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10 Things ALL Girls Do But Won’t Admit

Most girls do things in private that they would never tell another soul. The truth is when it comes to these strange habits they’re not so strange. After all millions of girls around the world partake in these actions. There’s absolutely nothing you can do to get a girl to fess up. Keep reading to see 10 things all girls do but will never admit.

10: Mirror Phone

Mirror Phone - 10 Things ALL Girls Do But Won't Admit

Number 10 in things all girls do is using a phone as a mirror. These days cell phones are multi-functional. They’re no longer solely used for talking and texting. Girls also secretly used their phones as a mirror. Instead of digging through their purse for their compact it’s much easier to just whip out their phone open up the camera app and use the screen as a mirror. Of course, if they’re feeling extra beautiful at the moment you better believe they’ll be taking a selfie or two before putting their phone away.

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9: Social Media Stalking

Number 9 in things all girls do is stalking on social media. No girl will ever admit to it. They consistently use social media to stalk everyone and by consistently we mean every single day. Girls frequently snoop through the timelines and past photos of their ex, their ex’s current girlfriend, their neighbors, their nail tech, their barista at Starbucks and their fifth-grade teacher. When it comes to stalking their crash girls take things to a whole new level. They will search through his friend’s list and analyze every girl that leaves a message on his Facebook wall.

8: Pretend Phone Convos

Pretend Phone Convos - 10 Things ALL Girls Do But Won't Admit

Number 8 in things all girls do is pretending a phone call. Girls have a sixth sense when it comes to realizing that they’re about to get hit on. So instead of being forced into a conversation with a guy, they’re not interested in, they’ll pretend to be chatting on the phone instead. It’s the easiest and most polite way to blow a guy off. Saying, “sorry, I’m not interested”. It seems cruel, but pointing to your phone while it’s held up to your ear and whispering, “sorry, I am on the phone right now” is a more polite way to reject a creep.

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7: Planning Their Entire Wedding on Pinterest

Pinterest has this cool feature that allows you to create secret boards for your eyes only. Within these secret boards, every girl you know probably has her entire wedding planned out. From the invitations to her dress, to her wedding shoes and even multiple cake ideas. Even if she’s nowhere near being engaged, she’ll keep her secret board constantly updated. You know just in case.

6: Thousands of Selfies

Thousands of Selfies - 10 Things ALL Girls Do But Won't Admit

If you ever get your hands on a girl’s phone, you’ll find out that her Camera is literally full of thousands of selfies. There’s the “I look hot today selfie,” and “let me take a pic of my double chin. And to see how bad it really is” selfie, and of course “this is too hideous to post on social media, but I’ll keep it anyway” selfie. While most girls won’t admit to having a collection of photos cluttering their phone. Kim Kardashian is one girl who has no shame when it comes to spilling her selfie secrets. During her recent trip to Mexico, the reality TV star admitted she took 6000 photos of herself during her brief vacation.

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5: Beauty Rituals

Beauty Rituals - 10 Things ALL Girls Do But Won't Admit

Whether it be out of boredom or fear of putting their beauty rituals in the hands of a stranger? Most girls have allowed themselves to be a Guinea pig for their BFF. From allowing her bestie to try a new threading technique on her eyebrows, to letting her apply lipstick when your hands are full. To giving her friend permission to wax a bikini line? There’s no limit to what a girl will allow her friend to do all in the name of. Beauty.

4: Obsess Over Text Messages

Every girl has had this conversation with her bestie: “He put a heart emoji over his last sentence, what does that mean”? Obsessing over text messages is just a part of dating. Every girl has found herself analyzing her crush’s messages more than she analyzes her statistics homework. To girls, every single word and every single emoji must be properly dissected before she can even think about typing out a reply.

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3: Stuff Everything in Their Bra – Things ALL Girls Do

Stuff Everything in Their Bra - 10 Things ALL Girls Do But Won't Admit

There are purses small enough to hold a girl’s essential items. Sometimes, carrying around a bag during a weekend of fun is just a drag. So instead, most girls will stuff their bras with everything they need to get through the night. Girls have managed to fit everything, from a cell phone, an ID card, a credit card, a couple of Bucks, and a tube of lip gloss snuggly inside their bras.

2: Cry at Cheesy Movies

She might be able to hold back her tears when she’s out on a date. But when a girl is in the comforts of her own home, she lets the waterworks flow. Ask any girl you know if she has cried while watching a cheesy romantic comedy. Of course, she’ll probably lie and say no, but you already know the truth. Anything can trigger some intense sobbing while watching a movie. It doesn’t even have to be that time of the month to get the tears to start pouring out.

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1: The Disappearing Tampon

Girls instantly turned into Houdini when it comes to hiding their tampons. While at work or at school, they don’t want to embarrass themselves by sneaking off to the restroom with a brightly colored tampon wrapper in their hands. So, they perform a “disappearing tampon trick” instead. In the blink of an eye, a seasoned tampon Hider can slip the product from her purse into the sleeve of her jacket, down the front of her skirt, or into the sole of her shoe without even batting an eye.

So, that’s a wrap on our list of 10 Things ALL Girls Do But Won’t Admit. Are you ready to fess up to committing any of these acts? Leave us a comment down below?

Written by Patricia Lillian


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