10 Pictures To Test Your Intelligence

10 Pictures To Test Your Intelligence


We would all like to think we’re smart, but how can we test out our smartness and earn some bragging rights? Here are 10 pictures to test your intelligence!

10: Which is longer?

Which is longer? - 10 Pictures To Test Your Intelligence

Which line is longer? The top or the bottom? We will give you a moment. If you think the bottom line is longer, you are wrong. The two lines are actually the same length; the outside flaps of the lines are what makes things complicated. Lines with inward flaps are seen as shorter, while the lines with the outward flaps are seen as longer.

9: Top View

Top View Triangles - 10 Pictures To Test Your Intelligence

To test your intelligence take a peak at this photo. Which answer is the top view of the triangle? The correct answer is C. Take a look at the color line patterns and you will see how they match up. Looking at the patterns of the colored lines and matching the order is what will help solve the problem such as this.

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8: How Many Legs Test Your Intelligence

How Many Legs - 10 Pictures To Test Your Intelligence

This picture is a classic, but it still manages to confound and confuse people. How many legs does the elephant have. Give up? We might have tricked you with this picture, but this is where your critical thinking comes into play. Technically, it is impossible to determine how many legs the elephant has because the answer lies within subjective contours.

7: Spot the Error

Spot the Error - 10 Pictures To Test Your Intelligence

Try to find the mistake in this image! Everything seems to be in order, right? Wrong? The answer isn’t in the numbers or the colors, but instead the initial question. If you look, you will see the word “THE” in there twice!

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6: Which Color? Test Your Intelligence

Which Color? - 10 Pictures To Test Your Intelligence

Here’s an interesting one for you. Are the squares inside these blue and yellow squares the same color? The squares are actually all of the same color. Hard to believe? The reason why you’re seeing different colors is thanks to your eyes and your mind’s perception up the color. Depending on what color the boxed color is adjacent to, it will make it look different.

5: How Many Animals

How Many Animals - 10 Pictures To Test Your Intelligence

Here is the real test to test your intelligence. Technically it’s another elephant picture, but now it’s got some friends with them. How many animals do you see in this picture? The answer might seem like it’s subjective, but there are actually 16 different animals and insects in the picture. Did you think so many shapes could fit into one picture?

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4: Is Your Face Okay

Is Your Face Okay - 10 Pictures To Test Your Intelligence

This is obviously a picture of good old Abraham Lincoln that is upside down. There is something peculiar about this photo, do you know why? Is this merely a normal photo of Mr. Lincoln that is flipped the wrong way? If you flip the photo back over, it’s definitely not a normal picture because his eyes are upside down.

3: Circles and Triangles Test Your Intelligence

Circles and Triangles - 10 Pictures To Test Your Intelligence

Take a look at these numbers, circles and triangles. Which number goes inside the circle on the bottom? You will need to consult your math skills as well as pattern identifying skills. Do you know the answer? The answer is 8. Why? At the external numbers and subtract the internal numbers like this 24 + 32 + 27 – 35 – 28 – 12 = 8.

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2: What’s the Difference?

What's the Difference? - 10 Pictures To Test Your Intelligence

Break time from math! Here is a visual to test your intelligence. These photos look the same, but they have their differences. What are those differences? There’s a plane on top, the time a Big Ben is different, and the bus numbers aren’t the same. Pedestrians are also wearing different colors and the road painting is different. Anything else?

1: Another View from the Top

View from the Top Squares - 10 Pictures To Test Your Intelligence

To test your intelligence here’s another “top view” puzzle, this time using squares. out of choices 1.5, which one is the top view to number 6? If you guessed number 4, then you are correct! This one might have taken you a bit longer to solve, or maybe it didn’t. If this was quick and easy for you, then you’re awfully smart.

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So, that’s it for today’s list of 10 pictures to test your intelligence! How did you do, are you the next Albert Einstein. Tell us in the comments and show off your results, don’t forget to share. Thanks for Reading.

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