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10 Common Things Dirtier Than Your Toilet

The average person has more than 100 million bacteria on their hands and about 400,000 of those are a fecal matter from the E Coli bug which can cause serious illness or even death in rare cases! Studies have found that a variety of items we come into contact with every day are actually multiple times dirtier than where we do our business! Yup, it turns out you might as well be eating your dinner off your toilet seat when considering how dirty some everyday items really turn out to be. So, make sure not just wash your hands but prepare to feel kind of grossed-out too by reading this list of 10 common things dirtier than your toilet.

10: Water Bottles

Water Bottles-

Water bottles can get dirty and you might as well be drinking toilet water. The potential for contamination is high if the bottle isn’t cleaned properly. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid this disaster with a few simple steps! When your time on Earth starts running out (or even before!) drink from reusable containers like glass or stainless steel instead of plastic ones. Those are more likely to harbor bacteria – just make sure they’re clean first. We know how serious drinking contaminated liquids can be because we’ve seen them in movies when someone drinks something off the ground then dies shortly after. So, imagine what could happen by using a filthy container without thinking twice? It only takes one tiny germ cell landing inside an open mouth for foodborne illness-causing pathogens.

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9: Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment - 10 Common Things Dirtier Than Your Toilet -

Number 9 in the list of common things dirtier than your toilet is gym equipment. You thought your gym equipment was clean? Think again. Researchers found that exercise bikes and free weights have hundreds of times more bacteria than the toilet! When you wipe it down, nothing is really solved because a simple wiping doesn’t kill germs. An anti-bacterial spray or wipe must be used for those disgusting little buggers to die off. So, before heading out to work out at the gym, make sure you’re properly prepared. Bring your own towel so as not to use one from their dirty storage room; wear socks (never walk around barefoot), workout clothes (separate from daily clothing). Don’t forget hand sanitizer and wet wipes in case any surfaces are touched without being cleaned first like TVs or armrests on chairs.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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