5 Countries The Kardashians Are Banned In

5 Countries The Kardashians Are Banned In

It feels like the Kardashians are everywhere but there are certain places that this famous family are certainly not welcome. From entire countries to particular parts of their own home turf, Kim Kardashian in the rest of the clan might want to avoid showing up to these places. Today we share 5 countries the Kardashians are banned in. Keep reading until the very end to see The Kardashians Are Banned in USA, the family have been denied entry to five countries.

5: Kardashians Are Banned in India

Kim Kardashian is arguably the most famous of all the Kardashian family members. That doesn’t mean that she gets welcomed with open arms everywhere she goes. In fact, there are some countries that simply don’t want to allow her to cross their borders. India is one of these. Back in November 2014, Kim was due to travel to India to take part in a TV show called “Big Boss”. This is India’s equivalent of Big Brother and who better to drop by a reality TV show, then an expert in that field? Kim was meant to be a guest star there to interact with the contestants.

She would have been following in the footsteps of former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. And the late British Big Brother star, Jade Goody in appearing on Big Boss. The “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star had to cancel her trip to India. Although, the organizers confirm to the BBC that Kim wouldn’t be going to India. After all, they didn’t disclose the exact reason why, but reports claimed it was because of these issues. It seems like the Indian authorities had second thoughts about letting Kim in.

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4: Kardashians Are Banned in Australia

Kim also had visa issues when she traveled to the other side of the world in 2011. It was reported that she’d been placed on the Australian immigration department’s watchlist. Because she breached her visa application and not just once but 3 times. So, how did this happen? Kim tried to pretend she was just a tourist when she visited the country. But she was actually there for work purposes. She was launching her handbag line with widely advertised in-store appearances. Given that she’s one of the most famous people in the world? It’s a pretty silly move to conduct business while only on a tourist visa. After all, the press follows her wherever she goes. So, the authorities down under would have only needed to look online to know Kim’s every move.

You might be wondering, what’s the big deal about these different visas? The department of immigration in Canberra issued a statement explaining, “if people are undertaking work in Australia, they need to be on an appropriate visa with work conditions attached”. They added that such breaches could lead to a canceled visa and such people could be placed on a movement alert list. Not only was Kim having a work visa for that trip but she didn’t have the correct visa for her two previous visits in 2007 and 2010 either. A subsequent investigation found that her visa didn’t match the fact that she was there for business purposes, namely to promote blonde beer and her TV show. So, her future visits would be heavily scrutinized.

3: Kardashians Are Banned in China

The Kardashians came to fame thanks to their reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. That fame spread across the globe when the show was aired in over 160 countries around the world but not all countries are happy about this. In fact, certain countries, like China went so far as to consider banning the Kardashian’s show and all other reality TV series like it. In 2011, China plans to limit reality TV and light entertainment shows. This was part of its move to place more control over culture back into the hands of the Communist Party.

The state administration of radio, film and television issued an order for the country satellite channels to phase out shows that were overly entertaining or vulgar. It specifically mentioned programs that covered match making and marital troubles, as well as variety shows, talent shows, talk shows, game shows and reality TV. In their place, there should be TV programs that were refined and inspiring. This was all part of the Communist Party’s agenda. They believed the country needed to strengthen social morality and boost China’s cultural influence abroad. Again in 2016, China’s Communist Party took a strong stand against reality TV. The state administration of press, publication, radio, film and television effectively banned reality shows on state-owned media from featuring celebrities’ children. It was thought the move was due to shows like that not accurately depicting the values of socialism.

2: Kardashians Are Banned in North Korea

It’s not just China that brings in censorship of TV and culture. North Korea is a closed state that closely controls its culture. It’s fair to say that western culture is not admired in the totalitarian state of North Korea. And what family more represents all that North Korea dislikes about the west than the Kardashians? With such a state-controlled system, it’s hardly likely that “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is going to be broadcast to the masses. In fact, TV sets in North Korea are pre-tuned to government stations. Broadcasters and the press are all under direct state control. So, there won’t even be any mention of the Kardashians, let alone their own show airing there.

It may well be the case that an artist created mashups of Kim Kardashian and Kim Jong-Un’s faces in 2016 that went viral. But you can be pretty sure that these two public figures are never actually going to come face to face in a friendly way. Digital artist Johnny Smith switched in Kim Kardashian’s face for Kim Jong-Un’s in a variety of images in his “Kim” series. The artist was inspired by the fact that the two Kims both have created a brand of themselves. He added, they use and manipulate mass media to get people into following their culturally destructive ideals. We don’t think either of the Kims would want to be aligned with the other one in this way.

1: Kardashians in USA

You’d expect somewhere like North Korea to ban the Kardashians. But you wouldn’t expect their own homeland to deny them entry. That is the case though, in many parts of the US. These range from specific restaurants to events and parties. Let’s start with the Hamptons. Given that this exclusive Long Island town is a haven of privacy for many low-key celebrities? It’s not surprising that most of the area was not impressed when a “Keeping up with the Kardashians” spin-off rolled into town.

“Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons” was so unwelcome that the sisters and crew were banned from certain restaurants. They even ended up having to film in the less prestigious Hampton Bays. South Beach, Miami was another part of the US they didn’t enjoy hosting a Kardashian’s spin-off show. It was reported that none of the residents of the sisters’ preferred location of South Beach, signed their rights to be filmed. So, “Kourtney and Kim take Miami” had to be filmed in a less salubrious part of North Miami Beach instead.

There were also a couple of events that weren’t keen to host a Kardashian appearance, namely the Met Gala and an Oscars Party. Anna Wintour reportedly blocked the Kardashians from attending the classy met gala for many years. Until that is Kanye West entered the frame and upped their game. It was also reported that Kris Jenner’s inebriated state at a Raleigh Studios’ Oscar’s Shindig led to the whole family being banned from ever attending the soiree again.

So, that’s a wrap on our list of 5 countries the Kardashians are banned in. Where will the Kardashians get banned from next? Do you wish the Kardashians would be banned from everywhere or are you a big fan? Let us know in the comments down below.

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