8 Optical Illusions That Will Trick Your Mind

Optical illusions have the ability to trick our brains and our eyes into seeing things that aren’t really there. Everyone from children to adults gets a kick out of these images because they can drive us crazy as we attempt to decipher what’s really going on. Prepared to have your mind blown with these 8 incredible optical illusions that will trick your mind.

8: Checkered Shadow

Checkered Shadow Optical Illusions

In this checkered shadow illusion, there’s a checkered board with squares labeled as A and B, as well as a green cylinder sitting in the top right corner. At first glance, you probably think square A is darker than square B, right? Well, that’s simply not the case. When two vertical lines of the same shade of grey are drawn on the board, it becomes apparent that both squares A and B are actually the same color. Mind-boggling right?

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7: Moving Gears Optical Illusions

Moving Gears Optical Illusions

This looks like your typical stationary image, doesn’t it? But if you stare at the black dot in the center of the photo, the image actually appears to be moving. Bring your face closer to the computer monitor and then slowly back away. And now do it again back and forth and back and forth. Do you see moving gears? it’s pretty awesome, right?

6: Hering Optical Illusions

Hering Optical Illusions

Hering illusion has been around since the 1800s, but it’s still tripping us out centuries later. In this geometrical illusion the two red lines appear to have a slight bend towards the center, but if you use your finger as a guide and place it up against the red lines. You will see that they’re actually completely straight without a bend in sight! Amazed yet?

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5: Where is He Looking

Where is He Looking Optical Illusions

There are two ways for your mind and eyes to perceive this image. If you concentrate on the photo, it will appear to be a man staring directly at you. But, wait a second. If you take a second look now, it appears as if the man is standing to the side and showing us his profile. Is he staring at you or is his head turned to the side? Hmmm…We really can’t tell either. This is yet another mind-blowing optical illusions that has left us completely puzzled.

4: The Same Color

The Same Color Optical Illusions

These squares really appear to be different shades of gray, but as with most optical illusions, our brains are playing a trick on us. Use your finger, place it in the shaded area between the 2 squares. With your finger breaking up the image you will suddenly see that the squares are indeed the same dark shade of gray. Our brain has a funny way of tricking us into believing the upper square is lit, while the bottom square shaded.

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3: Parallel or Sloped

Parallel or Sloped Optical Illusions

When you take a look at this image what’s the first thing you see? If your answer is a bunch of horizontal lines sloping downward, you’re not the only one. Go ahead and use your hand or a ruler as a guide and place it up against the horizontal lines. Despite the black and white boxes appearing to be untidy, the horizontal lines that we initially thought were sloping downward are actually perfectly straight and lined up to perfection.

2: Missing Leg Optical Illusions

Missing Leg Optical Illusions

How many legs does this elephant have? 1,2,3,4,5? Wait for a second; something is definitely wrong! As a matter of fact, upon closer inspection, the back leg is the only leg that correctly drawn in this optical illusion. The rest of the legs of this elephant is actually missing a foot. Do you see it now? We’ve noticed that the longer we stare at this photo, the more mind-boggling it becomes.

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1: Invisible Optical Illusions

Invisible Optical Illusions

Photographer Laura Williams took this self-portrait that went viral. She used her ant’s oval-shaped mirror to create the illusion that her entire midsection had disappeared. But it’s all about the angles in this photo. After positioning the mirror, she perfectly concealed her torso behind it. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? The photo was one of the most jaw-dropping optical illusions we’ve ever seen.

So, that’s it for today’s list of 8 incredible optical illusions that will trick your mind. Which of these optical illusions blew your mind? Leave us a comment below.

Written by Patricia Lillian


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