10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow

Today we are looking at 10 Instagram hot babes you need to follow. We know that you guys enjoy spending time on Instagram. So, we decided to improve your feet a little bit with a couple of recommendations. It’s been more than a couple of times, when we were just scrolling through our feed when friends or people around us went, wait! wait! Damn, who’s that. That’s when we realized there might be a need for this list, that you guys might enjoy this one.

Something to know before we get started? This is not the type of list you want to read, while you’re doing your job or at school. It’s definitely not safe for work. Although we’re not going to show anything that would get us in trouble. You might want to think twice, but you do you we can’t stop yet. Here are the top 10 Instagram hot babes you need to follow.

10: Alexis Ren (@alexisren)

Alexis Ren (@alexisren) - 10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow

We’ve been crushing on her since the J. Alvarez days and it’s nice to see her doing bigger and better things since. Alexis is definitely one of the hottest babes on Instagram right now. You can see her on the cover of magazines like Maxim. She’s a boss with her own sportswear brand Ren Active. Recently she is being the go-to model for video game developers for games like Final Fantasy 15. As of making this list, she’s got a little over 13.1 million followers, so the content is worth it. She gets paid a ton of money to travel the world. She lives her life in the wildest ways while looking hot. Despite being just 22 years old she’s got a bright future ahead of her.

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9: Anella Miller (@anella_miller)

Anella Miller (@anella_miller) - 10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow

Number 9 on our list of 10 Instagram Hot Babes is Her real name is Anella Miller. Anna Chernova and she’s from Russia. For some weird reason, hot Russian babes are taking over Instagram and her almost 2.5 million followers agree with us. There are very few that blend a perfect mix of raw and sultry sexiness. She recently became a Phillip Klein sports model. The pictures and videos speak for themselves and we definitely want to keep doing her thing. We along with the rest of her followers will be there to double-tap.

Written by Patricia Lillian


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