10 Absurd Things Found on Deep Web

Deep Web is the set of internet content that is not directly accessed by search engines such as Google. It includes content hosted sites, or inside the sites that require login and password. The origin of the Deep Web and the original proposal are summed up legitimately. Deep Web addresses can be strange, being a succession of letters and numbers, and then suffix “.onion,” instead of the traditional “.com”. This is the worst part of the internet, where you can find everything, terrorist connections to the arms trade, virtual drug stores, and child pornography. And since everything remains deep, there is no way for governments and police to get out of the air. It is as if the sites had their own lives, in the absence of owners, records, and documentation.

It is not all material that can be accessed by any user. The problem is that there is no virtual surveillance of this large secret area. It comes down to 500 times greater compared to the common web and has turned into the land without law, which is threatening and full of illegal activities. For those who do not know, the web accessed by people with the average browser only corresponds to around 10% to 15% of the internet, the rest is known as Deep Web. In this list, you will be informed about the 10 absurd things found on Deep Web.

10: Credit Cards

For those who dream of having a lot of money to spend, this is the interesting 10th place in this list of the 10 absurd things found on the Deep Web. This is where there are credit card data negotiations. There are people willing to steal and buy credit card information for a certain amount of money.

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9: Perverted images on Deep Web

The Deep Web is full of all kinds of scary costumes, total perversion, and paraphilias. It is not important to go into detail, but everything that is sought is definitely to be found. And there’s also a guy who broadcasts a live webcam show, the images were stolen from his own sister.

8: Hacking

There are a lot of websites where it is possible to find people to hack anything, whether it is your old account or a secret government website. These are scattered in various forums in the middle, even with tutorials for beginners. Of course, you have to be invited and paid for it.

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7: Thieves / Burglars

There is a site where a person claims to steal anything that is desired. After the thief acquires the product successfully, he sends a photo to prove that he really had it. And even has a list of items that are for sale, which people have requested, but never really claimed it. This includes human organs and exotic animals.

6: Deep Web Gambling

All types of betting and illegal matchmaking happen in this case. Just like in Brazil, several countries prohibit the most addictive games involving money streams. They are secretly responsible for money laundering around the world. On the Deep Web, games are free with some daily game groups.

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5: Weapons in Deep Web

This position does not refer to America. For people in Europe, it is easy to obtain a firearm without any registration or names. All in absolute and absolute secrecy. Something terrible at the hands of terrorists.

4: Hire Assassins

You can see the photos posted as proof that these men really understand the business. Having someone dead is not cheap, but apparently, they take the job seriously. All without knowing the principal, or whoever the victim.

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3: Human Experiments in Deep Web

This is where some of the most wrong things happen. There are people doing surgical experiments of all kinds of living humans, who are mostly homeless people chosen from the streets. There is a website where the boy used to pick up orphans and other people from the streets and sell them as sex dolls. This is where it starts to get disturbing. He cuts off their arms and legs, closes all openings that are the eyes, mouth, and ears. And it does not end here because it also offers the options of having hooks installed so that it is possible to hang the sex doll anywhere.

2: Secrets of Government

For those who love to think it’s all a conspiracy theory, Deep Web offers proof of these theories. And there are also many government secrets out there. Recently, some were removed by the FBI. The secrets of the government correspond to the second position in this list of the 10 absurd things found in the Deep Web.

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1: Drugs in Deep Web

Perhaps the most famous thing about Deep Web is the fact that it is possible to get the drugs. It ranges from premium quality marijuana to tablets and acid. They are very discreet in packaging and delivery, true drug e-commerce on the web. They act freely, without being located or the person in charge of the profiles of the traffickers in the forums.

So, in this list, you were informed about the 10 absurd things found on Deep Web. Do you know any other things that we can also find on the deep web? Let us know in the comments section below. Thanks.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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