10 Pictures To Test Your Intelligence

Is your Face ok - Test Your Intelligence

We would all like to think we’re smart, but how can we test out our smartness and earn some bragging rights? Here are 10 pictures to test your intelligence!

10: Which is longer?

Which is longer - Test Your Intelligence

Which line is longer? The top or the bottom? We will give you a moment. If you think the bottom line is longer, you are wrong. The two lines are actually the same length; the outside flaps of the lines are what makes things complicated. Lines with inward flaps are seen as shorter, while the lines with the outward flaps are seen as longer.

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9: Top View

Top View Triangle - Test Your Intelligence

Take a peek at this photo and test your intelligence. Which answer is the top view of the triangle? The correct answer is C. Take a look at the color line patterns and you will see how they match up. Looking at the patterns of the colored lines and matching the order is what will help solve the problem such as this.

Written by Zeeshan Haider


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