10 Most Offensive Body Shaming Ads

10 Most Offensive Body Shaming Ads


When living in a world filled with advertisements it feels overwhelming. We are constantly told what kind of person we should be. What’s even worse is when these ads continue to force certain stereotypes. They specifically targets skinny and overweight individuals by emphasizing that they need a perfect body. The 10 most offensive body shaming ads.

10: Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison - Did your wife scare you - 10 Most Offensive Body Shaming Ads

In 2011, Ashley Madison released an ad mocking plus-size model. Who is shown as a stereotypically fat and “scary” wife? Which is why the state the question, “Did your wife scare you last night?” The worst part is that the model spoke against the ad and asked actually Madison not to use her image. Ashley Madison responded publicly, “the best thing that could have happened to this woman is that we used her in our ad”. How rude!

9: Interbest

Interbest Ad - 10 Most Offensive Body Shaming Ads

Since when did billboards started making threats to lure in customers? This company based in the Netherlands thought they were being clever in this “sooner you advertise here, the better” campaign. Where an overweight Man is slowly taking off his clothes each day. While the company did get an advertiser in time. It seems like such a cheap shot of body shaming just to make money for ads.

8: Just Be Ugly

Just Be Ugly Ad - 10 Most Offensive Body Shaming Ads

Weight loss programs really need to find a more creative way to promote their classes. But most places tend to emphasize the whole “stop being fat” message, like this advertisement. The word fat is constantly used the negative way especially next to a word like ugly. Basically, this advertisement is saying even if you’re both fat and ugly. You can at least knock out one of them after taking this workout class.

7: Warner’s Offensive Body Shaming Ads

Warner’s There is no shape for a girl ad - 10 Most Offensive Body Shaming Ads

Body shaming advertisements have sadly been around for a long time. Warner’s printed this ad in 1967 telling girls that certain shapes were not right for you. Having a pear-shaped body was deemed unacceptable as they advertise how their lingerie can help hide the fat. This advertisement came out nearly 50 years ago. It’s sad to think of how advertisements like these still exist today.

6: Stop Childhood Obesity

Stop Childhood Obesity Ad - 10 Most Offensive Body Shaming Ads

An anti-obesity campaign was started in Georgia to stop others from “sugar-coating” childhood obesity. The campaign used a rather harsh tone by posting pictures of overweight children with cruel taglines. Like “it’s hard to be a little girl if you’re not” and being fat takes the fun out of being a kid. The ads received mixed results from parents and health experts. Due to the fact that these ads encourage children to be ashamed of their bodies. Instead of promoting good healthy habits.

5: Pretzel Crisps

Pretzel Crisps Ad - 10 Most Offensive Body Shaming Ads

It’s good to see healthier snacks available out there. But it’s not so okay when the advertisements from the snack companies are promoting body shaming. Pretzel Crisps one time started a new campaign, which focused more on “being skinny” than being healthy. Their taglines included phrases like “taste as good as skinny feels”. Or “you can never be too thin.” Yes, you can actually be too thin. And it’s not a good way to promote unhealthy habits to a wide audience.

4: Victoria’s Secret Offensive Body Shaming Ads

Victoria's Secret The Perfect Body - 10 Most Offensive Body Shaming Ads

Victoria’s Secret didn’t realize how much trouble their ad would cause, the tagline, “the perfect body”. Their “body” bra was advertised by unrealistically thin and large-busted supermodels. Customers did not take the ad lightly and a change.org petition requested that Victoria’s Secret changed the campaign and apologize. While Victoria’s Secret did not officially release an apology. They attempted to fix the problem by changing their online taglines to “a body for everybody.”

3: Popchips

Popchips Katy Perry ad - 10 Most Offensive Body Shaming Ads

Popchips brought Katy Perry as a celebrity endorser in hopes of spreading the word about the brand. Who wouldn’t love to see an advertisement with their favorite pop star? However, Katy Perry’s ads seemed to promote weight loss instead of the actual chips. So, is this a potato chip ad or a weight loss campaign? We honestly feel if they could have come up with something a little bit more clever in order to show off their chips.

2: Bacardi Breezer

Bacardi Breezer ad - 10 Most Offensive Body Shaming AdsEven alcohol companies are making body shaming ads. In this promotional site, Bacardi Breezer advertises that the only way to look attractive is to find an ugly girlfriend. We don’t know what’s more insulting: that you’re calling your customers unattractive or associating fat with ugly. The whole site was an advertisement but included ads of the ugly girlfriend’s profile. It seems bizarre on how advertisers thought that demeaning women will only help encourage them to buy their products.

1: Peta Offensive Body Shaming Ads

Peta Ad - 10 Most Offensive Body Shaming Ads

Peta tries their best to promote their organization by encouraging their audience to save the animals and eat healthy. But is it really necessary to include body shaming when promoting a good cause? Because in Florida, Peta has a big and offensive billboard stating, “save the whales, lose the blubber, go vegetarian.” Going vegetarian makes it sound like it’s a quick and easy solution to lose weight but targeting fat women and comparing them to whales is a terrible idea.

That’s a wrap on our list of 10 most Offensive Body Shaming Ads. What do you think about these ads? Let us know in the comments below.

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