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10 Most Expensive Fast Food In The World

Today’s list is going to be about the most expensive fast food in the world. We’re not talking about McDonald’s gourmet burgers or KFC’s special menu. In Dubai, Singapore, or New York the fast food industry has a new meaning and it’s not only fried food served on plastic plates that you can eat in the park. There are thousands of dollars worth of burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, or tacos that only the richest could ever afford to indulge in when they get their cravings or munchies late at night. The fast food industry has grown significantly in the past 20 years. Although there is constant stigma around how unhealthy it is, most people still eat it on a daily or weekly basis because it’s fast, tasty, and relatively cheap.

For those tired of foie gras, Kobe steak, and truffles, we have good news, expensive fast food does exist. You can now go to the fanciest restaurants and enjoy a well-made burger, French fries, or a one-of-a-kind pizza along with champagne and maybe some edible gold. If you’ve ever thought about this combination, then keep on reading because we gather the most expensive fast food that’s out there, and the numbers are impressive, let’s get going.

10: Gold Chicken Wings

Gold Chicken Wings

A few months ago, social media was booming with pictures and videos of people eating Gold Fried Chicken. I guess someone thought the basic fried chicken needs a little luxury twist, so they dip the wings in an edible gold liquid, the result $1000 worth of fast food you can post on your Snapchat. Since the wings are quite oily and come with dipping sauces, the pictures don’t look so great but when you’re rich you’re not going to eat chicken wings from KFC. This crazy dish was invented by Ainsworth, a very notorious sports bar and lounge in New York, where they offer 50 wings and a bottle of champagne for $1000. They’ve given a whole new meaning to golden fried chicken, one of the most famous fast food meals in the USA, really sounds quite delicious.

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9: Westin Bagel

Westin Bagel

If you need a quick snack while in New York a bagel is the first thing that pops into your mind. If you also have $1000 to spare, you can have the most expensive bagel in the world in western New York. They’ve had this bagel on the menu since 2007 and clients are loving it to death. This bagel is sourced from a local bakery in New York, filled with Alba white truffle cream cheese then topped with goji berry-infused Riesling jelly for a different twist, on top of that they coat it with sprinkling gold leaves. If you still think it’s expensive then hold your horses because all the proceeds from selling it go to the Holy Apostle’s Soup Kitchen, the largest food program in the city, which is very noble of them.

Written by Jack Sparrow

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