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10 Richest Victoria’s Secret Models 2019

Karlie Kloss - 10 Richest Victoria’s Secret Models

Victoria’s Secret is an American designer, manufacturer, and marketer of women’s lingerie, womenswear, and beauty products. The company is now the largest American retailer of women’s lingerie. The company has made over $800 million and growing every day. Today we are talking about 10 richest Victoria’s Secret Models.

10: Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill - 10 Richest Victoria’s Secret Models

You don’t earn the coveted title of Victoria’s Secret angel for nothing. Taylor Hill who is 22 now, has been the VS angel since 2015. She was discovered at the age of 14 but walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the first time in 2014. She has a grand following of 13 million on Instagram where she posts her pretty pictures and keeps us happy. With modeling contracts flowing in, Hill makes an upward of $4 Million, that’s a distant dream for other models her age.

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9: Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine Tookes - 10 Richest Victoria’s Secret Models

What is the recipe to become a richest Victoria’s Secret Models and then land on this list? Start early, maybe at 15 but make sure you have years of practice in sports like volleyball and softball then garner about 3.6 million Instagram followers. And if your mother is a fashion stylist, even better. Sounds strange? Well, we’re talking about Jasmine Tookes, one of 11 new models for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show in 2012. She became a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2015 and the very next year she was chosen to wear the celebrated Fantasy Bra that was worth $3 Million. Tookes is loved in the fashion world and makes about $4 Million a year.

8: Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid - 10 Richest Victoria’s Secret Models

Bella Hadid spent her teenage years with dreams of competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro but had to give up in 2013 because she was suffering from chronic Lyme disease. All was not lost for her because we know her as a famous model today. She makes $6 Million a year, not a small amount we must say. But things were too perfect for her because, on July 22, 2014, she was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and had her license suspended for a year. At least we got to see her walking the ramp at Victoria’s Secret show.

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7: Liu Wen

Liu Wen - 10 Richest Victoria’s Secret Models

Number 7 on our list of richest Victoria’s Secret models is Liu Wen. Dubbed as “China’s first Bona Fide Supermodel”, Liu Wen is the first model of East Asian descent to walk Victoria’s Secret fashion show. She is also the first Asian model to ever make Forbes magazine’s annual highest-paid models list, the girl is full of firsts. Had she not been a model, Liu had planned to be a tour guide, but the current path is good for her, after all, she’s making $6.5 Million a year. Know of any tour guide who can beat this. Her 5 million Instagram followers enjoy looking at her life through frequent pictures and videos. So, what are you waiting for?

6: Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel - 10 Richest Victoria’s Secret Models

The blue-eyed blonde, Candice Swanepoel is one of the most prolific and alluring models in the world right now. The South African model has been among the top 10 earning models every year since 2010. Her net worth is somewhere around $25 Million while she packs about $7 Million a year. The angel has been in the show every year since 2007, with the exception of 2016 when she sat the show out after giving birth to her son earlier that year. She was back on the ramp in 2017 and boy was she hot. The mother of a cute baby has a following of 13.5 million on Instagram, where she allows us to peep into her life and we can’t get enough.

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5: Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio - 10 Richest Victoria’s Secret Models

The Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio was Victoria’s Secret angel from 2000 to 2017. She was chosen as the first spokesmodel for the company’s PINK line. We know she no longer is with Victoria’s Secret but keeping in mind her popularity, we couldn’t have missed her out. With those 10 million people following her Instagram profile, she shares pictures of her enviable body. Did we mention that she is a mother to 2 kids? As the show’s veteran, she had a net worth of $60 Million.

4: Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss - 10 Richest Victoria’s Secret Models

One of the richest Victoria’s Secret models since 2011, Karlie Kloss took a 2-year hiatus in 2015 and 2016 to study at New York University. In the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai when she came back to the ramp, it was all fire for the viewers. Her 8.2 million Instagram followers were in love with her look from the show. She makes about $10 Million a year through her modeling contracts, that’s a huge sum. At 27, Karlie Kloss is already among the highest paid models and we are still trying to figure out where the next meal is coming from.

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3: Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid - 10 Richest Victoria’s Secret Models

Born and brought up in Los Angeles, Gigi Hadid was named International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council in 2016. Being counted among the top paid models makes it hard for us to believe that Hadid had studied criminal psychology in 2013 but suspended her studies to concentrate on modeling. You wouldn’t question her decision after knowing that she makes about $9 Million a year. The girl is talented and beautiful, why else would 48.5 million people follow her on Instagram.

2: Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima - 10 Richest Victoria’s Secret Models

Dubbed as the most valuable and richest Victoria’s Secret models in 2017. Adriana Lima is the longest running model for Victoria’s Secret, an angel since 1999. This Brazilian beauty is a spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics since 2003. It is important to know that her talent came to limelight when she was only 15 by winning Ford’s “Supermodel of Brazil” competition. She took second place the following year in the Ford “Supermodel of the World”. Over the years Lima has made it to numerous lists of top-earning models. She currently earns somewhere between $11 to $15 Million a year and has a net worth of $85 Million. She keeps her 12.2 million Instagram followers happy by posting workout videos and hot pictures, go on drool over her.

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1: Kendall Jenner – Richest Victoria’s Secret Models

Kendall Jenner - 10 Richest Victoria’s Secret Models

A Kardashian connection surely boosts your Instagram following. But when it comes to Kendall Jenner, she has garnered a following of 113 million by her awesome looks and talents to rule the ramp. She is one of the top 15 most followed celebrities on Instagram, not the easy feat. At a young age of 24, Kendall is already a much-loved Victoria’s Secret Model. Guess how much does Jenner make in a year? With a mammoth $22 Million a year in 2017. She had managed to take that crown from Gisele Bundchen who had a quieter year. Just a trivia, Kendall loves to race around LA with her friends in her super fun cars. Sure, this girl loves speed.

So, these were the 10 richest Victoria’s Secret Models. Are there any models you think are missing from this list? Tell us in the comments section below. Subscribe to our Newsletters if you like this list. While you’re here check out our other lists and tell us what you think of them.

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