10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

Tatiana Bastos Groin Attack - 10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

These nightmare psycho girlfriends will shock you with their bad behavior. We’re talking stalking, stabbing, beating and biting. Here we go the 10 psycho girlfriends that did horrible things.

10: Tawny Blazejowksi Severe Stalking

Tawny Blazejowksi Severe Stalking - 10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

When Joe Good broke up with his girlfriend of three years, Tawny Blazejowksi made it her mission to ruin his life. The woman from Florida got her ex arrested three times. She accused him of domestic violence and operating a child pornography ring. She threatened those around him. Blazejowksi also got Good fired from his job at 24 years at an insurance company but she got caught out after keeping detailed notes on all her crimes. She was sentenced to 9 years in prison for aggravated stalking, threats for extortion and a false report.

9: Dominique Fisher

Dominique Fisher - 10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

Number 9 on the list of psycho girlfriends is Dominique Fisher. Plenty of men get their girlfriends name tattooed on their bodies. It’s not often that it’s the girlfriend herself who makes the mark with a Stanley knife, while he’s sleeping, after only knowing him for two days. That’s exactly what Dominique Fisher did. The tattooist etched her first name and other marks on Wayne Robinson’s body after he fell asleep following a big night. She was found guilty of unlawful wounding but escaped a jail sentence.

8: Diane Clayton Food Fight

Diane Clayton Food Fight - 10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

Couples can roll over the smallest things, like who ate the last bit of food. Diane Clayton overreacted in a huge way when her boyfriend, Simon Hill ate all of the French fries. The couple from England was at a friend’s house when they started arguing about who ate all the fries. The 34-year-old was so annoyed with her boyfriend that she stabbed him in the shoulder with a kitchen knife. She admitted the actual bodily harm assault charge and was jailed for 26 weeks.

7: Tatiana Bastos Groin Attack

Tatiana Bastos Groin Attack - 10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

Number 7 on the list of psycho girlfriends is Tatiana Bastos. Break ups can do strange things to people, like make them fly into a jealous rage and sap their ex in the groin. That’s what Tatiana Bastos did to her former boyfriend Ricardo Morais. Morais drove Bastos home after she turned up at his work. When he turned down her advances, she stabbed his manhood with a 6-inch kitchen knife while he was driving. She then pretended he had sexually assaulted her. She later admitted to the charges and was jailed for 32 months.

6: Tiniko Thompson Pregnancy Cover-Up

Tiniko Thompson Pregnancy Cover-Up - 10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

Tiniko Thompson was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of the second-degree murder of her boyfriend, Miami police officer Carl Patrick. She claimed she didn’t mean for him to die and had acted in self-defense. The prosecution claimed she shot him because she feared her pregnancy life would be exposed. Thompson had convinced Patrick she was pregnant and moved in with him. A month later, it was clear there was no pregnancy and Patrick wanted to break up. So, she shot Patrick, took his cell phone and left him to die.

5: Lisa Marie Coker Wedding Crasher

Lisa Marie Coker Wedding Crasher - 10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

Number 5 on the list of psycho girlfriends is Lisa Marie Coker. It’s never easy to hear that your ex is getting married, but Lisa Marie Coker took the news particularly badly. The 19-year-old from Florida crashed her ex-boyfriend’s wedding reception and she was carrying a crowbar and a razor. When the groom’s mother refused to let her in, Coker attacked her with a crowbar and slashed her with the razor, resulting in 16 stitches.

4: Martina Westcott Car Killing

Martina Westcott Car Killing - 10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

Martina Westcott and her ex Terrell Bruce got into an argument while out in the car and then the SUV swerved, crashed and flipped over. This was because Wescott shot Bruce in the head while he was driving. Video footage showed Wescott calmly walking outside her home in Philadelphia just minutes after the shooting. She turned herself in and was charged with murder.

3: Kristina Pongracz Cane Beating

Kristina Pongracz Cane Beating - 10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

Number 3 on the list of psycho girlfriends is Kristina Pongracz. Kristina Pongracz had been in a relationship with William Herchenrider since she was 18 and when she was 28, she fatally beat him with his own cane, he was 77. The couple got into an argument after Herchenrider threw her out and tried to break up. He survived the beating but died after several months in the hospital. Pongracz claimed she never meant to kill him but pleaded no contest to second-degree murder. She was sentenced to 15 years in jail.

2: Tracy Davies Tongue Twister

Tracy Davies Tongue Twister - 10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

When Mark Coghill’s girlfriend asked him for a smoochy kiss on his birthday. He couldn’t have guessed what would happen next and that was Tracy Davies biting off a third of his tongue. A court heard that Davies was upset because she wanted a baby and wasn’t pregnant. Coghill comforted his girlfriend and she asked for a kiss. She then chewed through his tongue and spat it out on the floor. She was jailed for three years for grievous bodily harm. This story brings a whole new meaning to that question about kissing: With or without tongues?

1: Katya Kharitovonova Psycho Girlfriends

Katya Kharitovonova - 10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

Finding your husband and your best friend together must be heartbreaking but that doesn’t mean you go all primeval. Things got gruesome when Katya Kharitovonova woke at her home in Russia to discover husband Mikhail and BFF Liza at getting intimate. After hitting Liza over the head with a floor lamp, Katya bit her husband’s manhood. She called an ambulance and doctors stitched him back together. Katya was sentenced to two years in a Russian labor camp.

So, there you have it, 10 psycho girlfriends, that did horrible things. Which of these Psycho Girlfriends is the worst? React in the comments section below.

Written by Zeeshan Haider


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