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10 Signs She is A Bad Best Friend

It’s not always easy to make a best friend but when you do you usually have a sister for life. Sometimes you may be caught in a toxic friendship and figuring it out can be pretty tough. Today we are discussing 10 signs she’s a bad best friend.

10: Bad Best Friend is Jealous

Does your buddy constantly down-size your accomplishments or just seem to not even care when you succeed? It may be that they’re jealous of you. Someone who seeks to bring you down and doesn’t celebrate your successes is not a good buddy. You should be surrounded by positive people who lift you up. The best way to deal with this is to confront your friend. If they are still unwilling to change, just let them out of your life.

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9: Trash Talk

If someone is constantly talking about others behind their backs, it may be a good indicator that they do the same thing to you when you weren’t around. It is said that positive people talk about ideas, where negative people talk about others. Keep that as a rule of thumb when choosing a best friend. They may seem great and always know the gossip around town. But that means they’re probably gossiping about you behind your back. Which is something a best friend should never do.

8: Bad Best Friend is Social Climber

Be wary of someone who uses friends to get higher on the social ladder. These people usually hop from friend to friend and never quite keep them longer than a few months. They will use you for what they think they can get from you and once they get it they will leave you up high and dry. If your best friend seems to only call you when you get an invite to a cool party or when they need a favor, it’s a good clue that they may not be the best person to invest your time in.

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7: Bad Best Friend is Disrespectful

Someone who treats others poorly isn’t someone you should surround yourself with. Whether it’s their parents or total strangers, people who are disrespectful will bring you down with them. Remember the role, “you are the company keep.” If your best friend is constantly disrespecting you or others, call them out on it. Seeing someone mistreated and doing nothing about it makes you just as guilty as the perpetrator. If they continue the bad behavior, consider taking some time away from the friendship until they understand you won’t tolerate someone breaking the golden rule.

6: Bad Best Friend Don’t Get Along with Other Friends

Does the thought of bringing your best friend around other friends give you anxiety? This means they aren’t a good best friend. Your friends all have one thing in common, they love you. This alone should bond them and if they are unwilling to make the effort to get along with one another, then it may be time to consider a new group of friends. Best friends usually trust each other’s judgment when it comes to other friends and should embrace the other people you find special in your life.

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5: It’s One-Sided

Do you constantly feel like you are always the one making plans or reaching out to your best friend? This may mean that you are in a one-sided friendship. It’s easy to excuse a best friend who has a lot going on or is constantly busy, but if someone wants you in their life they will make time for you. Stop reaching out to them and see how long it takes for them to realize you’ve disappeared. Once they do reach out, let them know how you feel and hopefully, they will see the error in their ways and if they don’t have the time and the space to cultivate better friendships with others.

4: They Are Controlling

Have you ever had a friend who doesn’t like it when you hang out with other people or your significant other? These people are showing signs of being controlling. A friend who isn’t willing to share you and your time with others isn’t a friend at all. People like this usually end up bullying others to get their way. If your best friend is constantly picking fights with you over your significant other or other friends? It’s time to reconsider your friendship or let them know how you feel about their controlling tendencies before it gets out of hand.

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3: Bad Best Friend Can’t Keep Secrets

One of the most important parts of friendship is being able to trust your best buddy. They are the person you confide in with your darkest secrets and vice versa. If your best buddy is constantly divulging your secrets to the world, they are not your friend. You should be able to say anything around your best friend and know that your secret is safe with them. If this behavior continues, cut the cord and move on.

2: They Owe You Tons of Money

Lending money to a friend is always a tricky road to cross. On one hand, you want to help your best friend. On the other hand, you don’t want to change the dynamics of the friendship. If you do end up lending your friend money, make sure both of you have an understanding that they will pay you back in a timely manner. If a friend keeps asking for more and more money that they never pay back, you may be being used. It’s never easy to tell your buddy no, but when it comes to the risk of making you broke, you should put your foot down right away.

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1: Bad Best Friend Don’t Bring Out the Best in You

If you constantly have to compromise yourself and your beliefs to make your buddy happy, chances are they aren’t worth your time. Best friends bring out the best in one another. You should surround yourself with like-minded positive people. When you do have more positive friends and relationships, you will see that you have more confidence and are more inclined to be a better friend yourself. If your best friend isn’t making you feel great about yourself or bring out the best in you, it’s time to move on and work on friendships that do.

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Written by Jack Sparrow

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