10 Amazing Illusions To Trick Your Friends

Magic and illusions take serious skill and practice to master. but if taking your act on the road isn’t your goal, and you’re looking for something simple then today is your lucky day. here is the list of 10 amazing illusions to trick your friends.

10: Coin Through Bottle

With a used plastic water bottle use a razor or a sharp knife to cut a hole just underneath the label of the plastic bottle big enough that a coin can fit through. since the bottle is empty and made of clear plastic, the cut won’t be as noticeable if at all. Just move fast and push the coin through the hole under the label you can also make the hole at the bottom in the grooves and push it slightly with your finger to get the coin through.

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9: Shaker Through Table

Can you make a salt shaker go through a table it’s easier than you think all you need is a salt shaker and put it on the table, cover the shaker with a small bag or a napkin and tap the shaker on the table top? While you’re talking slide the shaker off the table and into your lap making the cover maintained its shape. Finally snatched the covers, so it flattens and moves your hand under the table while picking up the shaker. it will look like you’re grabbing it from below the table instead of your lap.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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