10 Shocking Sports Bloopers Caught On Camera

Sports are some of the most thrilling things in life to participate in. They also come at a high price thanks to bad technique and freak accidents. Here are 10 Shocking Sports Bloopers Caught On Camera.

10: Baseball

Brian Mitchell is a pitcher for the New York Yankees. He sustained a nasal fracture after a line drive hit him in the face. After getting hit by the ball, which was hit by Eduardo Nunez, you can see Mitchell on the ground. If you look closely, you will see blood pouring out of his face. He had to exit the field with a Jersey on his face to stop the bleeding.

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9: Cheerleading

With stunts that send people flying in the air, plus dance and gymnastics? It’s no surprise that injuries happen regularly to cheerleaders. This injury was caught in 2013 during a state competition where the flyer in the middle falls from her arabesque and hits the ground full on with no one catching her. As she tries to continue the routine, she can’t even move, and eventually the routine stops.

8: Football

While playing the Arizona Cardinals, Mark Mariani caught the ball and started running until he got tackled by the opposing team. Mariani snapped both the Tibia and Fibula. When the trainers and coaches saw the injury, they were horrified and wrapped it in a pressure dressing and quickly got Mariani off the field for surgery. He wouldn’t return to playing until a year later.

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7: MMA

The sport of MMA is known for its share of painful injuries throughout each fight. During a fight between Michael Page and Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos, Page delivered a high-flying kick to Santos face, which ended up crushing his skull. The x-rays were nothing short of impressive. Photos of Santos showed that his forehead was crushed into his head. Luckily, he was okay, but it took some surgery to heal the injury.

6: Gymnastics

While at the Olympics in Rio in 2016, Samir Ait Said shocked the world when he suffered a brutal injury during the qualification round for men’s gymnastics. The French gymnast made a poor landing on the vault, resulting in his leg folding beneath him. The 26-year old gymnast broke his leg. As he lifted and held his leg in pain, it hung loosely, signifying there was no support for the gruesome injury.

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5: Soccer

On April 8th,1996, soccer player David Busst encountered one of the worst injuries that the soccer world had ever seen. After clashing and colliding with another player, Busst suffered a double fracture. When his fibula bone cracked, it went straight through Busst’s skin. His soccer career was over. Fellow player, Peter Schmeichel, had to go to counselling after witnessing the injury.

4: Rugby

Anthony Tupou is a rugby player who plays for the sharks, an Australian team. While playing against the warriors, Tupou had an unfortunate collision with Warriors forward Konrad Hurrell. He ended up with one of the most brutal broken jaw injuries medics had ever seen. Not only did he break his jaw, but he also managed to lose some teeth as well.

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3: Hockey

Shocking sports bloopers at hockey. While playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs against the Ottawa Senators, Bryan Berard’s life changed forever when he was struck in the eye by Ottawa’s Marian Hossa’s hockey stick. The blow ended up rupturing Berard’s eye leaving a violent scene on the ice as Berard hovered over a pool of blood. Miraculously, after surgeries and exams, Berard was able to see out of the injured eye again.

2: Roller Derby

In this video from 2008, we watch a roller derby bout where a player named Jessica is about to feel some major pain. She is one of the skaters in black. As she is about to turn the corner, you see her falling backwards. Her leg takes an unfortunate angle and you see it snap right before your eyes. To make it more cringe-worthy, you see the EMTs lift her broken leg. There’s no support for the part below that is broken and unsupported.

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1: Weight Lifting – Most Shocking Sports Bloopers

During the Rio Olympics, 20-year old Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan was competing in the men’s 77kg weightlifting final when he dislocated his arm. He was lifting about 429lbs when his elbow extended and then crumbled. Cameras were rolling at all angles, which means that the world watched in real time. St Andranik went through each step of this painful injury. Unfortunately, the injury also blew his chance of winning his first gold medal.

So, that’s a wrap on our list of 10 Shocking Sports Bloopers Caught On Camera. What do you think about these Shocking Sports Bloopers? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Patricia Lillian


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