10 New Internet Challenges Gone Horribly Wrong

10 New Internet Challenges Gone Horribly Wrong

There isn’t a week that goes by that there isn’t someone trying a new internet challenge. And with so many trying their hand at these fads, there are times things don’t go as planned. From using a car as a surfboard to try to eat corn from a spinning drill, there’s no shortage of dumb internet challenges and people willing to do them! These are 10 internet challenges gone wrong!

10: Mannequin Challenge

It may be hard to scroll through your social media timelines without someone posting a new video of their go at the mannequin challenge. The idea is to have a group of people staying still while the camera weaves to the group recording them. Everyone from celebrities to athletes has been doing it, but no one has gotten in hot water over this internet craze. That is, until now. This challenge that features gun wielding wannabe mannequins led local police to get a warrant which led to the arrests of two of the men.

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9: 100 Layer Challenge

The 100-layer Challenge started out innocent enough when makeup artists decided to record themselves putting on 100 layers of makeup products. Soon the trend caught on and moved away from makeup. One teen tried her hand at the 100-layer Challenge by layering as many shirts as she could on her body. It was all fun and games until all the shirts hindered her arm movement and she couldn’t get them off. To make things worse it looked like she began overheating, and panic ensued.

8: Taser Challenge

We aren’t sure if this was an actual challenge, or this person was trying to start his own viral challenge. What this guy claims to be the “Taser Challenge” had an unsurprisingly shocking outcome, literally. The challenge involves the man taking a metal knife, and placing it in his mouth, then put the knife to a Taser. What could go wrong? Well, the man ends up electrocuting himself, which causes his body to stiffen up, and fall over in agony.

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7: Vietnamese Say, Vietnamese Do

Vietnamese Say, Vietnamese Do Challenge - 10 New Internet Challenges Gone Horribly Wrong

There’s one of the internet challenges craze sweeping Vietnam called “Vietnamese Say, Vietnamese Do”. The idea is to say you are going to do something if you get a certain number of likes. One teen said she would light a fire to her school if she got 1000 likes on Facebook. She quickly got the 1000 Likes, and to stick true to her word, recorded herself trying to set fire to her school. Sadly, the girl ended up catching herself on fire and ended up in the hospital.

6: Car Surfing Challenge

Car surfing has been around for years, but it’s now starting to pop up on the internet as a challenge. This challenge has claimed seven lives in the US in 2016 alone. There are many dangers that come with car surfing, and one teen learned the hard way. During a joy ride, a 15-year-old, and his 23-year-old cousin decided to take on the car surfing challenge. The ride turned tragic when the 15-year-old fell from the trunk of the car, which knocked him out. He died 9 days later, and his cousin was charged with homicide.

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5: Corn Drill Challenge

Participating in a challenge that involves eating corn from a drill doesn’t seem dangerous at all. One woman knows the pain of trying stupid internet challenges all too well. When trying to eat a corncob from a rotating drill, this woman gets her hair tangled in the drill and it rips a large chuck of it out. The video is cringe-worthy, and the woman will now spend years trying to grow a patch of her hair back out.

4: Extreme Phone Pinching

So, extreme phone pinching isn’t dangerous, but it will still get your heart pumping! The challenge involves pinching one corner of your smartphone and dangling it over something that could destroy it. Many people have tried their luck and were left with shattered or soaking wet smartphones. How do you think they explained this one to their insurance company?

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3: Hot Pepper Challenge

There are some people who can handle the burning sensation of the hottest pepper in the world. Unfortunately for these 2 girls, it wasn’t. The hot pepper challenge involves the challenger eating unfathomably hot peppers, in this case, a Carolina reaper pepper. When the girls bite into the 2.2 million solo heat unit pepper, all madness ensues, from crying, screaming and losing control of their bodies. It got so bad for one of them that she ended up needing oxygen from an oxygen tank.

2: Electric Fence Challenge

Touching an electric fence never sounds like a good idea but turn it to internet challenges and suddenly you have a crowd of people willing to take it on! This lovely girl from New Zealand decided it was her turn to try the internet trend, and things ended up a bit messy. The girl bares her bum and touches it to the fence, and she quickly falls face first into the ground. When she lifts her face, you can see it’s completely covered in poop.

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1: Fire Internet Challenges

We’re beginning to wonder why the titles of these internet challenges aren’t enough to make people wary of participating in them. The fire challenge involves lighting yourself on fire on camera, and that’s it. Sounds simple enough, and nothing could go wrong, right? This challenge was responsible for the death of a 15-year-old New Yorker. And luckily, the guy in this video survived but not without withstanding some very serious burns.

We don’t think we need to tell you to not try these internet challenges at home? We love you guys and stay of trouble, and thanks for reading.

Written by Zeeshan Haider


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