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10 Best Selling Books In History

Today we’re discussing and ranking the best selling books in history. We are giving you guys some of the best titles and authors that should be on your reading list if they aren’t already. We also know that most of you don’t like to waste time reading bad books. So, if you want to try the all-time best sellers, here’s your chance. We did our homework and put together 10 of the best selling books that were ever written. They are classic books and all-time favorites. Unlike most religious writings a medieval manuscript only depicted life at the castle and the daily struggles of ordinary people.

More recent books, especially after printers, were invented are fictional masterpieces that manage to stay relevant for years and to multiple generations. Reading is still viewed as one of the most relaxing and beneficial hobbies or habits that people can easily pick up. Reading books can significantly improve vocabulary, imagination, and communication with others. You constantly learn something new while you unwind. Most importantly you don’t do any damage to your eyes or your brain. There’s nothing sadder than seeing people waste time and refuse to hook up with a good book that could possibly change their life or at least the way they think.

Did we mention that this is the best pick up line and conversation starter? Yes, books are amazing. We can’t stop preaching about reading since it’s also a habit of rich and successful people. Let’s see which authors made it into the hall of fame list of the best selling books in history. We have both women and men and different genres but all in all only the best books.

10: Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code – 80 Million Copies

Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code – 80 Million Copies

Starting with a bestseller from 15 years and the book that made Dan Brown a best selling books’ author, The Da Vinci Code. You’ve definitely heard about this famous book that was released back in 2003. It’s been 15 years since then and the book is still making people doubt the church and Jesus Christ. The subject is indeed highly sensitive, and Dan Brown has conducted years of studies to get his facts checked and write the whole story. Although, it’s full of information, cleric mentions, and plot twists. It’s a semi-fiction story because most characters are not real. Dan Brown has a few other books that kind of tackle this subject and with the same character Robert Langdon but this one was a hugely controversial story.

For months, TV shows and lots of people criticized the book and began taking sides because the way he wrote the book and the facts that were presented are simply making you doubt everything you already know. We’re not giving away any spoilers don’t worry guys we’re not that kind of people. Since its huge release the book has been trending and ranking like crazy. It sold over 80 million copies. It’s being made into a successful film adaptation with some parity’s and of course lawsuits. At 54 years old Dan Brown still writes best selling books about controversial subjects and has a net worth between $20 Million to $100 Million depending on which source you read. Since he released another Robert Langdon book last year “Origins” it looks like we’re about to hear more and more about him and his famous professor.

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9: H. Rider Haggard, She: A History of Adventure – 83 Million Copies

H. Rider Haggard, She: A History of Adventure – 83 Million Copies

Moving on we change the theme a little since we’re now talking about a different book. “SHE: The History of Adventure” is the kind of book that keeps you glued to the pages for hours and hours. The story is about Horace Holley and his ward Leo Vincey wandering in a lost kingdom in the African interior. There they meet an indigenous tribe and their white Queen Aisha who reigns as the all-powerful “SHE” or she who must be obeyed as they call her sometimes. The story is inspired by two major themes, the lost world sub-genre and the British colonialism in Africa. Since, its publication in 1887, the book has been a massive influence for future English novelists and a worldwide success.

So far over 83 million copies have been sold and it’s now available in print, audiobook, and eBook options for those who want to read it. What makes the book so great is that the author H. Rider Haggard was inspired by a lot of personal travels in childhood memories while writing the story. It’s a story about romance, adventure, fantasy, and gothic elements which makes it so much more relevant and unique. Some great writers such as Henry Miller or J.R.R Tolkien admitted having been inspired by it and that’s why it’s on our exclusive list. There are also around 11 screen adaptations of the story, so feel free to watch any of those as well.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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