10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow

Today we are looking at 10 Instagram hot babes you need to follow. We know that you guys enjoy spending time on Instagram. So, we decided to improve your feet a little bit with a couple of recommendations. It’s been more than a couple of times, when we were just scrolling through our feed when friends or people around us went, wait! wait! Damn, who’s that. That’s when we realized there might be a need for this list, that you guys might enjoy this one.

Something to know before we get started? This is not the type of list you want to read, while you’re doing your job or at school. It’s definitely not safe for work. Although we’re not going to show anything that would get us in trouble. You might want to think twice, but you do you we can’t stop yet. Here are the top 10 Instagram hot babes you need to follow.

10: Alexis Ren (@alexisren)

Alexis Ren (@alexisren) - 10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow

We’ve been crushing on her since the J. Alvarez days and it’s nice to see her doing bigger and better things since. Alexis is definitely one of the hottest babes on Instagram right now. You can see her on the cover of magazines like Maxim. She’s a boss with her own sportswear brand Ren Active. Recently she is being the go-to model for video game developers for games like Final Fantasy 15. As of making this list, she’s got a little over 13.1 million followers, so the content is worth it. She gets paid a ton of money to travel the world. She live her life in the wildest ways while looking hot. Despite being just 22 years old she’s got a bright future ahead of her.

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9: Anella Miller (@anella_miller)

Anella Miller (@anella_miller) - 10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow

Number 9 on our list of 10 Instagram Hot Babes is Her real name is Anella Miller. Anna Chernova and she’s from Russia. For some weird reason, hot Russian babes are taking over Instagram and her almost 2.5 million followers agree with us. There are very few that blend a perfect mix of raw and sultry sexiness. She recently became a Phillip Klein sports model. The pictures and video speak for themselves and we definitely want to keep doing her thing. We along with the rest of her followers will be there to double tap.

8: Sveta Bilyalova (@svetabily)

Sveta Bilyalova (@svetabily) - 10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow

Her full name is Svetlana Bilyalova and you might have seen her before but never knew who she was. Not only is she a Russian bombshell but her videos are fairly funny. Her humoristic twist along with her smoking body make for a definitive must follow on the ground. All that got her close to 6.3 million followers. She was even in Future featuring The Weekends lowlife video.

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7: Meredith Mickelson (@meredithmickelson)

Meredith Mickelson (@meredithmickelson) - 10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow

Number 7 on our list of 10 Instagram Hot Babes is Her real name is Meredith Mickelson. Step aside Kylie Jenner, Meredith got by far the hottest lips on the gram and probably the hottest 20-year-old as well. Despite her young age she’s already secured big modeling contracts and grace the cover of Vogue magazine twice. With 1.7 million followers, we’re definitely expecting to see a lot more of her in the future.

6: Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata)

Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) - 10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow

Our never-ending crush on Em Rata keeps on growing. Out of all the girls mentioned on this list, she’s probably the biggest deal. When we say that we don’t mean the almost 22 million followers, she’s garnered on Instagram. You might have seen her in movies, but never knew who she was. You might know her as, that one super-hot girl from Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video but you can still find uncensored versions up on the internet. Em Rata is really hot, and she knows it. Her looks and talent got her multiple roles in movies like “Gone Girl,” “Entourage the Movie,” and “We are your Friends”. When she’s not posing nude or acting in movies? She’s a pretty vocal activist on women’s rights issues.

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5: Viki Odintcova (@viki_odintcova)

Viki Odintcova (@viki_odintcova) - 10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow

Russian model Viki Odintcova, sure knows how to strike the perfect pose. Whether it’s in front of a Ferrari, lounging in an airplane or you know just caressing the trunk of a ginomous elephant. The breathtaking 26-year-old has already racked up more than 4.8 million Instagram followers and nabbed a deal with Moscow based modeling agency Marvin Models. If you don’t know about Marvin? We definitely recommend you get educated. You’re welcome! Apart from being super-hot, she’s gotten a lot of press recently when she dangled from a 1000-foot-high Dubai skyscraper for the perfect shot. She got arrested for this and had to vow to never do it again, but the shot was worth it. The video got a couple of million views and is still available on her profile.

4: Alena Shishkova (@missalena.92)

Alena Shishkova (@missalena.92) - 10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow

Alena’s one of the most beautiful humans alive and you really got to try hard not to see that. We remember the first time we saw a picture of her and thought to ourselves, well it doesn’t get better than this. She’s been a model for fashion houses all over the world. Unfortunately for every guy out there, she’s already settled down with a Russian rapper, who she has a daughter with named Alisa. With almost 6.4 followers, she’s turned her attention to entrepreneurship and now has her own beauty line. You know, as you do when you’ve got that kind of a following.

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3: Monifa Jansen (@monifajansen)

Monifa Jansen (@monifajansen) - 10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow

Number 3 on our list of 10 Instagram Hot Babes is Her real name is Monifa Jansen. Former Miss Universe pageant contestant, Monifa has all the right curves There are a lot of up-and-coming models coming for her space but Monifa definitely has an edge over these other girls. Right now, she has only 675k Instagram followers, but we expect that to change very soon because as soon as you check out her profile, just can’t stop scrolling. Her entire feed is full of revealing shots that emphasize her qualities and definitely deserves a follow. Is it just us that get from Serena Williams vibes from her? Let us know if we’re the only ones.

2: Lais Ribeiro (@laisribeiro)

Lais Ribeiro (@laisribeiro) - 10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow

Number 2 on our list of 10 Instagram Hot Babes is Her real name is Lais Ribeiro. Initially, we didn’t want to include any of Victoria’s Secret models for obvious reasons, but we have to make an exception for Lais Ribeiro. She’s the angel that’s going to rock the $2 Million fantasy bra at this year’s show. The amazing thing is, a year after giving birth to her son Alexandre, she gave in to a friend’s advice and started working as a model in her native Brazil. Things spiraled from there and now she’s one of the hottest models in the world. If you don’t know this by now, we’re big fans of Victoria’s Secret. We even cover the brand in a dedicated list, which you can check out later.

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1: Sahara Ray (@sahara_ray) – Instagram Hot Babes

Sahara Ray (@sahara_ray) - 10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow

Sahara Ray is a 25-year-old rising model, who is also the daughter of Aussie surfing legend Tony Ray. Sahara has become known for her sexy snaps on Instagram, which include her flashing her boobs topless while reading a book. But is there a reason as to why she keeps posing in her swimwear? Yes, there is, of course, she designs and sells her own line called the Sahara Ray swimwear. She had her moment in the spotlight when she dated and went skinny-dipping with Justin Bieber. Apparently, it was just a fling. We guessed that they both got what they wanted.

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So, that’s a wrap on our list of 10 Instagram Hot Babes You Need To Follow. If there is enough interest, we might make a part 2 with another 10 beauties. If you do happen to drop by the profile of any of these gorgeous ladies, please let them know send you their way. With that in mind we’re curious to know, who would you add to the must-follow list, if we were to make that second list? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for spending some time with us.

Written by Patricia Lillian


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