10 School Teachers Fired For Dumb Reasons

10 School Teachers Fired For Dumb Reasons


Teachers are just like us, they go to grocery stores like us, and they even get fired from jobs like us. Sometimes it’s because the schools they work for are stupid. Other times it’s because the teachers themselves do something incredibly dumb. From twerking for a Birkin to assembling a drug ring, these are 10 school teachers fired for stupid reasons.

10: P0rn Star

P0rn Star - 10 School Teachers Fired For Dumb Reasons

In early 2016 the University of Manchester in England found out that one of its professors have some interesting extracurricular activities. After a very stressful divorce 10 years ago, engineering professor Nicholas Goddard decided to take up a second job as a p0rn star. The Oxford-educated Goddard had been a chemical engineering teacher for nearly 25 years. But when the University of Manchester found out, they suspended him while they investigated the issue. Goddard is over 60 years old and has starred in dozens of films with girls 40 years younger.

9: Twerking

Number 9 on our list of 10 School Teachers Fired For Dumb Reasons is Clara. This teacher puts a whole new meaning behind “hot for teacher”. While on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Carla, an elementary school teacher, competed in a dance competition. The bikini-clad Carla had all the right moves and won the $260 prize. A video of her provocative dancing and twerking soon hit the internet. The video went viral for obvious reasons. When Carla returned to work in a small Mexican town, her superiors forced her to resign.

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8: Sick Students

Sick Students - 10 School Teachers Fired For Dumb Reasons

Some teachers take the well-being of their students seriously. But not many would take them to the hospital and pay for it. That’s exactly what high school teacher, Jennifer Mitts, did not once, but twice. One student was feeling very ill and didn’t have any health insurance. So, Mitts drove her to the ER and paid for her medical expenses. A year earlier the teacher drove a 17-year-old girl who was pregnant, running a fever and had pneumonia to the ER. The student later credited Mitts for saving her and her baby’s lives. The school force Mitts to resign and claimed she was a liability issue.

7: Facebook Rant

Facebook Rant - 10 School Teachers Fired For Dumb Reasons

Number 7 on our list of 10 School Teachers Fired For Dumb Reasons is Kaitlyn Walls. After her first day on the job, daycare teacher, Kaitlyn Walls, shared a little bit too much on her Facebook wall. Walls posted that she started her new job. She hates working at daycares and doesn’t like being around a lot of kids. This would be okay if her posts were private, but Walls made this a public outcry, and soon her new employer found out. The single mother of one said that she loves children and that she was just venting. But the damage was done, and the daycare told her not to come to work anymore.

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6: Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs - 10 School Teachers Fired For Dumb Reasons

Sometimes teachers need second jobs to help supplement their incomes, and usually this isn’t a problem with their schools. Then, there are teachers like, Meredith Pruitt, who like to knock two birds with one stone by bringing her second job to school with her. Forrest View high school in North Carolina received an anonymous tip that one of its teachers was running a prescription drug ring right under their noses. Pruitt was found to be the culprit, and had a 15-year-old student pushing the prescription drugs for her. Pruitt faces multiple drug charges, and of course lost her job.

5: Killer Essay

The schools in Ohio take their student’s education very seriously. When one part-time tutor made a horrible essay topic suggestion, he had to pay the price. One student was having a hard time deciding what to write for his English essay when the tutor suggested they write about “how to kill a teacher”. What could be wrong with that? Well, the student’s essay planned out poisoning and choking teachers with a mouse, and even said, “when I do this (if I do)”, which raised some red flags. This school dismissed the student saying he was following the instructions from the tutor. The tutor was given the sack for his lapse in judgment.

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4: Twitter Trouble

Twitter Trouble - 10 School Teachers Fired For Dumb Reasons

Number 4 on our list of 10 School Teachers Fired For Dumb Reasons is Carly McKinney. Social Media seems to keep getting teachers in trouble. But this might just be the stupidest tweet by a teacher ever. This high school math teacher, Carly McKinney, also known as “Carly Crunk Bear” was famous on Twitter of her scantily clad photos. It seemed that she pushed her luck even further by posting a picture to her Twitter of her smoking weed in her school’s staff parking lot. After the school saw her scandalous posts, she was quickly terminated. McKinney told local news sources that her Twitter account was set up as a joke and that the pictures and comments aren’t a reflection of her.

3: Premarital Sex

Being a teacher at a religious school comes with certain responsibilities. Most teachers have to sign lifestyle contracts where they agreed not to engage in less than holy activities. Though teacher, Teri James, says she did sign one of these contracts stating she couldn’t engage in premarital sex, that didn’t stop her from getting pregnant by her fiancé. When the school found out about her pregnancy, they fired James for having premarital sex, and in a weird twist, offered the job to her then fiancé.

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2: Putting Out Fire

Number 4 on School Teachers Fired is Michelle Hammack. Anything can happen in the classroom or a daycare center, so teachers and care givers always have to think on their feet. When a fire broke out in a Florida day care, Michelle Hammack was able to save the day by extinguishing it. Most of the time someone would be praised for such a brave feat, but Hammack was given a pink slip. The daycare she worked for said she was let go because she left her room and children unattended while she was putting out the fire, and apparently saving the children’s lives is unacceptable.

1: TMI Facebook Pic and School Teachers Fired

Technology can get the best of us, and this teacher went through everyone’s worst Facebook nightmare. The football coach and teacher from Maine thought he was sending a photo to his girlfriend. But wound up posting a fully nude photo of himself on his public profile. To make matters worse, he didn’t even catch it right away. One of the parents of a football player he coached saw the picture and reported it. The teacher beat the school to the punch, and decided to let himself go, and probably moved to another state entirely.

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So, that’s it for today’s list of 10 School Teachers Fired For Dumb Reasons. Do you agree with these teachers getting the axe? Let us know down below in the comments. Don’t forget to check out our awesome lists for more top 10 you don’t want to miss? Thanks for reading and learning.

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