10 Amazing Jobs That Pay Six Figures Without a Degree

Don’t have a college degree? Don’t sweat it. You can still make the big bucks. There are plenty of amazing jobs and lucrative careers out there that don’t require years of study or massive student debts. Some of these six-figure salaries are sure to surprise you. Here are 10 amazing jobs that pay six figures without a degree.

10: Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher (Amazing Jobs)

Number 10 on the list of amazing jobs is a yoga teacher. Being flexible sure can pay a pretty cent. If you can get your limbs into positions worthy of soft porn, then listen up, yoga teachers can make serious money. The average hourly rate might be $25, but there is the potential to earn so much more. Become a private celebrity yoga or Pilates teacher and you’ll be raking it in.

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9: Court Reporter (Amazing Jobs)

Court Reporter (Amazing Jobs)

Have you got fast fingers? Can you sit quietly? Then you can make big Bucks as a court reporter. You can train in just two years at a cost of about $3000 get yourself to use a machine for up to $700 and you’re all set, love words? You’d be a good match, love playing the piano? You’ve got the skills already. Once you can type 225 words a minute as 2 voices speak, you can become certified nationally. And then you can start to apply for jobs with six-figure salaries.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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