10 Most Dangerous Remote Islands On Earth

Nowadays, people often think that they can travel anywhere as long as they have the time and money to spend. People expand their horizons and travel to places they know little about. Islands are especially popular among people looking for an exotic and adventurous vacation. But there is a great threat behind their beauty. Exploring them is oftentimes banned or just a very bad idea. (Source) Here are the 10 most dangerous remote islands on earth.

10: Ilaha Da Queimada

Ilaha Da Queimada - 10 Most Dangerous Remote Islands On Earth -

Given Ilaha Da Queimada is only 33 km off the coast of Brazil. It is the least remote of all of the islands covered here. Nonetheless, if you found yourself marooned on its shores, we bet you’d want to get off as quickly as possible. That’s because this island is inhabited by the golden lace head Pit Viper. This snake is venomous and thousands of them inhabit the island. In fact, some studies suggest that, on average, there’s at least one Viper per square meter. The island, nicknamed snake island, is thankfully closed to the public for the protection of the snakes and people.

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9: Bouvet Island

Bouvet Island -

It’s the most remote uninhabited island on the planet. This volcanic landmass can be found 1700 km north of Antarctica and 2600 km Southwest of South Africa, smack dab in the middle of nowhere. There are no dangerous animals on this glacier-covered rock. Where the danger comes from is the inhospitable weather? The threat of earthquakes, and the fact that if you get into any sort of trouble, rescue is a long way off. There are no ports and no airstrips on Bouvet. So, the most reliable way to get onto this desolate island is by ship-launched helicopter.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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