10 Largest Construction Projects in The World

2: NAICM Airport

NAICM Airport - 10 Largest Construction Projects in The World

How are the largest buildings in the world visited? Probably taking off from the airport. When asked about the largest construction project in the world, it seems to be an airport under construction. NAICM International Airport in Mexico is expected to be completed by the year 2020. Ambitiously, it will have a large terminal of 743,000 square meters and will serve 57 million passengers per year. And this is just for starters. The plan is to handle 120 million passengers annually. Is it eco-friendly? Of course, it’s to be environmentally sustainable. Besides, it is to impress anyone.

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1: Large Hadron Collider – Largest Construction Projects

Large Hadron Collider - 10 Largest Construction Projects in The World

The Large Hadron Collider is the world’s largest particle accelerator, built between 1998 and 2008 at the cost of 7.5 billion euros. Due to the fact that its importance surpasses the arguments of all the other constructions that seem to disappear when compared. The Quora website again states that it is the largest project, and also the largest machine in the world. True, it is not the construction in itself, but try to remember all the explanations and interviews that were seen in the news when it came to public. The Great Hadron Collider is basically a 27.3 km tunnel, 175 meters below the earth, which is partly located in France, and partly in Switzerland. Still, it is possible to say without a doubt that this is the most powerful tunnel in the world.

So these were the top 10 largest construction projects in the world. Do you know any other projects we don’t know about? Let us know in the comments section below.

Written by Zeeshan Haider


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