16 Things You Didn’t Know About Lana Del Rey

Summer has passed us now and we’ve got that summertime sadness. Whether you’re a pop or techno fan, you’re most definitely a Lana Del Rey fan. Her voice her songs and her look are all enough to have you listening to her albums on repeat all day long. Although she looks like a pin-up angel and has an angelic kind of sad voice. Her real name is actually Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. She’s 33 years old and she comes from the city of dreams in New York. She grew up in a happy family of 3 children and used to attend the church choir.

Later after she finished high school she didn’t go to college but instead went to live with her aunt and uncle in Long Island. Where she worked as a waitress and learn to play the guitar. With her guitar and choir experience, she began writing songs and singing at night clubs. Until she began to channel her entire time and creativity towards it and began recording songs. Long story short, she met her managers, signed on with them, chose a stage name and the rest is history as we know it. There’s a lot to know about Lana Del Rey, her past, her image, her creativity, scandals and some controversies. If you’re curious to find out who really hides under the mask of a 50s pop singer with perfect hair? Keep on reading.

Lana Del Rey - 16 Things You Didn’t Know About Lana Del Rey

1: Lana Del Rey Loves Luxury Sports Cars and Is the Face of Jaguar

Although she doesn’t like to be in the spotlight very much she does enjoy to live a little. She enjoys beautiful things such as luxury sports cars. She even signed a 6-figure contract with Jaguar to be the face of the f-type cars they make. Since she always poses in her videos and album covers next to powerful cars and likes to drive around LA in style.

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2: Lana Del Rey Suffered from Alcoholism as A Teenager

Listening to her songs you realize that she might have gone through a lot of drama, toxic relationships and odd experiences in her life. But it also might be a figure of speech or just artistic writing. Not all songs are about somebody or a certain experience. There’s a lot of space for imagination and free writing in music. In her case, the lyrics are a depiction of her real-life experiences.

She used to suffer from alcoholism from a very young age. Although she grew up in a happy home, she didn’t have a perfect life. At the age of just 14, she thought drinking alcohol was cool and her family sent her to boarding school to get sober. It was a dark moment for her but from that born to die was born and from that a successful music career. Suffering has always been the most triggering and inspirational state of mind for artists.

3: Before Settling for Lana Del Rey She Had 4 Other Different Stage Names in Mind

Lana Del Rey sounds great, it’s catchy, unique and suited for the style she’s chosen. But it’s not her real name because like a lot of artists their real names are plain boring and not strong enough. Elizabeth Woolridge Grant went through 4 different stage names before choosing Lana del Rey. Prior to it, she went with the Lizzie Grant at first because it was similar to her real name. Then with sparkle jump rope queen and then with Mae Jailer. Lana Rey Delmar was the fourth.

And then one day when she was in Miami she decided to cut it short and stick with Lana del Rey. Because it sounded more exotic and suitable for her style. Honestly, Lana del Rey sounds perfect. It has enough English to it and a little bit of Spanish to make it pop and make you wonder if that’s her real name because it sounds so good. Well, now you know the whole story there.

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4: Lana Del Rey Was The 2nd Artist to Perform on SNL Without Having an Album Released

Lana’s career started out very well. When she became an internet sensation with 2 of her most iconic songs, “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans”, they’re still great songs to this day. She still sings them at all of her concerts. If you’re an old fan, you’ll remember her first performances and that SNL debut from 2012. Where she made huge headlines for being not very talented or ready, to say the least.

SNL performances are usually very well-orchestrated and can-do amazing things for new artists that want to promote their albums just like Lana did. She was invited to perform on SNL before she even had an album released. It was something that happened in 1998 with Natalie Imbruglia. Her performance was bad though and had critics howling her for not taking full advantage of the opportunity. That day she was very nervous and not fully prepared for it. But her live performance skills have significantly improved and now she’s invited to Coachella and other major events. Apparently, most people have forgotten about that SNL experience.

5: Lana Del Rey Net Worth is $14 Million

For more than 6 years Lana del Rey is being enchanting our ears with melodic and beautiful love songs, bold videos and majestic live performances. If you’ve ever been to one of her concerts, you’ll know she often sings while swinging on a flowery swing with amazing videos in the background. Tours, bestselling albums, viral videos on YouTube and sponsorships with luxury brands have brought her amazing fortunes of $14 Million. There’s a lot of money in the music industry and once you’re a regular and top-rated artist, they’ll keep on coming. She’s won awards, worked on soundtracks for movies, collaborated with other artists and sold over 14 million albums worldwide. She’s also planning to launch a new album soon. So, we’ll get more Lana and she will get more money.

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6: A Fan Tried to Kidnap Lana Del Rey

The saddest thing that can happen to a celebrity is suicide or assassination. There are a number of famous artists that were assassinated by their fans, including the likes of John Lennon. It’s tragic to see this happen but unfortunately, some sick people and crazy fans go too far. Lana Del Rey is no stranger to unnecessary drama like this. She has experienced kidnapping attempts by a fan, being knocked down on stage by another and having fans trespassing and stealing her cars. They seem to be obsessed with her and although nothing happened to her so far. We’re confident that she’s a little paranoid by now and is extra cautious. Hopefully, they calm down and she has good security because it’s not okay to live your life out in fear.

7: Radiohead Sued Lana Del Rey for Copyright Reasons

One of the biggest scandals of the past year has been the one between Lana del Rey and Radiohead. They accused her of copying their ultra-famous 1993 song “Creep” on her get-free song. We are sure Lana is a huge fan of Radiohead, but she actually admitted having been inspired by the song. No lawsuit has been issued but the two parties through their lawyers and managers discussed the problem of copyright and credit issues for months. Lana was ready to credit up to 40% of her song to the writers of “Creep” but they wanted 100%. This whole scandal broke at the beginning of the year and by March, Lana stated in a concert that her legal dispute with the band had ended. There is no other news on the subject.

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8: People Think Lana Del Rey Wrote the Song Cola About Harvey Weinstein

One of the best-kept secrets of Hollywood was the Harvey Weinstein sixual abuse habit. It went on for years and years and although some more familiar to it they never said a word or acted in any way. All that ended last year, when women finally got the courage to speak up and take action of their own. Did he harass Lana del Rey too? Well, he didn’t. The whole controversy with this is that Lana wrote a song that depicted a Harvey Weinstein like men. After the whole scandal, she decided to remove it from the EP and never sing it again. This is her way of supporting the #metoo and #timesup campaigns all the women that suffered from sixual harassment, abuse and rape by Harvey Weinstein. The lawsuit against him is ongoing and hopefully, some light will be shed on this controversy that left so many women traumatized.

9: Lana Del Rey Performed at Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

When you see her style and how it’s changed through the years? You would think that all of her friends are hipsters that drive vintage cars and have artistic hobbies. In fact, Lana is very close friends with the whole Kardashian family. She even performed at Kim’s pre-wedding party with Kanye West at the Versailles Palace in France. The performance that brought Kim to tears was a surprise Kanye had for Kim. Lana stated she sang for free because she is friends with the bride. She appreciates the fact they’re also grounded and close as a family. That’s a very strange thing for modern celebrity American families. It looks like even though some people have very different styles they can still be friends. This shows that the Kardashians might not be as bad as they are portrayed in the media.

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10: Lana Del Rey Has 4 Houses Worth $11.3 Million

Celebrities sure do know how-to live-in style. She owns not one but 4 houses in LA worth $11.3 Million. She bought 2 houses in 2016 worth $5.8 Million that are next to each other making a hilltop oasis for the star to enjoy full privacy and luxury. The newly joined house has 6 bedrooms, a lagoon-like pool, an orchard full of trees and a private guest house. If she ever gets tired of her new house she can go to the other 2 ones. One in LA and the other in Malibu with one of her luxury sports cars. Looks like Lana has at least a few reasons to smile after all.

11: Lana Del Rey is Working on Writing a Broadway Musical

Besides coming up with new hit songs and crazy videos Lana del Rey was also involved in the creative process of some cool soundtracks for Maleficent, The Great Gatsby or Big Eyes. Her creative juices are constantly challenged, and fans are gutted to know what other projects she’s involved in because they just can’t get enough of her. Her most recent teaser for fans was last year when she announced she was writing a Broadway musical show. Apparently, she has already started working on it, but it will take another 2 to 3 years before it’s finished. She hasn’t been giving any other details but it’s probably something love related and possibly dramatic. We’ll have to see if it’s nearly as good as her albums because it’s definitely something new for her.

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12: Lana Del Rey is Not A Feminist and Cares More About Technology

Looking closer to Lana Del Rey’s life and songs it’s not hard to imagine what her life was like. Since she writes her own songs and makes it even more real and sad to think that some people suffered so much. Although she sings about loss, death and broken hearts. She says she’s not a feminist nor a religious person. After high school, she didn’t go straight to college. One year later she enrolled at Fordham University where she majored in philosophy, emphasizing more on metaphysics.

She chose to study the subject because it bridges the gap between god and science. She was more interested in god and how technology could bring us closer to finding out where we came from and why? Also, in multiple interviews, she mentioned that feminism is not something she supports or has interest in because she would rather talk about Tesla cars or space. For a girl that write sad songs, she does seem to be a little nerdy.

13: Lana Del Rey Denies Having Plastic Surgery Done to Her Face

Before starting the music or acting career Hollywood has a tendency of botching people. Not always a lot, maybe a little nose job, some Botox, lip fillers. your teeth but just enough to make you look 10 times better. If you add to makeup, good clothes, a blowout and some personal training you become that best version of yourself or at least that’s what you think. Most of the time we only see these small changes because there are before and after pictures on the web. Even though some celebrities never admit to having gone under the knife. Lana del Rey is also suspect of getting a few improvements done such as lip fillers and a nose job, but she hasn’t admitted to any of it yet.

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14: Lana Del Rey Claims, “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans” Videos Were Made by Her

Before Lana Del Rey was a name in the music industry she had to struggle to get recognized and signed a deal with a record label. It wasn’t easy and the first money she got was signing with 5-points records for only $10,000. She took that money and move to a trailer park in New Jersey. In 2011, she uploaded 2 videos on her YouTube channel and they went viral. It was Video Games and Blue Jeans. Two of the most iconic songs of her career and she claims they are filmed and edited by her.

They do look a little vintage and sloppy, but everyone thought it was the whole vibe not the hand of a newbie. Up to this day, some people still don’t believe the videos were made by her. We can’t say for sure either, but they are great songs. So, we’re just going to let her run with this one.

15: Lana Del Rey Comes from Money

Hollywood is full of young people wanting to start an acting or music career. New actors rise up every year and with every movie but there’s only so much the market can take. Not all of those who want a certain career can have it. It’s a tough world out there and only the talented and hardworking ones can make it. Lana Del Rey had a tough and long start too. As we told you before she started out singing in bars and nightclubs and working as a waitress which was far from the glam life she’s living now.

Don’t get us wrong? She didn’t grow up in a poor family. Her father made his money during the dot .com boom through domain names. Sources say his financial status is very good. He allegedly never sponsored her career. In some interviews, she said he was indeed an entrepreneur but not rich. She was sent by her parents to boarding school when she was 14. She and her sisters both attended good universities, so our guess is they are quite comfortable.

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16: Lana Del Rey Pays the Paparazzi to Post Pictures of Her Smiling

Just like Victoria Beckham and Kristen Stewart, Lana del Rey has an RBF or resting bitch face most of the time especially out in public. Sometimes the face is put on, sometimes the face is just your face. Lana Del Rey might be a little bit different when it comes to her image because she changes her styles with every album. People don’t know what to believe anymore. Although she doesn’t like attention very much Lana does care about what people think. Apparently, she pays paparazzi to post pictures of her smiling. So, that she can break the image people have created of her. But wouldn’t it be easier to just smile more and produce happier content, cheaper too.

To sum it up we still love Lana del Rey with all the drama, the unknowns and the sad face, she still on our mind especially her songs. Her whole look in vibe takes us back to the 50s when beauty was perceived differently. Although some lyrics might strike you as explicit or morbid we all still sing those songs on and on. Under that sad looking face, it might be a different girl that we don’t know anything about. What do you guys think is it just a mask or is that her true self? Let us know what you think in the comments and thank you for spending some time with us.

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