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10 Hottest & Richest Eligible Bachelorettes

Richest Eligible Bachelorettes - Amanda Hearst

As you know much of our content is dedicated to giving you all the facts and figures about the places and products that combine to create a high-flying luxury lifestyle. Today we have something a little bit different for you. We’ve told you all about the brands, we’ve told you about the resorts and we told you about some of the most important figures from history. But what about the people in the world right, now who are deemed to be the richest eligible bachelorettes. When it comes to marriage, true love, of course, should be revered overall. But when true love comes along with a multi-billion-dollar fortune that’s the kind of bonus that people like us can only dream of.

Thankfully, if you’re in the market for a wealthy future spouse than there are still a few lefts. Today it’s the turn of the ladies. We’ve based this list on known estimated individual net worth as we were unable to know how much some bachelorettes will inherit from the family fortune when there’s more than one sibling. Without further ado let’s take a look at the rundown of the top 10 hottest and richest eligible bachelorettes in the world.

10: Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke, Net Worth $1.38 Billion

Richest Eligible Bachelorettes - Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke

Kicking off our list of richest eligible bachelorettes in number 10 spot is Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke. The daughter of pharmaceuticals tycoon and an overall business powerhouse of Barbara Braun-Luedicke and cousin of billionaire Johanna Braun. In the case of being lucky enough to be born into extreme wealth, Eva Maria holds a more than 11% share of B. Braun Melsungen. It is the medical and pharmaceutical device company founded by her mother. The company equates to a personal net worth of around $1.38 Billion. Now that’s what we call getting a great gift from mom.

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9: Amanda Hearst, Net Worth $1.9 Billion

Richest Eligible Bachelorettes - Amanda Hearst

Amanda Hearst is a member of The Hearst Family. That’s the same Hearst Family that is a global mass media and business information conglomerate. They owned a wide range of newspapers, television channels, magazines and networks across the world. Alongside the considerable fortune that Amanda has come into through the success of her family. She’s also paved a career for herself as the special projects editor at town and country. Hearst also funded the friends of Finn Organization, dedicated to stopping animal cruelty. So, as far as we’re concerned she deserves every penny of her $1.9 Billion fortune.

Written by Zeeshan Haider


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