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10 Hottest Nationalities In The World

We’ve got a good one for you today. Have you ever thought about which country has the highest number of hot people? Today we will talk about the 10 hottest nationalities in the world.

10: Dutch

Dutch Model Doutzen Kroes - 10 Hottest Nationalities In The World

We start the ranking with the Netherlands. Not only is it one of the happiest places on earth, but it’s also filled with incredibly good-looking people. One of our favorite supermodels Doutzen Kroes is from there.

9: Spanish

Spanish Model Penelope Cruz - 10 Hottest Nationalities In The World

The Spanish have the fury blood in them. They live life with passion. Spain is currently ranked as the 9th in the list of 10 hottest nationalities in the world. Penelope Cruz is a good example of what the women look like, and John Carter Jurina is one of the hottest male models alive.

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8: French

French Model Brigitte Bardot - 10 Hottest Nationalities In The World

There’s just something about the French that keeps bringing them in our lists. Their lifestyle, their elegance, the fact that Brigitte Bardot is from France are enough to validate them on this list. Paris has been a magnet to models and beautiful people for the last couple of years, raising the level of good lucks in the country.

7: Italian

Italian Model Monica Bellucci - 10 Hottest Nationalities In The World

Sophia Loren, Robert De Niro, Monica Bellucci are prime examples of what it really has given us, in terms of sex appeal. The Italian lifestyle filled with good food, a rich history, fashionable clothes and beautiful streets all contributes to some of the hottest nationalities on earth.

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6: Colombian

Colombian Model Sofia Vergara - 10 Hottest Nationalities In The World

Some of the best-looking people in the world right now are Colombian. Sofia Vergara, Shakira are just two of them to whet your appetite to learn more about the sexy vibes Columbia has to offer to the world.

5: Eastern European: Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian

Hungarian Model Nina Dobrev - 10 Hottest Nationalities In The World

We couldn’t decide on only one of them, so we put them all together because people from these three countries share similar traits. Among them is that some of the most beautiful women in the world come from here. Natalie Mangania, the former lover of Leonardo DiCaprio and Gerard Butler, is Rumanian. So, at the winter soldier Sebastian Stan from Bulgaria. We have Nina Dobrev, which you might know from the Vampire Diaries and from Hungry you guys know we have a crush on Barbara Palvin.

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4: Australian

Australian Model Miranda Kerr - 10 Hottest Nationalities In The World

Where do we begin, Hugh Jackman, the Hemsworth brothers, Nicole Kidman, the lovely Miranda Kerr, Simon Baker and how can we not mention Margot Robbie. Australia seems like it’s doing something right.

3: South African

South African Model Candice Swanepoel - 10 Hottest Nationalities In The World

South Africa is blessed with very hottest women. Who are the hottest women in South Africa? The birthplace of Charlize Theron, Candice Swanepoel, Trevor Noah and Elon Musk. That’s a pretty hot place. We’re proud to see it on the 3rd spot on our list of hottest nationalities.

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2: Brazilian

Brazilian Model Adriana Lima - 10 Hottest Nationalities In The World

The perfect weather, tanned bodies and the birthplace to some of the hottest people we know, Brazil ranks second in this top 10 hottest nationalities in the world. Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Giselle Bundchen are just three of the beauties that came out of Brazil and rock the world, plus, the men are to die for.

1: Swedish

Swedish Model Mini Anden - 10 Hottest Nationalities In The World

This is it, the hottest country in the world is Sweden. You can’t ignore the fact that almost everybody in the country looks like a model. Tall, beautiful and amazing all-around individuals, we are proud to crown Sweden “the hottest country in the world”.

Bonus Fact: Hottest Nationalities

Some of you may be wondering where’s the UK in all of this and how come we didn’t mention them. In our last list, we rank them the 7th as the beautiful nationalities in the world. Well, it turns out if you take that away, people are not so eager to rank the average brit as sexy as the average Brit thinks the more you know.

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So, these were the 10 hottest nationalities in the world. Are you from any of these countries we mentioned on the list? If not, do you think we should have included yours? Let us know in the comments down below. Thank you for spending some time with us. If you enjoyed this list, please share it with your friends.

Written by Patricia Lillian


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