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10 Most Expensive Apps in The World

Today we are talking about the 10 most expensive apps in the world. In this current age of technology, it would be fair to say that the majority of us are proud owners of smartphones of one variety or another. The days of QWERTY keyboards, Blackberries, and Nokia 3310s are almost well and truly behind us. One of the most revolutionary features that smartphones have brought into our lives is definitely apps. No matter what your hobby is or what kind of fitness or personal interest you like? To keep track of it, you can be sure that there is an app for it. However, this list today isn’t going to be talking about all of the standard Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder type apps that we all know and use.

Today we’re going to be teaching you about the 10 most expensive apps in the world. Just so you know not all of these apps may be available in the app stores today. But the truth remains that they once existed for a period of time and their huge price tags weren’t spotted in this run down. Without further ado let’s take a look at what millionaires and billionaires of today get up to on their phones with the 10 most expensive apps in the world.

10: AGRO – Sells for $299.99

Kicking off the list in our number 10 spot is AGRO. AGRO is an app specifically designed for individuals who are pursuing a career in agronomy. Agronomy is the technology and science behind figuring out how plants can be put to the best use to benefit humanity. The very much an app of data convenience and business rather than fun, AGRO lets agronomists manage all of their client details easily, fill out custom inspection reports and outsource much of the manual work that is usually a part of the job. Developers of the app claim that AGRO can save an agronomist up to 15 hours of work per week, hence the hefty $299.99 price tag.

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9: Tap Menu – Sells for $399.99

The next app is Tap Menu, an app designed for business owners, who run restaurants, retail stores, and hotels. The purpose of the app is to enable the user to effortlessly convert menus, books, and catalogs into digital versions for optimum customer reach. Tap Menu was a great idea that allowed users to design, menus and catalogs within a system. But it looks like the $399.99 asking price proved to be a little steep for potential users. And the app hasn’t been updated since November 2013. Perhaps a lesson in failing to hit the right note with your key demographic.

8: K Gulf – Sells for $499.99 (Expensive Apps)

In at number 8 of the 10 Most Expensive Apps in The World is K Gulf. K Gulf is the perfect example of an app that is designed for only a small niche set of people in the world. The purpose of the app, which will just so happen to set you back $499 is to stimulate via 2 D hydrodynamic prediction models. What exactly is going on in the Arabian Gulf and Kuwait waters? Interestingly, the app can simulate the bodies of water ranging from the year 1975 to 2035 on an incredible hour by hour data update basis. Strenuous testing has proved that it can predict the real-time and future currents and water level variations to an intricate degree. Which makes this obscene and pricey app hit for those who need it.

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7: DDS GP Yes – Sells for $499.99

Believe it or not the seventh most expensive apps in the world is one designed specifically for dentists, costing $499.99. The DDS GP Yes app was created to help dentists to have a way of providing their patients with a better understanding of the conditions, treatments, and procedures that they may have to go through. Built with 37 different audio tracks that actually teach the dentists how best to use and integrate their app into their daily practice.

DDS GP Yes has become a vital resource for helping to alleviate some of the natural fear that many people have regarding a trip to the dentists. It might be $500 but many people believe it’s worth it to bridge the gap between a qualified dentist and their nervous uninformed patients. There are many apps with a price of $999.99. So, we have to pick out just a few of the interesting and unusual ones. The reason for this price point is that it is the ceiling for apps on the iTunes store.

6: QSFFStats – Sells for $999.99 (Expensive Apps)

QSFFStats is an app that is designed for the intricate analysis of yep that’s right flag football. There are plenty of people across the world to take their flag football extremely seriously. This app is a central hub for keeping track of passing, receiving, yards, interceptions, and scores. Users are able to operate multiple different lists at the same time. They can set games according to location, dates, times, and available fields. They can even upload a play-by-play stats report, that can be emailed to everyone on the team. If you’re looking to spend $1000 of your own cash on this, however? Watch out because it hasn’t been updated since June 2011.

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5: App. Cash – Sells for $999.99

Kicking off the top five is App. Cash, an app that is as mysterious as it is expensive. With a price tag of nearly 1000 dollars and just a single screenshot as a descriptor in the apple app store? One can only surmise that it’s a tech business-related app that is only of use to those who know exactly what they are doing. It is described as a stylish cashier system for all purposes. The app description offers no other details as to what precisely it is for other than a list of printer machine models that it supports. The precise details of App. Cash might be over our heads. But with a relatively recent update, we can be sure that it’s doing its intended job for those who need it.

4: Cybertuner – Sells for $999.99 (Expensive Apps)

The number 4 spot on our list of 10 Most Expensive Apps in The World goes to Cybertuner. A professional piano tuning app that at nearly 1000 dollars costs more than many good quality electronic keyboards on the market. In development for three years and then put through a year of vigorous testing by some of the most revered music experts in the world. A cyber tuner is without a doubt one of the most sophisticated pieces of music technology in the world right now. Its ease of use and flexibility to allow you to tune in exactly the way that you want to do extraordinary accuracy makes it a must-have for any serious musician. That is of course if you have the $999.99 to spend, plus a fee of $79.99 per year for cyber care, that allows you to download upgrades.

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3: BarMax – Sells for $999.99

Anyone who had studied law knows that passing a bar is not an easy task. This app designed by a Harvard Law graduate is one of the most comprehensive bar prep guides you could ever hope to have handy on your smartphone. BarMax is regularly nominated in articles that discuss the very best educational apps available on iTunes. And although $1000 seems like a hell of a price to pay for an app. Think about it this way, would you pay that same amount of money for a guaranteed pass at the bar? Well, that’s what BarMax is marketed as. BarMax can also claim to be the first legitimate $1000 app.

2: VIP Black – Sells for $999.99 (Expensive Apps)

Just missing out on our top spot on the list is the VIP Black. VIP Black is an app designed specifically to be owned only by the most elite members of society. This app is described as the world’s first premium lifestyle management app. VIP Black is seen almost more as a status symbol than an app that has actual real-world benefits and uses. Just to highlight how exclusive VIP Black is? Those who pay the $999.99 to download it on their smartphones are still required to confirm that they are what the app deems as high net worth individual. With assets and income of at least a million dollars before they are granted access. If you need a new Butler for going for a better rate for a journey on a private jet? Then VIP Black is your go-to management app.

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1: LogMeIn Ignition – Sells for $1399.99

This is it, the most expensive apps in the world are called LogMeIn Ignition and cost a staggering $1399.99. It’s hard to believe that a simple app could cost as much as a vacation to another country. But LogMeIn Ignition proves that it’s possible. The app is designed to allow users to gain remote access to their computers using any other device. Essentially, letting you control your Mac or PC right from your smartphone or tablet.

One of the key selling points of this app is you can access multiple different computers from multiple different locations. This means that you never have to be without any vital information wherever you are. Although, it might seem kind of basic at face value. The technology that goes into it giving users the kind of unlimited access is what raises the app’s price. But Hey if you can afford it, then why not go for it.

Bonus Fact: (Expensive Apps)

One of the most notorious apps, in the short history of apps, was the “I Am Rich” app. It was only on sale for one day before it was removed from the iTunes store. Because it was deemed to be nothing but a status symbol. It had no purpose other than to display a big shiny gem. This app has the ignominy of only being downloaded 8 times and one of those was by accident.

So, there you have it, 10 of the most expensive apps in the world. Which do you think would be the most useful to you personally? What’s the most expensive app you have ever bought for your own smartphone? Let us know down in the comments. Thank you for spending some time with us.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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