10 Bad Doctors Who Ruined Their Patients

Going to a sexy dentist and having them try and fix your teeth with a crowbar and hammer. Yeah, you’d probably find another dentist pretty quick. Really bad doctors are rare, but they do exist and provide us with a list of horror stories. They’ll make you question the next time you go in for a check-up or some minor surgery. From the forgetful and inappropriate to the just plain incompetent and evil, here are 10 bad doctors who ruined their patients.

10: Doctor Timothy Sweo (Bad Doctors)

Doctor Timothy Sweo (Bad Doctors)

When Terry Ragland went to the doctor hoping to learn more about her lower back pain. The doctor gave her a diagnosis that was shocking and pretty unprofessional. Having done his assessment, Ragland’s physician told her she was suffering from a case of a “ghetto booty”. Oh, we’re not joking. The shocked patient asked Doctor Timothy Sweo for clarification, so he said it once again – ghetto booty. Sweo later admitted his advice probably wasn’t appropriate. We think he should stick to the technical terms from now on.

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9: Doctor Wlodzimierz Szepielow

Doctor Wlodzimierz Szepielow

When one of Doctor Wlodzimierz Szepielow’s patients died, he was suspended from his practice at Dundee Ninewells Hospital in Scotland. In order to get his position back, he had to undergo testing which examined his knowledge and Skills. The results weren’t good. Szepielow scored an astoundingly bad 17.5% on his test. Then, while demonstrating his resuscitation skills on a dummy, he ended up blocking the airway which would have killed someone in real life. Shockingly, when the good doctor was refused his license, he threatened to sue and even demanded a high-paying job with the National Health Service – ya, right!

Written by Jack Sparrow

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