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10 Sexual Fantasies Many Women Want Fulfilled

Sexual Fantasies

Whether you’re a “tie me up to the bed” person or more into fairytale princess role play? The power of sexual fantasies is undeniable. Fantasies are totally healthy and can be a great way to get in touch with your desires and kinks. Here are 10 sexual fantasies many women want to be fulfilled. (Source: Cosmopolitan)

10: Rape Fantasy

Have we lost our mind or something, how can a woman dream of being raped? But many women get the thrills by picturing themselves carried forcefully to a barn and nailed as the hay burns. However, lame it may sound but there are plenty of women who would want a man to rip off her clothes and use her brutally. In case you are thinking of attempting it on the lady you saw on the subway, she’s going to cut your manhood before you pull off her skirt! Only her man can do that to her, sans the ripping of expensive clothes OBVIOUSLY!

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9: Getting Caught With ‘Side Piece’

You would never want your wife to walk on you while you are ramming that hot babe from the bar, OBVIOUSLY! But a woman’s psyche is way different, and she wants just the opposite. Getting all cozy with a lover in a sleazy motel room when her husband throws the door open and catches her red handed. That’s something that can leave her dripping, but you wouldn’t want that to happen, ever! Role play again saves the day or rather the night for you!

8: Stranger Quickie Sexual Fantasies

You aren’t judging women by that, are you? If men can easily get away with raising crotches by the sight of a sꬴxy stranger, why are women expected to be chaste? Many women have had this fantasy of getting temperatures soaring with a random stranger. A quickie in a washroom, pressed against the wall being spanked is a something they want badly but won’t admit. Okay, we aren’t asking you to watch her as she hits on a waiter but maybe you could play as a stranger and let her get as dirty as she is!

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7: Cross-Dressing

Which woman has never imagined herself as a man, the one who has not been born yet! Okay jokes apart, they have all wanted to switch places with their male versions. What better place than the bedroom to fulfil this desire of hers, after all, you get to warm your hands on the burning fire! Let her dress in your boxer shorts and ditch the sꬴxy thong for a night. You have no idea what steamy sꬴx follows once she strips back into her feminine avatar!

6: Girl on Girl Action

By no means do we mean to say that your girl is a lesbian and you need to run off! But many girls dream of some lesbian action. The same-sꬴx partner, who is doing her some or rather a lot of naughty things! Women who orgasm better with their own hands might be more inclined to try it with a girl, who knows the female body better. But before you decide to bring home your female friend, you can even try a hypothetical situation assuming a girl is present in the room, making out with your babe!

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5: Voyeurism Sexual Fantasies

Most women get a thrill by just imagining they are being watched in the act. But actually, spotting a guy outside the window will freak them out! Complicated souls? Nope, there is a solution to fulfil this fantasy as well. No, you aren’t asking a friend of yours for some peeping help! A camera could take that role efficiently and the best part is after sꬴx when you watch the tape together and get all hot again!

4: Slave to The Master

Believe us or not, most women drip at the mere idea of playing a slave to her master. Who knows, your mate has been waiting at home for her punishment and you have been disappointing her till now! Just go tie her up gently, pull her hair and give her some well-deserved spanking. It won’t be long before she moans and curls her toes and if that doesn’t happen, well you’ve learnt your lesson!

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3: Tempting Gangbang

You’ve thought about this one, no denying that! But it might be unsettling for you that your better half has been fantasizing about being taken by more than one man at a time. Did you already trademark her as a slut? You fantasized about being with more than one woman at a time and that seemed just fine, the same principle works here pal! If it still seems too much for you, you can always look towards sꬴx toys for help. Butt plugs can give her the sensation of being pleasured by many and you are sorted!

2: Seductive Stripper

You’ve all enjoyed watching those perfectly shaped girls strip down to practically nothing while you down one drink after another. Such a stress buster it is but your wife has always looked down upon the idea. Time to surprise you guys, she secretly loves the idea! Many women have the secret temptation to tease their partners with a little strip show and a seductive lap dance in the privacy of their bedroom but never reveal it. Dig into it guys, a gala time waiting for you!

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1: Fairy Tale Play

As kids we have dressed up as our favorite superheroes or Disney characters, but what happens when you are not over it after you’ve reached adulthood? It turns into a sꬴxual fantasy and a rather playful one at that! There is a high chance that your lady is dying to act like a character she adores while you pleasure her or vice versa. Get going mate; set up the room, get costumes and let the story flow by!

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So, that’s it for today’s list of 10 sexual fantasies many women want to be fulfilled. Does your woman have any other sexual fantasies that you’d want to fulfil? Let us know down below in the comments. Thanks.

Written by Patricia Lillian


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