10 Women You Won’t Believe Were Once Men

10 Women You Won’t Believe Were Once Men


Mother nature makes mistakes sometimes, and we don’t feel right in the skin we’re in. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re doomed to live life in a cookie cutter world. The women you’re about to meet had quite a different start in life but came out on top. Here are 10 women (Transgender Models) you won’t believe were once men. Stay tuned for a quiz, put on those thinking caps and come up with a clever answer.

10: Florensia De La V

Transgender Models Florensia De La V - 10 Women You Won't Believe Were Once Men

In Argentina, actress Florensia De La V is also a comedian television host and a Vedette. She was born Roberto Carlos Trinidad in the province of Buenos Aires. Florensia started cross-dressing at the age of 16. She made headlines in 2014 when she became the first transgender models in Argentina to get her name and gender legally changed on her ID. This was done two years before the gender identity law was put in place. Today she is married to her husband Pablo Goycochea and has two children.

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9: Andreja Pejic

Transgender Models Andreja Pejic - 10 Women You Won't Believe Were Once Men

Andreja Pejic is an Australian model who was first known as an androgynous model before transitioning to womanhood in 2013. Her claim to fame was that she could pull off and not only male clothing, but female clothing as well. Which caused quite a controversy in 2010. In early 2014, Andreja went through sexual reassignment surgery to ensure that she was a woman. Not only above the waist but below the waist as well. Today she has become one of the most well-known transgender models in the world.

8: Nong Poy

Transgender Models Nong Poy - 10 Women You Won't Believe Were Once Men

Nong Poy, also known as Treechada Petcharat, is a Thai actress and model. She went through sexual reassignment surgery at the age of 19. In 2004 Nong Poy won the title of Miss Tiffany’s Universe. Which is the beauty pageant for Thailand’s transgender Models? She also won Miss International Queen, which is a pageant for transgender women from all over the world. If you hear Nong Poy talk as well, you would never have known that she was born a male.

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7: Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

Transgender Models Sirapassorn Atthayakorn - 10 Women You Won't Believe Were Once Men

Speaking of Miss International Queen, Sirapassorn Atthayakorn won the title in 2011. She is also known as “Sammy”. Since she wins in the most prestigious transgender pageant in the world, she has been pretty quiet. She still works in the pageant circuit, as she is spotted with current and previous Miss International Queen title holder. From the time she was 6 to 7 years old, she knew she wanted to be a girl. Her parents eventually gave up on raising her as a boy. Instead, they just focus on raising her to be a good person. What a contact, right?

6: Claudia Charriez

Transgender Models Claudia Charriez - 10 Women You Won't Believe Were Once Men

Claudia Charriez was on one of the earliest seasons of “America’s Next Top Model” in 2006. She was kicked off the show for not being born biologically female. But did she let that stop her? Heck No! Claudia won “America’s Next Top Transsexual Model” on the Tyra Banks show. She proved that she had what it took to make it. The incident inspired her to speak out on LGBT issues, and she became an international hit model herself. In 2011 she was beaten and assaulted by her firefighter boyfriend in New York. It eventually ruined his career with the FDNY.

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5: Rimal Ali

Transgender Models Rimal Ali - 10 Women You Won't Believe Were Once Men

Rimal Ali is an adorable model from Pakistan who is also a dancer. She went through some surgery to help her better identify as a woman, and she has been much happier ever since. Rimal has even appeared in a music video by the band “Soch” for their song “Dhola”. In the music video, Rimal plays a transgender escort, who has to change her appearance with each client she entertained before breaking down in tears. The message of the video hits home on the lives of transgender people who have to resort to selling their bodies to make a living.

4: Lea T

Transgender Models Lea T - 10 Women You Won't Believe Were Once Men

Born in Brazil, Italian model Lea T has been on the front lines when it comes to LGBT rights. She was chosen by Forbes as one of the top 12 women who changed Italian fashion and has been called the muse for the Italian fashion powerhouse, Givenchy. Today Lea T is one of the most famous transgender models in the industry, and she continues to bring transgender issues to the forefront of the fight for equality.

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3: Jenna Talackova

Transgender Models Jenna Talackova - 10 Women You Won't Believe Were Once Men

Since the age of 4, Jenna Talackova has identified with the female gender, and she started hormone therapy at the age of 14. At the age of 19, she went through gender reassignment surgery. She competed in the 2010 Miss International Queen Pageant before being selected as one of the top 65 for the Miss Universe Canada pageant. However, people recognized her from the miss international queen competition and contacted the Miss Universe company, causing Jenna to get booted from the competition.

2: Chen Lili

Transgender Models Chen Lili - 10 Women You Won't Believe Were Once Men

Speaking of pageants, Chen Lili made headlines in 2004 when she was trying to compete in beauty pageants as a woman. She tried to compete with Miss Universe China, but once it came out that she wasn’t a naturally born female, she was booted. However, pageant officials still allowed her to make a speech as well as perform a song, thus resulting in her stealing the show! Chen made lemonade out of the incident, and she became a singer and model in China.

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1: Chamila Asanka in Most Beautiful Transgender Models

Transgender Models Chamila Asanka - 10 Women You Won't Believe Were Once Men

Chamila Asanka, also known as a Chami, competed in the 2011 Miss International Queen Pageant and had made herself known as an up-and-comer in the fashion world. She is originally from Sri Lanka and is very loud and proud to be transgender models. Even if it means that you could have limited opportunities in parts of the world that are a bit more closed-minded.

So, that’s it for today’s list of 10 women (Transgender Models) you won’t believe were once men. After seeing these lovely ladies, can you imagine using the men’s room with them? Alright, its quits time! Do you think mother nature can make mistakes in our biology? Why? Tell us in the comments down below.

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