10 Things Human Eye Can’t See

10 Things Human Eye Can't See

As humans, we believe we can see and experience everything, but the truth is, there’s much more to life than what meets the eye. The limitations of our eyesight mean we are missing out on some pretty interesting things. Today we’re sharing 10 things human eye can’t see.

10: Sperm

When sperm meets the egg, the egg becomes fertilized and eventually, a baby is born. During the process of conception, the egg is visible to the human eye, but sperm isn’t. The tiniest objects we can see with our eyes are 0.1 millimeters and sperm come in at about 0.05 millimeters. So, without a microscope, you can forget about ever seeing this tiny organism.

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9: Paramecium

Number 9 on our list of things human eye can’t see is Paramecium. What you’re seeing in this image is a close-up shot of a single-celled organism called a Paramecium. They can be found in fresh water and marine environments but they’re so tiny, we’re unable to see them with the naked eye. These microscopic organisms can be as small as 50 micrometers which is the equivalent of 0.002 inches. Pretty tiny, right?

8: UV Light

Ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun. Some animals, such as birds and bees, can actually see UV light with no problem but humans can’t. UV light is invisible to the naked eye but you’ll know when you come in contact with too much of it when you’re left with a horrible sunburn after staying out in the sun too long.

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7: Infrared

in some of the most popular sci-fi movies, such as the “Predator” franchise, infrared technology is used to show the world through the extraterrestrial species’ eyes. The red, orange and yellow lights are on a different wavelength that isn’t invisible to humans without the use of some pretty fancy equipment, such as thermal imaging devices that the military’s equipped with.

6: Black Holes

Number 6 on our list of things human eye can’t see is Black hole. We know black holes exist in outer space, but no one has ever visually see one. A black hole is a region that has a gravitational field so intense that nothing can escape it, not even light. Scientists are able to pinpoint the location of a black hole by locating gas and dust that’s been sucked into it. Since no light is emitted, our eyes are unable to see them.

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5: Ghosts

Many people say they can hear and feel the presence of ghosts. Others actually claim they’ve come face to face with the ghostly presence. No matter how many ghost stories we’ve heard, no one has ever been able to capture a true photograph of a real ghost. Cool equipment, such as infrared cameras, are able to pick up some weird objects that our eyes can’t see but actually capturing a picture of a ghost or a spirit is something that has yet to be done.

4: Air

Number 4 on our list of things human eye can’t see is air. We know air exists because we breath it every day but this gaseous substance that literally gives us life is something that can’t be seen. Air is made up primarily nitrogen and oxygen and these two elements are invisible and colorless. It’s pretty amazing that our main source of life is something we can’t even see.

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3: Spinning Objects

Our eyes can see the spokes on a car rim and the blades on a ceiling fan. If you spin these objects up to speed, we don’t have the ability to see the individual blades. Our eyes will even trick us into seeing the objects turn in reverse. This is called the wagon-wheel effect and it’s an optical illusion that tricks our eyes into seeing the spinning blades blend together and move in the opposite direction.

2: Radiation

Humans can only see within the range of 300-730 nanometer wavelengths. Although, radio waves can range from one foot to several miles long, they are on a wavelength that we’re not able to see. Radio waves are responsible for transmitting data in satellites, cell phones and computer networks. As long as your electronics are turned on, they’re emitting radiation, but you would never even know it since it’s something that’s invisible to the naked eye.

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1: Skin Mites – Things Human Eye Can’t See

Right at this moment, you have a bunch of tiny microscopic skin mites crawling all over her face. Before you run to the restroom and start scrubbing your skin with soap and water, just know that these skin mites are normal and they’re completely harmless. They live their lives inside your pores until nighttime arrives. That’s when they crawl out of your pores to mate with their fellow mites. Then, they burrow back inside your skin to hang out and grab a bite to eat. If you’re scratching your skin right now, don’t worry, we are, too. This is one microscopic organisms we don’t mind being unable to see.

So these were the 10 Things Human Eye Can’t See. Tell us what you think about this list in the comments section below.

Written by Zeeshan Haider


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