amount of money online, at least be nice and do it on his own platform.

9: Chris Brown

Chris Brown - 10 of Hollywood annoying attention seekers

Here is another celebrity that throws a lot of shade on Twitter. Despite the fact that he’s a father now, Chris Brown tends to act upon his Twitter rants. The singer recently made claims that he is now one of the hardest working people in the industry. He even called out his “fake fans”. It doesn’t seem like the best career move, does it? And he wonders why he has so much baby mama drama.

8: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ bad girl act is starting to get old. For someone trying desperately to break from her Disney child star image, she still attracts way too much attention. Her antics have caused quite the controversy. We’ve seen her twerk on stage and post-Instagram photos of her naked. She really doesn’t know when to stop. The 23-year-old singer recently swore that she is leaving the country if Donald Trump ever becomes president.

7: Donald Trump

Donald Trump - 10 of Hollywood annoying attention seekers

Speaking of Trump, the real estate mogul has annoyed shocked and even appalled millions of people all over the world during his 2016 election run. That’s why Donald Trump is stumping all his fellow Republican candidates with media coverage. Trump remains the center of attention since he doesn’t have a mouth filter. He even made a side comment about his p*nis size during the debates! There’s no wonder some Americans fear Trump becoming the next US president.

6: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber - 10 of Hollywood annoying attention seekers

Over the past year, this young pop star has made the reputation of being idolized and loathed at the same time. Since his “baby” days, Justin Bieber has had his highs and his Lows. Some people believe that he can’t handle the fame, while others think it’s a sad cry for attention. While he’s on the road of apology with “sorry”, he still causes trouble like posting racy photos a lot, of different girls.

5: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - 10 of Hollywood annoying attention seekers

While loyal swifties will never say anything bad about their favorite singer, others have different opinions about her. Some people thought she was trying too hard during her 1989 tour by bringing in an overload of guests, who may or may not be her real-life friends. Many people believe her “nice acts” are only for the headlines and good press. Even Demi Lovato called her out when Taylor brought a lot of media attention by donating $250,000 to Kesha and her legal troubles.

4: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is the queen of Hollywood annoying attention seekers. She breathes it and lives for it, how else did the family get famous? Some people think there isn’t much talent there. The 35-year-old star has still managed to be one of the highest paid reality TV personalities to have ever existed. Who knew Kim could make over $50 Million in just one year by selling “selfish” books and advertising a game app all about her? and when she feels like the attention is fading, she will just Tweet a random naked selfie of her, because why not? We’ve seen all of her anyways. The fans obviously love the self-promotion for Kim!

3: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton - 10 of Hollywood annoying attention seekers

Remember when this reality star brought Kim Kardashian into the spotlight? Yeah, me neither. Only a few short years ago, Paris Hilton was Kim K level famous and was the most googled person on earth, right before Jesus. And now, she is the star of an Egyptian TV show. A near-crash prank freaked out the former reality TV actress, but others speculate if she was involved in the stunt. After all, we’ve seen her act badly before on the reality show “the simple life” with Nicole Richie.

2: Megan Trainor

Megan Trainor - 10 of Hollywood annoying attention seekers

At first Megan Trainor’s single “all about that bass” seemed admirable to most. Her songs might be catchy, but others think trainer only did it to collect money. The positive body image concept has made other suspicious of this new singer. Not to mention, her Stepford wife character in the “dear future husband” music video was deemed as saxist. The star can’t catch a break to please her audience, while others think she’s a boring singer desperate for attention.

1: Nicki Minaj One of Hollywood Annoying Attention Seekers

Nicki Minaj - 10 of Hollywood annoying attention seekers

There’s always speculation on every little thing that Nicki Minaj does. Some people think her entire career is a very bad publicity stunt. She sure knows how to get people talking with her “Anaconda” cover, her strange fashion outfits and the topless Instagram selfies. It almost seems like Minaj cares more about shocking the world by her looks than producing actually good quality music.

So, there you have it, 10 of Hollywood annoying attention seekers. Do you agree with this list? Who did we leave out? Let us know in the comments down below and thanks for reading, Bye for Now!

Written by Patricia Lillian


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